Amy Schumer's Pumping Selfie Is As Real As It Gets

by Julie Scagell
Amy Schumer/Instagram

Amy Schumer shares very relatable selfie of a pumping session

Amy Schumer is as real as it gets. She’s been sharing the ups and downs of her pregnancy with the world in the same manner as her comedy — in your face and wildly hilarious. Now that her son, is here it appears we’re going to keep getting those updates, and her recent post may be her funniest and most real one yet.

“Guys what are we doing tonight?” the new mom of sweet baby Gene posted next to a picture of herself pumping. She also tagged the image #schumerpump and #ootd, tagging Vanderpump Rules star Stassi Schroeder. For her part, Stassi chimed right in, writing, “An OOTD for the ages.” It surely is.

Schumer’s face in pic is perfection and manages to sum up new motherhood with one look. It’s equal parts, “Is this seriously who I am now?” and “I would do anything for this child of mine.” She also seemed to fashion herself a new sort of nursing bra which makes the picture one of the funniest photos of 2019. Maybe ever.

The actress has been very much her hilarious self throughout her pregnancy, even as she suffered through such bad morning sickness she had to be hospitalized for it multiple times. On the way to the hospital to give birth, she popped by the Met Gala and posed for her “Met look” this year, as you do.

She also posted a hysterical post-birth pic while still in the hospital, captioning it, “Milf alert 1 o’clock,” and honestly, it’s funny because it’s true. We’ve all sat on the can disheveled while one of our friends (who seem to always look their best) holds our sweet baby and we try to not scream from the pain that is the post-birth urination.

She’s also been keen on showing off her new bundle of joy in a series of adorable family pictures, which (selfishly for the rest of us) means she’ll continue to update us on all things Gene for the foreseeable future. One can hope.

When Schumer wasn’t canceling tour dates because of her horrendous hyperemesis gravidarum during her entire pregnancy, she managed to joke about being pregnant in her Netflix comedy special Growing. She said before she announced her pregnancy, speculation started with people saying, “Is she showing?” and “They were like, ‘Not more than normal. Just looks like she took her Spanx off.'”

For those of us further down the road of motherhood, we know what a treasure trove of comedy parenting can be, so it’s pretty clear Schumer’s jokes are going to write themselves from here on out — and we’ll be here ready to laugh along with her when she makes them.