Amy Schumer Says All Sex Is Hilarious...And She Wants To Talk About It

by Melissa Kirsch
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I hope you’ve lined up child care (or found a screening of Inside Out in the same theater at the same time), because the new Amy Schumer movie Trainwreck opens this weekend—and it’s obviously the cultural moment of the summer, second only to the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage. Written by and starring Schumer as a promiscuous writer who falls for a doctor, played by Bill Hader, the film’s directed by Judd Apatow and promises—if the trailers are to be trusted—to be hilarious, profane and altogether delightful.

The New York Times ran a profile of Schumer this week that got us even more ants-in-our-pants excited about Trainwreck. Schumer was her usual outrageous, funny, inspiring self in the interview. Herein, the best things she said, many of which we’ll be quoting for the rest of the summer.

“I know that I have a lot to say,” Ms. Schumer said. “And I have really good intentions. And people are digging it and responding, so I’m waving everybody in like the third-base coach, like, ‘Yes, yes, c’mon.'”

“My whole life, I felt like people wanted the girls to be a little quieter,” she said, an attitude she rejected early.

“I’ve always been hos before bros,” she said. “Madame Bovary, I felt for her, the injustice.”

“I thought, oh my God, I don’t think I ever saw a female comic talk about sex like this,” she said. “I was like, I’ll be that voice.”

“Have you had a sexual experience that wasn’t, on some level, hilarious?” she said. “Maybe five times in my whole life. It’s so fun to be honest about that stuff.”

“I feel pretty invincible now, in terms of appearance stuff.”

“Sorry about my outfit,” she said of her rumpled Banana Republic dress, in a surprise gig at the Comedy Cellar one night. “I had an interview at Panera Bread.”

“Fame seems like a total bummer,” she said at the cafe, before a fan snapped a photo through the window.

“It’s not like a dream come true,” Ms. Schumer said. “This is a dream I didn’t even know I had,” much like her whole career now.

“I realized that I had a really hard time letting somebody love me, and felt like I didn’t deserve it,” Ms. Schumer said, “and now I totally do. I think I’m a woman to love.”

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