Hilarious 'Aunt Flo' Video Nails What Periods Mean To Women Of All Ages

by Valerie Williams
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“A Visit From Aunt Flo” video shows what periods mean to us, from start to menopause

A funny video perfectly captures the range of emotions tied to that all-important female phenomenon — our periods. Throughout the course of a woman’s existence, she will both love and hate it. She will beg it to come or stay away or Jesus H. Christ, just STOP already. And as this video proves, no matter your stage in life, handling it with humor is definitely the way to go.

The video comes from HelloFlo, a site dedicated to women’s health and also, a place where you can buy super cool period kits full of candy and treats to be delivered at just the right time each month. Check out the video where Aunt Flo makes her appearance in various situations. Both welcome and…not so welcome.

From the new couple panicking at Aunt Flo’s late arrival (“Six days ago…is that bad?” “WELL IT’S NOT GOOD, TOM!”) to the pre-teen girl with a drawer full of pads dying to get her period to the woman heading into menopause, these reactions are spot on.

As a young teen, you can’t wait for your period to come — a signal that you’re a woman now, and that you get to play with cool tampons in brightly colored boxes and tell all your friends. But before you know it, you’re ready for Aunt Flo and her load of bullshit to pack it in and go away forever, but please stuff it with the menopausal hot flashes and snissing (sneeze-pissing). Periods are something that stay with us for so much of our lives and the way we look at them over the years certainly ebbs and flows.

Flows. See what I did there?


Many of us are at that stage in life where a period starting can either be an immense relief or the worst thing you’ve ever seen, depending on whether or not you want another baby. The video didn’t touch on it, but for a woman trying to have a baby, Aunt Flo is pretty much the most unwelcome guest of all time. Even if she is a gorgeous woman with a warm personality sporting a lovely red ensemble.

However, as Aunt Flo says, “Some people call me a gift, some people call me a curse. But I like to think of myself as a miracle.”

The couple at the end of the video about to get busy until Flo knocks on the car window are probably not seeing it as much of a miracle, but we get you, Flo. Women’s bodies are pretty amazing and although the arrival of the crimson tide is often a reason to roll our eyes and bust out the chocolate, it is a pretty incredible thing.

You win this one, Mother Nature.

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