'Me Daddy, You Ben': Andy Cohen's Son Identifies Him In Adorable Video

by Christina Marfice
'Me Daddy, You Ben': Andy Cohen Shares Adorable Video Of His Son Identifying Them Both
Andy Cohen/Instagram

There’s no better way to start your long weekend than by watching this hilariously adorable video of Andy Cohen and his baby boy, Ben

Andy Cohen is fast becoming one of our favorite celebrity dads. Ever since he first announced that, with the help of a surrogate, he was expecting a son, fans have been over the moon for him and so excited to watch his journey as a father. And he has not let us down. The love Cohen has for that little boy radiates out of him in every public appearance, every social media post, and every time he talks about being a dad. You love to see it.

That’s true for the most recent video Cohen posted to his Instagram, which shows him and Ben taking a walk in their neighborhood, but stopping for a quick break to show off a new talent Ben has apparently picked up recently.

“OK, we’ve been working on this for a while,” a smiling Cohen tells the camera, before turning to Ben and saying, “Where’s Ben?”

After Ben pats himself on the chest, Cohen asks, “Where’s Daddy?” And any parent can guess what the reaction is when Ben nails it and pats his dad on the chest.

“Yeeees!” Cohen exclaims excitedly. “Good job!”

Unfortunately, the thing Cohen apparently hasn’t learned yet about being a dad is that you gotta shut the camera off while you’re ahead. On a second round of “Where’s Daddy, Where’s Ben,” the one-year-old doesn’t exactly nail it. But you know what? Practice makes perfect, and we’re sure these two will keep working on it.

Cohen has been keeping all his fans and followers in the loop about all the trials and joys he’s faced as a new dad. We absolutely love following along with his IRL friendship with Anderson Cooper, who now has a baby boy of his own, and how those two share parenting tips and are raising their boys to be besties just like they are. And we anxiously followed along in the news when Cohen was diagnosed with COVID-19 earlier this year and had to quarantine away from Ben. The joy when they reunited was absolutely one of the best things we’ve seen on the internet.

In other words, Andy Cohen, please keep this prime parenting content coming.