BBC Sports Broadcaster Announcing His Dogs' Daily Happenings Is The Quarantine Gift We All Need

by Julie Scagell
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Andrew Cotter and his dog
Andrew Cotter/Twitter, Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

It’s clear Andrew Cotter’s dogs, Olive and Mabel, are enjoying their newfound stardom

With pretty much everything shut down around the world, including sports, it leaves sports broadcasters with little to do (and those of us who watch them little to do). One BBC commentator, who is clearly as bored as the rest of us, decided to start calling a new type of sport from the comfort of his home: his dogs’ shenanigans.

BBC broadcaster Andrew Cotter is known for keeping all of the United Kingdom up to date on all things happening in rugby, golf, tennis, and other sports. Now, with little to do, he began featuring his labradors, Olive and Mabel, doing what dogs do best — being dogs.

He posted his first video with the sentiment “I am bored” on Twitter of his dogs’ dinnertime, and that immediately went viral. Once you watch it, you’ll know why. Cotter gives us a play-by-play of their very specific, entirely opposing way of eating in a race to call a dinner winner. Olive (“focused, relentless, tasting absolutely nothing”) reclaimed her title against Mabel, but there was definitely a misstep in placing the bowls down, so I’m hoping there’s a rematch at some point.

The next video was of the duo in a fight over a rubber orange bone. “So, into the final minute and Olive in possession – but this is where Mabel is strong, chasing the game, using that intensity,” Cotter said completely deadpan as the dogs fought it out. Olive holds strong for a time, but lets her confidence get the best of her, loosening her grip just enough that Mabel, “built on patience and sheer belief,” snatches it away. She is the current “very good dog” title-holder.

He also commentated their dreams, which were a series of adventures they’d been on together, including (but not limited to) running in fields, hiking, and swimming in a lake.

“It just shows how much we are all missing sport and what we term ‘normal life’,” Cotter told the Telegraph of his dog’s rising stardom. “We absolutely take it for granted, and we are at last realizing that. I believe when sport returns, there will be a huge outpouring and it will not nearly be as cynical as before. Hopefully, that will be soon, as I am unemployed.”

Clearly, their popularity has “changed them.”

Whatever Cotter is doing is working because, I, personally, stalk his Twitter page in hopes a new Mabel and Olive video will have come out. (Hint: It’s past time for a new one.)

The Scottish broadcaster is sure to be a fan-favorite for many months to come; though, in all fairness, it’s really about the dogs.

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