A Girl Mom

by Meredith
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I’ve got two little girls. Unless the universe has another surprise in store for us, I will always be a “girl mom”. I know several “boy moms;” moms who are the lone female in their houses and plan to keep things that way.

“Boy moms” love to tell me how lucky I am. How easy I have it right now with two sweet little girls, who are adorable, full of sugar ‘n spice ‘n everything nice. Yet, in the same breath, these “boy moms” express their sympathy for those awful drama queen moments I’ll have to endure in the teen years. There are times when these moms border on being condescending. And there’s nothing I hate more than a condescending mom.

Boy moms, allow me clear up some myths for you…

1. My boys are so rough and tumble, I’m exhausted chasing them around. You are so lucky to have little girls!

Girl mom reality: My younger daughter is a runner, a climber, and an explorer. She scales anything that even has the hint of a foothold. She dashes away at any opportunity. She tackles her big sister. She can break out of any harness or gate. She falls, she bumps, she scrapes, all within arm’s reach of me. She is non-stop. She is exhausting. I don’t think missing a Y chromosome slows her down at all.

My older daughter? She’s been called “affectionately aggressive”. Which means she plays rough. She’s reduced more than one little boy to tears when she tackles him to the ground with a hug.

2. Ugh. My boys are disgusting. You are so lucky to have little girls!

Girl mom reality: My child has finger painted with her own poop. Multiple times. She’s had tea parties with water she drinks from her straw cup and spits into her tea set. My little one spends a good portion of the day with her hand down her diaper. Boys don’t have the market cornered yet.

3. Girl clothes are the best! Everything is so cute! And when little girls dress themselves, even when they don’t match they just look adorable! You are so lucky to have little girls!

Girl mom reality: My girls are stuck with short sleeve holiday dresses – in the dead of December. I’d love a nice sweater vest. I’d also like to point out that your toddlers aren’t encouraged to wear booty shorts and jeggings. We’ve all got issues.

4. Trains everywhere! Hot Wheel tracks won’t stay together and I’m the one who has to assemble them all! You are so lucky to have little girls!

Girl mom reality: Maybe not, but we’ve got princesses and doll clothes. Doll clothes that my almost three year old doesn’t have the motor skills for yet. Not to mention that my girls are fascinated by cars and trains as well.

5. Ooooohh… but I don’t envy you once those girls get to be teenagers! I am so lucky to have little boys.

Girl mom reality: I’ve heard the stories from my husband’s teenage years. I might have to deal with a little drama and a few tears, but chances are pretty good that my kid won’t be escorted home after flipping off a cop or attempting to car surf. Was it a teenage girl who just took down our mailbox when they ran their four wheeler off the road? I don’t think so.

When your child is frustrating you, it’s easy to think that the grass is greener, cuter, and smells better on the other side. But just because my girls wear ribbons on their pigtails doesn’t mean I don’t have a mud ring around my bathtub. We’ve all got our own challenges in this parenting thing. Let’s just agree that every kid is full of surprises, and save these boy/girl worries for the teenage years.

I’ll be the one hiding under the bed.

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