10 Items To Help You Express Your Righteous Female Rage

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These items will help you channel all of your boiling, blinding rage — and you can get them all on Amazon

Alright, let’s just come out and say it. Everything is terrible right now. Brave women are stepping up and telling their stories, only to be pushed back down again. Men are ignoring women’s pain and victimizing themselves instead. An aggressively entitled, deeply partisan frat bro might be nominated to the Supreme Court.

As a boost of much-needed levity, please enjoy these hilarious items that laugh in the face of the patriarchy, male tears, and repulsive mansplaining.

Mediocre Men Coffee Mug

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You’re angry. Your friends are angry. Most of your text chains involve a lot of capital letters, expletives, and every version of the crying emoji. You should all probably drink from the same coffee mug that reads: “We will dance on the grave of the patriarchy and drink the bitter tears of mediocre men.”

Yup, really couldn’t have said it better myself.

Girl Power Socks

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It’s starting to get a little chilly out which means curling up in bed with your comfiest blanket, thickest sweats, and a cozy set of “Motherfucking Girl Power” socks. Because we need all the motherfucking girl power we can get right about now.

“On Wednesdays We Smash The Patriarchy” Shirt

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On Wednesdays, you should definitely wear pink and smash the patriarchy. Regina George would approve.

“I Will End You” Cross Stitch Pattern

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Our anger and frustration have reached all time highs. Why not express those feelings on this lovely rose embroidered cross stitch? It offers a casual yet bone-chilling reminder to men everywhere.

Mansplaining Shirt

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Do you ever find yourself staring blankly into space as a man explains something to you that you already understand quite well? This shirt might just put an end to that. If it doesn’t, you should probably whip out your “I will end you” cross stitch for added measure.

“Nevertheless She Persisted” Necklace

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We’re all persisting, no matter how much awful, maddening garbage keeps being thrown our way. This necklace is an excellent nice reminder of that.

“Fuck ‘Em” Socks

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I mean, might as well just get to the point.

99 Problems Mug

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This one should probably just be boxed up and shipped to a whole lot of senators right now.

“Don’t Tell Me To Smile” Mug

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Pretty simple. Don’t tell women to smile. Ever. We will turn into Jaws and we will make you cry.

Male Tears Mug

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Speaking of crying, you can collect the tears of men who feel victimized by women’s trauma in this very cute coffee mug. The mug is also capable of holding the weird, awkward sniffles of angry men as well.

Smashing the patriarchy is going to be a long, difficult process. In the meantime, we’ll vote, volunteer, march, and wear our angry girl power socks with pride.

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