Amy Schumer Shares Video Of Dad Revealing Negative Coronavirus Test

by Leah Groth
Amy Schumer Shares Adorable Video Of Her Dad Giving A Quarantine Update
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty, Amy Schumer/Instagram

Amy Schumer’s dad, Gordon, made an appearance on her Instagram account

There are a handful of celebrities who are making quarantining and social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic a whole lot more entertaining. From Jimmy Fallon’s quirky home videos and Ellen DeGeneres’ hilarious attempts at putting together million-piece puzzles to Pink’s social media transformation from superstar to super bread-baker, these famous folks are clearly pulling their weight in keeping our spirits up and providing totally random LOLs.

It’s no surprise that our spirit animal celeb, Amy Schumer, has landed herself on this shortlist.

Throughout the pandemic, the comedienne has delivered a range of content from the comfort of her own home — everything from hilarious videos about life getting cancelled to even producing and filming a show starring herself and husband Chris Fischer dubbed Amy Schumer Loves to Cook. And now, she is giving us the gift of her father, Gordon, who stars in her latest COVID-19-related social media post.

In a post captioned “good dad news!”, her adorable pops relays a message to her via recorded video, revealing that he tested negative for the coronavirus. In case you wonder where Amy got her snarky AF New Yorker humor, look no further. She clearly takes after dad.

“I spoke to Kimberly and she said, ‘Now we don’t have to throw you in the river!'” her dad deadpans, referring to Amy’s sister.

This isn’t the first appearance poppa Schumer has made on Amy’s social media. In late March, Amy and her son (then Gene Attell, now renamed Gene David due to fact his name sounded like “genital”) visited grandpa’s apartment and held up a sign reading, “Hi Grandpa, we love you,” while waving to him from outside. The notion was super sweet, heartbreaking, and inspirational all at the same time, as it served as a reminder of the importance of social distancing — especially when it comes to grandparents.

It’s seriously a blessing that her father is COVID-free. Not only is he higher risk because of his age, but also due to the fact he has multiple sclerosis and uses a wheelchair.

She is clearly a daddy’s girl, spending lots of time with her pops. She even introduced him to her Snatched co-star, “the love of his life,” Goldie Hawn, back in 2017.