Expert Says Bras Need To Be Washed Every 3 Wears, Women Everywhere LOL

by Valerie Williams
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You probably aren’t washing your bras enough

Most moms are likely guilty of a bra sin or two. After all, we’ve got a lot going on, so it’s easy to let things slide in the wardrobe department and forget to take care of ourselves. But have no fear — some amazing bra advice is here.

We probably won’t take most of it, but at least we’re giving it a shot.

London-based lingerie stylists Rigby & Peller explained a few ins and outs of bra ownership to The Huffington Post with advice ranging from how to get the best fit to how (and when) to wash them.

Candece Etafo, the company’s boutique manager for the 5th Avenue location in New York City, says your bras should be washed every three times you wear them.

Every three times? How about every three months, Candece? Is that cool?

Once you finish lol-ing, absorb this next tidbit — Etafo says not only should bras be washed every three times you wear them, those three times shouldn’t be in a row. As in, rotate your bras regularly and don’t wear the same one every day.

This is the part where I’m going to pray I’m not the only woman who plays bra favorites and puts on the same one literally every. single. day. Despite owning several others that never get to hug my jugs.

Etafo says a woman should have a bra wardrobe of at least 7-10 bras, including a sports bra, a strapless bra and a convertible. However, she acknowledges that most women only wear two of the bras they own on a regular basis.

Again, where are my people who only wear one? I can’t be alone here.

She also says we need to be more careful with how we wash lingerie, as its obviously more delicate than regular clothing. “Ideally we want to hand wash with a lingerie wash. However, I’m a realist, I know we live in a busy city so if you do have to, a lot of new machines have a hand wash cycle or a delicate cycle. You can close the bras and put them inside a wash bag. After they’re washed you want to hang them dry.”

Yeah…about that. Hand-washing is definitely not going down around here. I’m lucky if I remember I have laundry sitting in the washer that needs moving to the dryer before the 8-hour mark passes. Let’s slow down here a little, Candece. I’m surviving, not thriving.

Etafo does give some excellent advice about proper bra fit that every woman should take, because holy shit, does that make a difference. If you’ve never gone for a proper fitting or if it’s been years since your last one, for the love of boobs, go get fitted as soon as you can. You might be amazed at what size you should be wearing.

Not only does a properly-fitted bra make an unbelievable difference in how your tatas look and feel, as Etafo says, it can be a total game changer in how your clothes fit. “You need a firm band. A loose band is why your breast tissue is sitting lower when it should be higher. You might say, ‘I know I’m not a size 12, this 10 should fit.’ Once clients come in and get in the right cup size all of a sudden it fits, they can move.”

So, wearing a bra of the correct size means I can possibly wear a smaller clothing size? Lingerie boutique, here I come.

Etafo’s last bit of advice is to care for your bras the same way you’d care for your clothing and as my mixed whites and darks mingle together at the bottom of the washer where they’ve been since early this morning, I say, I’ll get right on it.

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