7 Weeks Pregnant — Your Baby Is The Size Of A Gummy Bear


7 Weeks Pregnant — Your Baby Is The Size Of A Gummy Bear

by Team Scary Mommy
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Welcome to Scary Mommy’s pregnancy week by week guide! We’re here to give you all the info about what to expect when you’re expecting: be it week by week symptoms, your baby’s development, your changing body, or ultrasounds and appointments. Here’s everything you need to know about week 7.

Your Body at 7 Weeks Pregnant

You Definitely Feel Different

Even if you don’t look pregnant now, you definitely feel pregnant. While the changes to your body are gradual at this point, per the American Pregnancy Association (APA), you might be dealing with something that will throw your whole system out of whack: morning sickness. Expect to become very familiar with the inside of your toilet bowl as you’ll experience that nagging nausea more frequently due to increasing hormones. One way to prevent morning sickness (which, by the way, can strike anytime of the day) is to avoid having an empty stomach. Yes, this is when you can start to indulge your pregnancy cravings. Sort of. Mayo Clinic recommends eating a small meal every two hours, chewing slowly, and choosing foods low in fat (like oatmeal and broth-based soups).

You Have Mood Swings

You can blame your hormones for crying over TV commercials now. This is about the time they start to wreak havoc with your moods. Plus it’s important to remember pregnancy is a rollercoaster ride filled with emotions. You’re coping with the fact that you’re going to become a new mom (generally, it’s around pregnancy week 7 when most people learn they’ve got a bun in the oven) and all the changes that go with it. So make sure to lean on your support system and ask for help when needed.

Your Breasts Are Bigger

Those bigger boobs you were hoping for since you were a teenager? Well, now you’ve got ‘em. Some women claim they grow a full cup size by now, which is why you should consider buying a new bra or two at this point. While you might be pleased with your bigger bra size, beware: your breasts are tingly, and probably sore to touch.

Your Baby At 7 Weeks Pregnant

At 7 weeks pregnant, your baby is approximately the size of a gummy bear, coming in at a little less than an inch long, but hasn’t exactly tipped the scales yet (according to the APA, they weigh less than an aspirin pill). At this point every essential organ is continuing to grow, and most development will happen with the face and head, meaning they’re not only developing hair follicles (like for eyelashes and eyebrows) nasal passages, and eyelids, but they’re also forming 100 new brain cells every minute. Yes, they’ve got both brains and beauty!

Your baby is also developing their final set of kidneys, so they’ll be ready to pee over the next couple weeks, which will form the base of the amniotic fluid. Elbows and toes are more visible now, their knees and ankles are taking shape, and their teeny tiny toenails are starting to form.

Your Symptoms and Health at 7 Weeks Pregnant

Skin Changes

It’s normal for your skin to change throughout your pregnancy. Around week 7, you might notice an onset of hyperpigmentation. For example, you may notice your nipples darken. Scars might even appear more obvious, and you might develop freckles or melasma, which occurs in nearly 45 to 75 percent of pregnant women. Brown patches on the cheeks, nose, and forehead are characteristics of melasma. Typically, symptoms will dissipate or disappear post-delivery. Because most topical medications aren’t tested on pregnant women, it’s best to seek a doctor’s opinion before you rush to the nearest drugstore to treat it.

Food Aversions and Cravings

Not only are you dealing with hormonal nausea but you’re also being turned off — and on — by a variety of foods. You might desire the stereotypical pregnant lady diet of ice cream and pickles — or you might not. You can chalk up your food sensitivities to hormones, too. If you’re battling new offenses to food, as well as fighting nausea and vomiting, it’s important to ensure you’re eating a healthy diet that both nourishes you and your baby.

If your nausea and vomiting is so severe that you can’t keep anything down, make an appointment with your doctor about the possibility of having hyperemesis gravidarum, a condition that both Amy Schumer and Kate Middleton had while preggers.

Mild Pelvic Cramping

Mild cramping is expected during the early stages of pregnancy. After all, your uterus is dealing with a lot of changes. Even mild spotting after having sex is normal. However, if you’re experiencing unusual painful abdominal cramping (like more intense than a typical period cramp) or experiencing heavy blood flow, then you should see your doctor immediately.

Cervical Plug

At around week 7, the progesterone activity in your body creates a cervical plug. This plug covers the cervix and blocks the entrance to your womb. Think of it as your baby’s personal bouncer. It’s there to protect your baby. It stops bacteria and unwanted substances from getting in, and helps prevent the baby from going out. Eventually, it will loosen up to prepare for delivery. However, it’s not totally foolproof. So if you suspect you have a UTI or vaginal infection at any point in your pregnancy, see your doctor.

Double Trouble

With twins, your uterus is officially home to two Gummie Bears – but you still don’t know it. Your twins are as developed as the 1-bed, 1-bath uterus babies mentioned above, but as a mom of two to be, you’re experiencing the unpleasantries of early pregnancy ten fold. While intensity of the above symptoms could be a sign of twin pregnancy, go to a doctor if you’re worried. Twin pregnancies are also considered high-risk, so getting checked out is always the safest option if you have any concerns.

The contents of this article have been medically reviewed by Ruth A. Tessler, M.D. in July, 2019.

Written by Brianne Hogan.

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