Al Pacino Napping At The Golden Globes Is All Of Us

by Christina Marfice

Al Pacino is proof that Hollywood award shows are just fancy snooze-fests

The half-in-person, half-virtual Golden Globes ceremony was, in a word, weird. Stars were Zooming in from odd parts of their houses, the hosts weren’t in the same room with one another (or even in the same city), and don’t even get us started on that incredibly awkward moment when Daniel Kaluuya tried to give an acceptance speech while he was on mute. But the unexpected highlight of the evening was one of the most relatable moments to happen at any awards ceremony, ever: When Al Pacino got woken up from the nap he was sneaking in his Zoom group.

The show was peppered with incredibly awkward moments when the screen would pan across a wall of TVs that showed celebs on Zoom, and they would make excruciating small talk with one another before we were blissfully sent to commercial. It was probably the worst thing about the COVID-era Golden Globes, until, during one of those segments, the camera zoomed in on the screen where Al Pacino was clearly snoozing, and he started awake like a freshman in a 7 a.m. lecture.

When did Al Pacino become all of us? Like, who here was watching the Globes and wasn’t ready for bed by hour two? And who here hasn’t been on a Zoom call and fought the urge to rest their eyes, just for a minute?

In other words, viewers were solidly on Team Pacino over this extremely relatable gaffe.

Pacino was the most relatable thing ever to happen in a gathering of A-list Hollywood stars, and social media was very here for it.

But hey, the guy is 80, and it was late, and that show was boring as heck. Who is going to argue with him about this, honestly?

Al Pacino confirmed what we already suspected from watching the awards show at home: That even the fanciest event, when held over Zoom, is no different from your husband’s obnoxiously loud, early morning conference call, except for some reason, everyone shows up in ball gowns (except Jodie Foster, who rocked her pajamas like we’re sure every star wished they had). The pandemic has taken so much away from us, but it has given us this one thing: The shared knowledge that nothing, not even Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, can make a Zoom meeting fun or engaging. And now, thanks to Pacino, we’ve all been validated for wishing, all year, that we could use that time to catch a little shut-eye. If anyone needs me, I’ll be napping during my 10 a.m video call.