Food Network Just Dropped The Trailer For 'Amy Schumer Learns To Cook'

by Madison Vanderberg
Food Network

Amy Schumer drops the trailer for her Food Network show “Amy Schumer Learns To Cook”

Amy Schumer announced last month that she and husband Chris Fischer, a professional chef, would self-film an at-home cooking show for the quarantine-era called “Amy Schumer Learns To Cook.” The show premieres on Food Network in about a week, and based on the just-dropped trailer, it is extremely up our alley.

The eight episode show was shot in Schumer and Fischer’s actual home-kitchen and will premiere on Food Network on Monday, May 11 at 10 p.m. The premise is that Fischer cooks while Schumer mixes cocktails, but based on the trailer, Schumer generally annoys her husband and serves up quips like “Get that fennel out of my face. I need my face, it’s my money maker, as they say in the biz,” to which her husband deadpans, “okay.” They have a cute dyanmic and the show is kinda like, what if YouTuber families were actually funny and actually professional chefs?

Schumer told Howard Stern that when Food Network approached her with the idea, she immediately told them, “I don’t know how to cook.” Eventually, they came up with the idea to have Fischer teach Schumer how to cook and Food Network sweetened the deal by offering to donate $50k to a few food banks, so at that point, Schumer was in.

“It’s just us being ourselves, so I’m trashing him…and we lose focus…it’s just ridiculous,” Schumer told Stern about the upcoming series.

Schumer says she was a bartender for 10 years so her cocktail portion of the show is a breeze, but added that “I am learning how to cook, which is cool, because I didn’t know.”

The cooking on the show, which the network says will cover popular areas like tacos, pasta night, and fridge cleanup, is going to be legit as Fischer is a pro chef. He runs his family’s Beetlebung Farm on Martha’s Vineyard and his cookbook, The Beetlebung Farm Cookbook, won the 2016 James Beard Award. And Schumer is just funny af and it’s also pretty cool to get a glimpse at their life at home

Also, because the show was shot during lockdowns, they had to make due with the “film crew” they had at home.

“Our nanny shot the show and we shot it when Gene was taking his naps and if he wakes up, guess what, he’s on the show,” Schumer joked to Stern.

Catch the show on Food Network on May 11, 2020 at 10 p.m.