From The Confessional: Moms Are Confessing About 'Butt Stuff'

by Cassandra Stone

For some moms, anal sex is still a big ol’ mystery they might be ready to solve…and for others, well, they’re pros

No matter how you like your salad tossed, there’s a mom out there who’s done it and is ready to help anyone who’s curious about…”butt stuff.” Anal sex and foreplay are a very common part of the bedroom scene for many couples — and sometimes, you don’t even need a partner to enjoy it!

Some moms are very into it — these are the pros. The people who know exactly how to utilize their rear in the right way. Some moms are more novice and are just exploring their own curiosity about what you do, how far you can go, what they like, what’s a big NO, etc.

The good news is, all of this information and more is alive and well in our Confessinal.

DH is a lucky man. I love anal. We almost never do vanilla anymore

Confessional #25778696

I love anal more than regular sex. I've felt like a vile deviant my whole life until H came along and felt the same. Who cares if it's unconventional, it works for us and I regularly orgasm so hard I faint. Where exactly is the downside? No shame anymore!

Confessional #25776566

32 yo, married chi here, making the best of the Coronivirus by trying anal for the first time. Would recommend.

Confessional #25772500

Hey now, that’s one way to get through the pandemic and being stuck at home. Whatever works!

I tried anal once with my extra and I enjoyed it. I want to try it with my boyfriend now, but his dick is really big and I’m scared it will only hurt and not feel good :(

Confessional #25771093

I never thought I would develop such amazing self anal skills. Or that I would want to.

Confessional #25769657

Anal sex with this guy has been THE BEST I've ever had. I was never into it before, but he's turnt me into a certified freak!!

Confessional #25768833

A lot of people feel self-conscious about their buckeye area, and honestly, it’s totally understandable. Poop comes out of there! Poop. Poop. Who wouldn’t feel a little cringe if you’re not used to it?

But here’s the thing about that — everyone poops. Every single person on earth. And if you’re into butt stuff, then your partner should want to at least give it a try if it makes you happy (barring any trauma issues, etc.). And if your partner is really into it, then vice versa. If your poo-hole smells like, well, poo…that’s okay. Vanilla smells like vanilla beans, right? Well, samesies for the Hershey hole.

It's not something you can bring up in normal company but, w/more people doing anal these days, I am INTENSELY curious to know if an anal devotee with a sense of humor has ever gotten a bullseye tattooed around their asshole.

Confessional #25764887

Had drunken anal sex last night (with DH). I rarely drink but it was AMAZING and worth the headache this morning.

Confessional #25756722

I let my SO do anal on me. It hurt like hell at first, but it was the greatest orgasm ever. I want to do it again

Confessional #25753076

DH and I love ass play, but he's waaaay to big to ever do full anal. We'll stick with toys instead.

Confessional #25747497

When you orgasm, your brain releases Oxytocin — the love hormone. It also releases Dopamine, which is the “happy” hormone. A lot of moms in our Confessional say they prefer the anal orgasm. And honestly, if your partner is good at checking the oil back there, then more power to both of you.

The DH wanted me to try anal, I said you first. He agreed. I bought the proper gear and pegged him repeatedly until he couldn’t take any more. I told him I will never receive only give he is delighted with the arrangement

Confessional #25517564

I've been regularly pegging H for years ( and boyfriends before that). Lots of heterosexual men enjoy anal... Because it feels good. I enjoy the power.

Confessional #25267169

I love pegging (doing anal) to my husband. So much power!

Confessional #25055761

I wanna try anal but all I can imagine is my partner tickling my glands and me shatting all over his dick. It clenches my butthole right up.

Confessional #24088233

Remember, never do anything you don’t want to do. But(t) if you’re doing something you and your partner both enjoy, there’s nothing to feel bad about.