The Best Ancient Baby Names You’ve Never Heard Of (Until Now)

The Best Ancient Baby Names You’ve Never Heard Of (Until Now)

by Team Scary Mommy
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Ancient baby names are wonderful. Unless you’ve never heard of them and then try to pronounce them. SUBSCRIBE:

We asked these pairs to give pronouncing these ancient baby names a try. Our pairs struggled with names like Rhiannon. It’s hard to pronounce, but it’s of Celtic Mythology and means Goddess of fertility and the moon. If you can pronounce it, then you deserve to be a Goddess. Or God. Whatever.

And then there’s Selah. This one might be short, but do not be fooled. It comes from the Book of Psalms and is a Hebrew musical term.

Ephraim. Say that ancient name out loud and someone might think you sneezed. This ancient name is from the Book of Genesis and means the Son of Joseph.

Oh boy, Osiris is an ancient name that put our pairs to the test. Osiris was a serious challenge. It’s from Egyptian Mythology and means God of the Underworld.

Hezekiah is not an typo. It’s an ancient name that you probably can’t pronounce. Not the first time, anyway. From the Old Testament, it means a King.

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