Amy Schumer Is Making A Documentary About Her Difficult Pregnancy

by Julie Scagell
Instagram/Amy Schumer

The HBO Max doc will follow Amy Schumer throughout her pregnancy

There was nothing glamorous or easy about Amy Schumer’s pregnancy. She suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum, a condition that causes repeated sickness and nausea, and was hospitalized several times as a result. Schumer shared much of her journey on social media, and now her story is going to be made into a documentary for HBO Max.

HBO Max, a new streamer set to launch in the spring of 2020, has ordered the documentary — tentatively titled Expecting Amy — which will follow the comedian during her pregnancy with her son, Gene. She’ll share never-before-seen footage and what she endured trying to juggle a horrible pregnancy with her busy work schedule, alongside what will likely be her trademark, unfiltered humor.


Amy Schumer is an inspiration and this project is such an honest look at her experience being on the road while preparing for her special,” said Sarah Aubrey, head of original content at HBO Max in a statement to Variety. “Her willingness to showcase her immense vulnerability, during the most challenging time in her life, is both empowering and hilarious.”

The show is set to provide an “unfiltered” and “behind-the-scenes” view on everything from Schumer’s hospitalizations, standup sets, and personal time with family, friends, and her husband, Chris Fischer.

The actress asked fans a few months back if they would watch a show about her pregnancy and fans made their feelings known:






“Beginning the day she found out she was pregnant, through the birth of her child, she showcases her incredible journey on the road, revealing just how challenging it can be working night after night, week after week, with no regrets or excuses,” the statement continued. “Expecting Amy offers a hilarious and raw 360 degree look at this new stage of her life. With her family and colleagues along for the ride to support her and keep her sane and balanced, she does it all with perseverance, heart and the priceless sense of humor she’s known for.”


The fact that Schumer shared a lot of her struggles on social media is refreshing. Pregnancy isn’t easy — but throw a serious condition and a country-wide tour into the mix and it made for a long, difficult experience.

”Women are warriors, every one of us. And I hope sharing my story brings more awareness to the challenges of pregnancy and childbirth,” said Schumer of the documentary. We cannot wait.