Amazon Driver Steals Man's Puppy While Making A Delivery

by Thea Glassman
Image via Facebook/Richard Guttfield

The delivery driver entered a customer’s house and stole his puppy

Buckle up, because this is going to be a pretty bizarre, wild ride. First, an Amazon driver stole a customer’s puppy. Then, the owner of the puppy contacted Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos directly for help. Then, an Amazon employee went on a manhunt for said stolen puppy. I told you things were about to get really weird.

This whole journey began when Richard Guttfield took to Facebook with a plea about his puppy Wilma. “Hi my miniature schnauzer went missing from my house in Marsworth near Tring, any help in helping us find her would be so appreciated,” he wrote.

That very same day, an Amazon delivery driver dropped off a package of dog food at Guttfield’s house. Only, instead of leaving it outside, Guttfield told Buzzfeed News the delivery person had opened two unlocked doors to the house and dropped it off on the porch. Already very suspicious behavior.

Guttfield emailed Jeff Bezos’s personal email account and explained the situation — because obviously anything worth doing is worth doing right. An Amazon employee named Rob (but henceforth known as Dog Guardian Angel) saw his message and decided to take matters into his own hands.

He went to the driver’s home, found Wilma, and returned her to her rightful owner. Is Rob the superhero we didn’t even know we needed? Yes, I think so.

Meanwhile, that delivery person has been fired (a spokesperson for Amazon called the behavior “inexcusable”) and Guttfield could not be more grateful Wilma was found safe and sound. He took to Facebook and penned an earnest thank you to everyone who had helped out throughout the whole painful search, particularly his new friend at Amazon.

“Rob at Amazon UK was simply wonderful, he didn’t listen to the driver when he said he didn’t remember the dogs and he went to the driver’s home and found Wilma and brought her straight back,” Guttfield wrote. “Thanks Rob!”

You better believe that the viewers back home were so relieved Wilma was found and so pissed that anyone would steal someone else’s dog. People were also pretty much threatening bodily harm to anyone who ever pulls the same stunt with their own pup.

The lesson in all this? Hell hath no fury like a dog owner scorned. Also, please don’t steal other people’s dogs. Just don’t do it.