A Little Boy’s Plea For The Release Of His Detained Mother

by Alison Bucalo
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Scary Mommy’s video team has been following the story of Emma and her son David (name also changed). Emma came to the U.S. almost two months ago because she feared for her and her son’s life. Emma is from Guatemala, and is of Indigenous descent (she doesn’t speak Spanish, the predominant language in Guatemala). Emma didn’t know about the zero tolerance policy when she crossed the border, and like so many families, she was detained in a different facility than her son as she awaited legal proceedings. Little David – who is only 5 years old – was detained at Cayuga for three weeks until he was released to his father, who has been living in the NYC area for several years now. 5 year old David sums it up in only the way a young child could: “They should let my mother go. I miss her. I need her to take care of me.”

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