Amanda Kloots Marks 1 Year Since She Last 'Saw Nick As Nick'

by Valerie Williams
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Amanda Kloots/Instagram

Amanda Kloots is breaking our hearts all over again with a poignant post on the 1-year anniversary of taking Nick Cordero to the hospital

Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, broadway star Nick Cordero fell ill with a serious case of the virus. He was admitted to the hospital a year ago yesterday, and in heartbreaking detail, wife Amanda Kloots shares her thoughts on this incredibly difficult anniversary.

March 30, 2020 is the last time Kloots saw her husband before he was admitted to Cedars-Sinai Hospital. A little over three months later, Cordero passed away after suffering numerous complications from the virus. “March 30, 2020 Elvis and I drove Nick to the emergency room at Cedar Sinai. With Covid restrictions in place, we didn’t know which entrance was even open, so I left him on the corner,” Kloots begins her note.

“We didn’t hug. We didn’t kiss goodbye. We couldn’t,” she recounts. “It was clear he was sick with something and we couldn’t take any risks.” Along with the note, Kloots shared video she took of herself that day with the couple’s baby boy, Elvis.

Kloots remembers that in the hurry to get Cordero to the hospital, she can’t remember how they left off. “I don’t even know if he said bye to Elvis or if we said, ‘I love you.’ I told him I’d stay nearby and to call me when he’s done. We walked to The Grove to kill time. We thought it would be a couple hours.”

“That was the last day I saw Nick as Nick,” she writes.

⠀ A year later, the widowed mother of one reflects on how much she misses her husband. “My heart breaks today. I wish I could go back in time, run to him as he was walking away, grab him, kiss him and hold him in my arms,” she says. “On April 1, he went on the ventilator and I never spoke to him again.” ⠀ On such a heartbreaking anniversary, Kloots is thinking of others who have gone through the same thing. “To anyone, who like me, that dropped their person off at the hospital never to really ‘see’ them again, I’m thinking and praying for you today. This day is just hard, there’s no other way to say it.”

Kloots became a fixture on social media last year as she documented every moment of Cordero’s illness including progress he made toward healing and the setbacks that eventually led to his untimely death at just 41 years old. She’s often reflecting on raising Elvis without his father and makes a point of keeping Cordero in the little boy’s life however she can.

Kloots shared sweet video when Elvis knew exactly who Cordero was despite not seeing him for months.

Cordero had no known pre-existing conditions before he died and in the months since his death, Kloots has spoken out about the importance of taking the virus seriously. On her Instagram stories this week, she captioned a photo of herself with Nick: “This virus is real. We aren’t through this yet. Continue to do your part.”

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