Scary Mommy Seven Ways to Make Your Thanksgiving Insta-Worthy

7 Ways Dollar General Will Save Your Thanksgiving and Make It Insta-Worthy


Let’s be real. There is a TON of pressure when it comes to Thanksgiving, especially when you’re hosting. “Hosting” is just a nicer way to say “cleaning all the things, planning the biggest meal of the year, creating breathtaking tablescapes, entertaining guests – and cleaning all the things AGAIN.” It’s no wonder one day can cause weeks of stress!

Luckily we have our neighborhood Dollar General to help relieve some of that stress. Especially those last-minute crises that seem to come up every year even though we never see them coming. From cleaning supplies to table decor and everything in between, Dollar General is the neighborhood hero you didn’t know you needed. Here are 7 ways DG can save your day.

1. The cutest party supplies

If you want to haul out your best dishes without the scratches and nicks, have at it! But also know folks have a way of disappearing when it’s time to hand wash a bunch of dishes. At Dollar General, you can get seriously adorable paper plates, festive napkins, table covers, and cups. Don’t have enough utensils? You can get those, too. Your table will look amazing without breaking the bank. Bonus: cleanup is a breeze!

2. Insta-worthy DIY table décor

You know those moms who seem like they have it all together? So together that even their tablescapes look effortlessly perfect? Guess what? This year, YOU are that mom!

Dollar Store Harvest Candle

Dollar General has everything you need to create seriously amazing fall centerpieces, no influencer needed. Also, these Acorn Salt & Pepper shakers might be the cutest things I’ve ever seen.

3. Last-minute panic clean? They’ve got you.

Tell me if this sounds familiar: You’ve been cleaning for days and now your house is ready for the big event. Then dog/child/husband comes in and makes a giant mess in the kitchen/bathroom/entire house. Since you’ve been – again! – cleaning for days, chances are you’re out of supplies. Worry not. DG’s got you covered. You can grab everything you need to get your home ready for guests at a lower price than the big box stores. And you’ll find the same great brands — Clorox, Lysol, Febreeze, Mr. Clean, you get the idea — as well as some just-as-great private label products. Last-minute panic clean: handled.

4. Your meal doesn’t have to be expensive. Seriously.

In theory, your Thanksgiving meal shouldn’t cost that much. But somehow, and before you know it, your budget is deep in the red. Not this year, though, with a stop at Dollar General. You can grab staples from their Clover Valley line of products like canned veggies, pie filling, flour, chicken broth, and the kind of stuff you always forget because while you like to spill the tea, you don’t really drink it. Plus, they have name brands like Stove Top so you won’t become an unwitting participant in Thanksgiving Gauntlet: Big Box Store Edition – where many enter and few leave with actual supplies.

Pro tip: Most Dollar General stores will be open on Thanksgiving Day, so feel free to send your spouse on a scavenger hunt for obscure-to-him items. 

5. Surprise! You’ve got overnight guests.

Do you have guests spending the night? Or even a couple nights? It’s always wise to be ready for a few more. Luckily you can get extra sheets, pillows, and blankets at Dollar General. You can even buy toiletries and scented candles like warm maple syrup and sweet harvest apple at an affordable price to add a welcoming touch. While you’re at it, grab more paper towels, toilet paper, hand soap, and wipes. A few more. Seriously, even MORE. These are NOT things you want to run out of with a house full of overfed family members.

6. Early Black Friday deals

There’s nothing like spending time with family to make you start freaking out thinking about holiday shopping. Or about buying yourself a couple nice things because let’s face it: you deserve a few little “to me, from me” gifts after pulling this thing off. Your neighborhood Dollar General has got your back either way with early Black Friday deals on Thanksgiving Day. You can snag a Sony Playstation Classic for $35, an Energizer Smart Video Doorbell for $35 and more.

7. You can avoid the ‘it’s very peopley out there’ part of the season

Dollar General is downright cozy — you can pop in and breeze out in the time it takes you to get to the entrance of a big box store. Making Dollar General your holiday kickoff location means you can get a head start on savings without dealing with crowds or endlessly clicking and scrolling. Because did you get a look at their Christmas stuff? *Chef’s kiss*

Dollar General makes it easy to save time and money every day – including holidays! – with everything you need to make the day special.