Alec Baldwin Teaches His 3-Year-Old How To Impersonate Trump

by Meredith Bland

Instagram video of Alec Baldwin and daughter will make this Monday great again

One of the things getting us through this political clusterpoop is Alec Baldwin’s fantastic impression of Donald Trump. It’s unclear how much longer Baldwin will perform as Trump on Saturday Night Live, but the good news is that he is already training his replacement — his three-year-old daughter, Carmen.

On Saturday, the day of SNL’s season finale, Baldwin’s wife, Hilaria, posted a video on her Instagram account of Baldwin showing his daughter how to do a good Trump. It already has almost 200,000 views and over 1,300 comments, most of which are people saying, “Awwwwwwwww.”

The video starts with Hilaria asking her daughter, “Carmen, what day does Daddy play Donald Trump,” as Baldwin waits, hands up, fingers spread, and lips pursed, ready to Trump. Carmen, in that adorable way only three-year-olds can, says, “Sat-ewr-day.”

There isn’t a lot we miss about that age, but the word “Sat-ewr-day” is one of them.

Baldwin then gets down to business, saying to his daughter, “And we go like this with our hands, and we say, Saturday.” Carmen, grinning at her dad the whole time, holds up her hands like Trump and whisper-growls, “Satewrday.” They do “Saturday” a couple more times (after all, she’s got to be ready to go live with this next season) and then Baldwin has Carmen repeat, “Ok, everybody,” (ok, evweebody) “Tt’s Saturday” (It’s Satewrday).

Baldwin then does what the rest of us are doing at home, which is clap his hands in delight and laugh. He then pulls his daughter in for a big bear hug. It’s a truly sweet video and one we might watch just once more time. (Note: we have already watched it twenty times.)

Baldwin’s impression of Trump has helped make this SNL’s highest-rated season in 20 years. The president has managed to avoid tweeting about the show as of late, but we’re sure he’s is not going to be happy with Carmen Baldwin’s spot-on portrayal of him. We predict there will soon be a tweet from his current trip abroad saying something like, “Carmen Baldwin is overrated. No talent. Should stick to Elmo. Sad!”

(H/T Today)