A Homemade Book

by Scary Mommy
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Lily loves to draw. Loves it. I recognize in her the same passion I had when I was her age and it thrills me. Eager to help foster this love of the arts, I’ve had her drawings printed on t-shirts and plates and allow her to wallpaper her room with her creations, just as I did.

But, there aren’t many things that have excited me as much as our most recent project. I took some of my favorite pieces of Lily’s and scanned them in to the computer. I turned a few smiles upside down and arranged them to tell a (somewhat) cohesive story. (And a timely one as we hope to move in the coming months.) Here’s a peek…

I used to build, print and bind it and cannot wait for it to arrive. (You can print pretty much any book you can think up and, no, I wasn’t given anything to mention them. For larger books, I can speak to the quality of where I printed my blog-book)

The cost for Lily’s book? A mere seven bucks. But the fact that she can hold and read and share a book that she created? Pretty much priceless.

And definitely my favorite gift ever.

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