Anna Paquin Demonstrates How To Babywear Twins Like A Total Boss

by Megan Zander
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Images via Instagram/Anna Helene Paquin

Anna Paquin shows how she used to wear both twins at once in Insta videos

Oscar winner Anna Paquin’s twins are old enough to walk on their own now, but she still remembers what it was like having to come up with creative solutions to get around with two infants in tow. She recently took to Instagram to demonstrate how she used to babywear both kids at once using a TwinGo carrier.

Anyone who’s used a baby carrier knows it’s one giant knot of of strings and cloth strips. When you’re planning to strap not one, but two kids onto your body, the straps multiply, so Paquin’s got what looks like a cloth octopus dangling from her hips. Still, she attacks this challenge like a mom who remembers exactly what it’s like to have two crying babies that want to be snuggled close, STAT.

Look at how she swings it onto her back like a stunt woman. You can tell she’s done this a thousand times. As for getting your little ones in and out when you can’t see them, she offers this sage advice. “I would also recommend doing it over a soft place,” she laughs.

Twins get lots of attention for being adorable, but not everyone realizes that getting out of the house with two babies is a lot of work. A double baby carrier can really help. Morph yourself into a human pack mule and suddenly you can grocery shop again (because otherwise your cart is full of infant car seats) or go into that store where the aisles are too tight for the double stroller. Paquin’s not just showing us her (probably) record breaking speed at putting on a double baby carrier with these videos, she’s passing on her twin mom wisdom to those who are new to the game, and we love her for it.

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Paquin mentions that the TwinGo was useful to her when flying solo with both babies. I’m not a famous movie star, so I wasn’t lucky enough to be jet-setting when my boys were tiny. Even so, I’m still hella bitter that I didn’t know about this carrier years ago.

I once tried using two single carriers front to back, and I was so worried about the straps falling off my shoulders that I spent the entire time clutching them in a death grip. It totally defeated the hands free benefit that comes with babywearing. The TwinGo has snaps that connect the carriers together, so you can wear this without worrying that one of the babies is going to fall.

In the spirit of true mom-to-mom full disclosure, Paquin says what we’re all secretly wondering. “Also, if you’re really clever and totally desperate, you can go to the bathroom with one of these things on.”

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