Andy Cohen's Extra AF Baby Shower Had Tons Of 'Real Housewives' -- And John Mayer

by Christina Marfice
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Image via Andy Cohen / Twitter

Andy Cohen had a gorgeous baby shower featuring every Real Housewife ever and his buddy John Mayer

From the second Andy Cohen announced he was expecting his first child via surrogate, we all should have known his baby shower would be the event of 2019 (aside from the actual birth of his child, of course). Well everyone, that shower finally happened, and yes, it was just as fabulous as the prophecies hath foretold. Thank the Lord for social media, because we have photos and everything.

The event was very appropriately themed “A Star Is Born,” which is super topical both because Cohen’s child is literally a star about to be born, and because this is a child whose in-utero fabulousness is on par with that of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.

It should come as no surprise that Cohen, the king of the Real Housewives universe, invited basically every fabulous lady from every single Housewives city to attend the gorgeous event, held at The Palm Beverly Hills.

But literally every housewife was there, no joke.

Like, all of them.

In a group photo, all the way in the back, there is a face that certainly does not belong to a Housewife. It is the face of John Mayer.

If you don’t see him, it’s OK. He, uh, doesn’t exactly stand out in that sea of fabulousness. If you need a hand, here he is, right here — just above the guest of honor.

If you didn’t know, John and Andy are pals — very good pals. So although his face looks decidedly out of place in a sea of Housewives, he actually belongs. Here’s some context.

Image via Instagram/Andy Cohen

Just…not exactly what one would expect at a baby shower full of Real Housewives.

Then again, that sounds like just the kind of event John Mayer would want to attend, and wrangle to get an invite to.

Oh, also? Aside from Mayer, actor Jerry O’Connell was also randomly there as evidenced by this amazing video. We are pretty upset we weren’t invited — it looks like this most fun baby shower of all time ever. Now that we’d expect anything less.

So much dancing on tables. So much glamorous posing.

Image via Instagram/Andy Cohen

Image via Instagram/Andy Cohen

Many mazels to Andy and his future new addition who clearly has an entire cast of fabulous aunties who can’t wait to meet him. And John Mayer.

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