Scary Mommy 9 Dollar General Christmas Decorations You Need

Here Are 9 Things From Dollar General You Absolutely Need to Add To Your Home For Christmas

Dollar General

Have you ever started to decorate your home for the holidays and thought, “Ya know what? I’ve got plenty of decorations and I do not care to add any new holiday sparkle in my home.

Of course not! If you’re like us, you appreciate tradition but also love adding a little something (or some things) new every year. Yes, it’s great to place the same sentimental decorations in the same place every year. But there’s also something to be said for decking out your home in new holiday finery.

Most of us can’t just call up a top-notch decorator to pop over and style the whole place. But thankfully, we have Dollar General. At your neighborhood Dollar General, you can deck the halls without breaking the bank.

1. A Fun and Festive Flocked Tree

Pre-Lit Christmas Tree

If you’re looking for something with just the right mix of modern style and warm nostalgia, we’ve found it at Dollar General. This 6.5’ pre-lit artificial flocked Christmas tree is what’s up. Did you see the part about how this tree is PRE-LIT?! That means you set it up, plug it in and BAM — your house is really flocking festive.

2. Old Timey Truck Decor

If you love a theme, Dollar General has GOT you. Their truck-themed holiday decor evokes memories of heading out in the old truck to cut down your own tree. Even if you never, ever did that. Shabby chic with unexpected retro elements, the old timey trucks can roll all over your home. With everything from ornaments to table runners, Dollar General’s got everything you need to keep on truckin’ through the holidays. (Sorry, we couldn’t help it.)

3. Plaid on plaid on plaid

Plaid literally never goes out of style. And Dollar General has everything from metal buckets to place mats to matching family pajamas in this timeless classic. There’s no such thing as too much plaid so decorate your home – and yourself – with everybody’s favorite festive fabric.

4. Crafts for kids – and grownups

Holiday crafting supplies on table

Think of Dollar General’s craft kits as three-for-ones. They keep kids busy, they up the merry factor in your home, and they provide an activity for introverts who somehow ended up at your holiday party. Talk about return on investment!

5. Statement-making floral decor

Holiday Tablescape

You know those recipes that are sort of halfway homemade? Like, how you can use boxed cake mix as the base of your amazing signature dessert? At Dollar General, you can do the same thing but with floral accents. Dress up your garland with sparkling floral picks. Feeling less “do it yourself” and more “do it for me?” Dollar General has an assortment of ready-made floral centerpieces, wreaths, and floral decor to brighten up every corner of your home.

6. Charming (and easy!) DIY gift inspo

Holiday Cookie Jars

Love the idea of homemade gifts but lacking inspiration? Or the stamina to navigate a craft store during the holidays? (Oy!) Your local Dollar General has not only the supplies but also the super simple directions to create adorable gifts like this Santa treat jar.

7. Picture perfect outdoor decor

Lawn Chair Decorated with Holiday Pillow

Adorable or affordable? Why not both? Whether your style is understated and tasteful or “never do when you can overdo.” Dollar General has everything you need to put on a festive front.

8. The cutest towels you’ve ever seen

Red Holiday Towels with Snowmen

It’s easy to overlook kitchens and bathrooms when you’re decorating for Christmas. Why not give them a holiday refresh with cheery seasonal towels? For under 5 bucks, celebrate the season by making your essentials a little merrier.

9. Extra gifts in case you need to be the gift hero

Stack of Gift Wrapped Presents

This time of year is stressful, yo. In December, your brain is trying to handle even more than the normal 57,842 things it needs to manage every day. So you’re going to forget something. But if that thing you forget is a gift, you’re gonna be SET this time. Stock up on Dollar General gift cards, gift sets and wrapping paper, and you’re ready for whatever the season throws at you.

No matter what, the Christmas season will always be magical. But this is the last Christmas of the decade, you guys! This year, why not create the completely OTT holiday of your dreams? Do it up! At Dollar General prices, you can get ALL THE STUFF and still have plenty left to spend on gifts.

Dollar General is your one-stop holiday shop with all the essentials for making the season merry – and none of the hassles. Visit the holiday shop to learn more!