Amy Schumer Gets Mom Shamed For Returning To Work 2 Weeks After Giving Birth

by Valerie Williams
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Amy Schumer via Instagram

People are shaming Amy Schumer on Instagram for going back to work “too soon” after having her baby

Anyone who’s had a baby is painfully aware that there’s a whole bunch of people who think it their right, nay, their duty to judge and tell new moms how to live their lives. Being a mom in the public eye only makes that judgment louder and more obnoxious, as Amy Schumer’s now learning after posting about her return to work two weeks after giving birth to her son.

Schumer had adorable baby boy Gene Attell Fischer on May 5, and ever since, she’s shared with us the ups (sweet baby snuggles) and downs (postpartum toilet sessions for the win) of new motherhood. She had one heck of a difficult pregnancy, so it’s understandable that she’s eager to get back to some parts of her pre-baby life. That includes a stand-up performance last night at New York City’s Comedy Cellar. She took to Instagram with a photo of her triumphant return with the caption reading, “I’m back!”

Hell yes she is. And not that it in any way matters because all women are different when it comes to post-baby recovery, but she looks fabulous. Two weeks out from giving birth and wearing a cutie flirty little dress? Good. For. Her. Even thought I was still solidly clinging to my maternity capris at that point, I’m only in awe of women who can rock it this soon after giving birth.

Naturally, the internet felt differently. Schumer didn’t even mention being done with “maternity leave” in her post or taking one. She didn’t mention her baby. She didn’t ask for anyone’s opinions on the matter, and yet, the opinions came. What you’re about to see are some of the shittiest takes possibly of all time — people really need to learn the fine art of shutting the F up when it comes to telling new moms how to live their lives.

Isn’t it kind of (ok, not at all) funny how in a country that affords women literally not a single thing in the way of paid maternity leave everyone’s suddenly so concerned with Amy not taking enough time off after baby? Of course her financial situation isn’t the same as the average American mom, but she also suffered greatly during her pregnancy from a form of severe morning sickness called hyperemesis gravidarum. It was bad enough to result in a few hospital visits and cancelled shows, and Amy even shared video of herself throwing up to keep things real about how for some women, pregnancy is far from puppy dogs and sunshine.

That said, we imagine she’s feeling amazing now that her sickness has finally subsided and she can start to feel more like herself again. I had a few weeks of miserable sciatica with my first baby and a 9th month full of insane groin pain with my second, so once those kiddos came out, I was on top of the world. After being laid up for awhile, some people are dying to feel “normal” again and Amy’s clearly one of them.

Of course this is also a prime example of how much people simply hate women and are sure to point out that they really can’t do anything right. Had she waited several months to dive back into her work, jerks undoubtedly would’ve rolled their eyes at the fact that she even has the luxury to do so, unlike regular mommas. Come back too soon? People will rip her up for that too, obviously.

No matter what women and moms do, someone’s waiting in the wings to give their extremely unsolicited bullshit opinion. The moment the placenta drops, everyone’s an OBGYN, everyone’s a expert. How about just shutting up and leaving moms to make their own parenting choices? I’m pretty sure Amy wasn’t out on that stage in terrible pain, torturing herself. Some moms really do bounce back fast and feel great right away. Or maybe she was uncomfy, but wanted to get back to her passion that fast. In either case, I can promise everyone pearl-clutching that she’s just fine.

In the end, the joke’s on all the negative Nancies who can’t just let a woman live. Schumer has a super successful career and her sweet baby boy, and even if she reads these ridiculous comments, hopefully she considers the sad sources. She should literally be laughing all the way to the bank.

Plenty of us moms are feeling nothing but complete awe that Schumer’s already out there killing it this soon — and we can’t wait to hear more in her stand-up routines about life as a new mom.

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