5 Amazing Jack O' Lanterns Even YOU Can Make

6 Amazing Jack O’ Lanterns Even YOU Can Make

October 26, 2011 Updated August 21, 2015


There are a million amazing Jack O’ Lanterns filling up Pinterest these days, but how many are actually doable… if you aren’t Martha freaking Stewart? These six are not only impressive, but relatively easy to make as well. Yes, even for you

fanged pumpkinsFanged pumpkins via marthastewart.com
nose pumpkinNosey pumpkin via thisoldhouse.com
Googly-eyed pumpkinsGoogly-eyed pumpkins via marthastewart.com
mla103665_1008_mouse_motel_xlMouse motel via marthastewart.com
monster and alien pumpkinsMonster and aliens via bhg.com