Amy Schumer Weighs In On Internet Frenzy Over Her 'Look-Alike'

by Kristina Johnson
Noam Galai/WireImage/Getty

A hilarious internet saga begins with a picture of an alleged Amy Schumer-look-alike

If it’s really true that everyone’s got a doppelgänger out there somewhere, Amy Schumer’s might have been found.

The saga of the comedian’s lookalike began — as so many sagas on the internet do — on what Snopes.com says is a parody site called the Celina 52 Truck Stop. Earlier this week, their Facebook account posted a picture of “Amelia” that lit up the internet, and her resemblance to Schumer wasn’t the only thing that immediately made the pic go viral.

“Who says only men drive trucks?? Big Rig driver Amelia stopped in this morning to redeem her Cranking The Hog Reward Points for this brand new mini fridge valued at over $500 due to the Monster Energy branding. Thanks for continuing to let us service you!” the photo’s caption read, and honestly, there’s a lot to unpack there before you even take in the details of the picture.

People naturally had a lot of questions. Personally, I want to know how I can sign up for “Cranking The Hog Rewards,” and what else you can redeem your points for if you’ve already got a Monster Energy branded mini-fridge. But the most important question of all was posed on Twitter by @AikinNorb, who drew attention to a sign in the background of the picture reading “STOP Pooping In Our Parking Lot.”

Apparently things get a little wild at truck stops. Celina 52 added even more fuel to the fire with a follow-up tweet that somehow managed to take Amelia’s story in an even more bizarre direction (not an easy feat when you’ve already got everyone talking about parking lot poops).

Amelia (who may or may not actually exist in real life) could apparently not enjoy her Monster Energy mini-fridge in peace, not when the people of the internet might think her a cold-blooded killer. “Prize winner Amelia wanted us to point out that her teardrop tattoo is not because she murdered anyone. She accidentally killed a pedestrian once after falling asleep at the wheel and got the tattoo to honor their memory.” Which is really sweet, when you think about it.

Eventually, Schumer herself weighed in. “Wait, what’s going on at a truck stop? -me😢 “

A chef’s kiss to her for the emoji choice, and obviously to whoever thought up this hilarious story in the first place. Who knows how much of it (if any of it) is real — Snopes isn’t even prepared to issue a ruling on whether the Amelia in the pic is an actual person, or whether it’s a doctored photo of Schumer herself — but the laughs it brought to the internet were definitely 100 percent genuine.