Amy Schumer’s Pregnancy Doc is Not Glamorous, It’s Amazing


Amy Schumer’s Pregnancy Doc is Not Glamorous, It’s Amazing

by Alison Bucalo

When I gave birth, I barely took a photo of myself because labor was a horror show and I looked like death. Meanwhile, Amy Schumer, the brave badass that she is, films every minute of her pregnancy, largely spent with her head in the toilet and every other form of barf bag known to man. Her new documentary is not for the queasy (there is a TON of puking) but it’s the wakeup call the world needs that pregnancy is not bliss for every woman.

In Expecting Amy, recently released by HBO Max, Schumer not only goes on tour pregnant and sick, she sets out to create a televised comedy special. No biggie, except in her third trimester she is (finally) diagnosed with Hyperemesis-Gravidarum (HG). If you haven’t heard of HG (aka vomit city), that is part of the problem. Many women haven’t until they are stricken with the condition that causes intense nausea, vomiting and even dehydration. Nope it’s not morning sickness, it’s all the time sickness.

In addition to 360 views of her bathroom, Amy is not shy about sharing her relationship struggles with her partner Chris, who is mostly the sweetest man on the planet aside from moments when Amy thinks he should react differently. The documentary follows Chris as he is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and how Amy celebrates this as one of the qualities she loves most about him.

If you can stomach a lot of barfing, a woman on a mission, and the world’s most loyal wingman, you won’t want to miss Expecting Amy.

You will never find a reason to complain about your aches and pains again after seeing Amy pick herself up off the floor and perform for a packed theater. The strength of moms never ceases to amaze us.

Thank you, Amy, for the reminder.