Man Says Libraries Are Obsolete, ‘Angry Librarian’ Makes Him Immediately Regret It

Man Suggests Closing Libraries, ‘Angriest Librarian’ Makes Him Immediately Regret It

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This guy actually thinks all libraries should be closed, so the internet told him what’s up

The number of purposes public libraries serve is astounding. Libraries are where we check out books, sure. They’re also where we read newspapers and magazines, use tablets and laptops to get online, attend public meetings, take classes, do research and countless other things.

But Andre Walker, a columnist for the New York Observer and foreign correspondent based in the UK, thinks libraries don’t have a place in modern society. In fact, he thinks they should all be shut down so those tax dollars that go toward keeping pesky, useless library doors open can go toward something useful, because apparently libraries aren’t. Ugh.

“Nobody goes to libraries anymore. Close the public ones and put the books in schools,” Walker wrote on Twitter, responding to a tweet asking where low-income kids will read for pleasure if libraries close.