These Books Combine Our Favorite Things — Coloring and Swearing

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Some people like to relax with a little yoga or a brisk walk around the block. I like to CTFD by dropping F-bombs and coloring like I’m in kindergarten. Because 1) there’s no rule against polite AF women swearing like a motherfucker, and 2) coloring isn’t just for kids. It’s Zen as hell, folks. Science even says so. Throw in a large glass of cabernet or a gin and tonic, you’ve got yourself the perfect Friday night.

There are so many kick-ass coloring books out, but my absolute favorites are the sweary ones. Because it is downright impossible not to feel Zen when you are coloring a giant “Go the Fuck to Sleep” or “Not My Damn Job” with pastel-colored pencils — which is why this sweary coloring book for parents is so damn awesome.

And when you’re looking for some commiseration about the struggles of #momlife, this little gem will remind you that you aren’t the only one who hasn’t showered in three days or plucked your eyebrows in six months. Hell, you don’t even need to save the coloring and swearing for the post-bedtime hours. You can whip out one of these bad boys while your toddler scribbles away in his Paw Patrol coloring book.

Who needs Calgon when you’ve got cuss words and coloring to take your cares away?

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