10 Things Never to Say to a Mom Expecting Another Boy

If there’s anything that makes me want to drop out of society completely, it’s becoming pregnant with my third child… and finding out I’m expecting another boy.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled to be having another little guy. Although in all honesty, I was shocked that nature’s supposed 50/50 coin toss had yet again dealt us the same hand, I quickly fell in love with the idea of being a mom to three boys. In fact, I feel it’s a great privilege to be the one responsible for shaping good men. (Lord knows, the world needs more of them.) The problem comes when I share my news with other people. For whatever reason, the mention of a third boy is enough to evoke people’s deepest sympathies, followed by an onslaught of verbal diarrhea which always seems to imply that having children of the same gender just plain old sucks.

Yeah, yeah, I know, I can only change myself. If I put myself in charge of retorting to every single annoying comment, I’d sink myself so deep into the bowels of bitterness and resentment that I’m afraid I’d never manage to climb out. I’d be that 80-year-old woman with whiskers they’d call “Old Man Kiera” who’d still be trying to convince people of how friggin’ great it is to have the same last name as ALL of her grandchildren. (And by the way, GET THE HELL OFF MY LAWN!)

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So instead of that, I’ll just have one good vent and be done with it. Here’s hoping it’ll make other same-gendered moms feel less-tortured, and maybe even (whoops!) find it’s way onto the computer screens of a few of those darn Debby Downers.

1. “I hope it’s a girl!” It’s truly shocking how many times I still get this one, even after telling someone it’s another boy. They’ll respond by asking, through sad, squinty eyes, if I’m really sure.  I’ll tell them ‘yes’, and they’ll either move on to any of the following comments, or gently remind me that ultrasounds aren’t 100% accurate.

2. “Were you trying for a girl?” It happened most recently in a restaurant of all places, where my husband and I were out with a group of acquaintances. One of the ladies turned to me and brightly posed the question, as if she were simply asking if I was enjoying my chicken penne.

I stammered briefly, before muttering something of the fact that we weren’t actually trying per se. Then, a pause… so long and awkward that my cheeks burned red hot with the feeling of utter violation, as I imagined everyone around us having a sudden mental picture of my hubby and I, you know, “trying.”

The conversation quickly moved on, but I couldn’t help but wonder when it became appropriate to ask someone about their sex life? As if I was really going to launch in about the act of “trying”? (“Actually yes! They say that shallow penetration with no orgasm works well for getting a girl. *Turn to husband* That wasn’t hard, was it honey?” *wink*)

3. “Were you disappointed when you found out it wasn’t a girl?” Um, are you trying to make me burst into tears? Because quite honestly, I’m not sure what else you could be angling for here. It’s pretty clear that you think I should be disappointed though. I mean after two perfectly healthy little miracles, who could even fathom wanting yet another one, right??

4. “At least you won’t have to (insert pretty much anything here.)” “At least you won’t have to (buy new clothes/deal with the teenage mood swings/move to the country and purchase a shotgun)” – it doesn’t really matter what they say here. The problem with this one is at the beginning of the sentence, since I’m pretty sure any good news shouldn’t be met with an “at least.”

5. “Your husband must be SO excited.” I suppose it’s only natural to assume that dads want boys and moms want girls, but perhaps this stereotype should be kept on the down low? Call me crazy, but I tend not to like being painted as the unfortunate woman whose sole existence is based on producing a little replica of herself. I understand that some women quite desperately want girls – and yes, one day I’d love to have one too. But it doesn’t mean that I’m not equally thrilled each time we have another perfect little prince.

6. “Will you be trying again for a girl?” Enough with the verbal molestation!

7. “When I found out I was having a boy, I cried.” Really? Well then you of ALL people should damn well know better! I actually got this from a woman when heading into a public restroom. There I was just minding my own business, when I was ambushed by a stranger whose hands magnetically gripped my belly.

“What are you having?” she asked me, wide eyed.

“A boy. It’s my third boy.”

She winced. “Oh. I have two boys…”

I perked up. A teammate! An ally in this million-dollar-family world! Surely this person wasn’t about to burst my bubble. But then…

“When they handed me my second boy, I cried.”

I should say, that while I have no judgment for those who feel similar disappointment when they find out their babies’ genders, I do have a problem with the context and timing of this comment. If I had expressed some disappointment of my own, then fine, commiserate away. But I hadn’t! All I wanted was to take a pee.

8. “They say after three kids of the same gender, your body resets and you’ll have the opposite gender.” (Or any other hoodoo, superstitious nonsense.) It had been approximately ten seconds since I found out our baby’s gender when the ultrasound tech spewed out this completely unscientific rubbish. Oh don’t get me wrong, I’m the absolute worst when it comes to buying into the old wives’ tails. (Yes, I peed into the cup of baking soda and guess what it said…BOY!) But here’s the thing: Who said I was hoping for a girl? Did you somehow mistake my ear-to-ear grin for disappointment?

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9. “You’re losing your femininity.” Ah yes, I’m clearly the pregnant man. (Did you catch me on Oprah a few years back?) I mean, what else could I be if all I seem to produce are tiny testosterone machines?  And come on, we all know that moms of boys drive minivans littered with stinky sports equipment, grow beards and beat up referees in their spare time.

10. “Better luck next time!” There are just no words.

To be fair, most of the people who’ve said these things weren’t trying to bring me down. In fact, a lot of them either didn’t have kids yet or were too old to remember the rawness of what it feels like to be treated like a walking baby vending machine meant to pop out whatever gender pleases everyone. So most of the time now, I do try to take it all with a grain of salt, remembering that they mean no harm.

…And other times, I lose my shit.

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About the writer

Kiera is a humour writer and mother of two (soon-to-be three) from Winnipeg, Canada. When she isn’t busy wrangling her boys with toddler-harnesses (ah, who are we kidding… leashes), she’s exploiting her life for hilarious posts on The Meditative Mom. Her first novel, STEP, is due out later this year and can be found at kierafogg.com.

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Denise 3 months ago

We just welcomed our 5th child to our family through adoption. We had 4 boys and yes, you guessed it we adopted a boy! Now we have 5 boys! I have actually had people say to me that I thought you would adopt a girl. Really, I want to shout do you realize what you just said? Sometimes, I feel I have to justify it but I am learning people mean well and sometimes should just mind there own business!

Kathryn 3 months ago

I hear the same thing all the time….I have three boys, a 7 year old and 5yr old twins and the number of times I have heard ,”boy you have your hands full” or “how do you do it?” or heaven forbid “glad its you and not me!” I love how noisy and rambunctious my boys are and could not imagine it being any different. Honestly it is the most rewarding thing I have done in my life….and I love the cuddling before bed time, I would have more in a heartbeat if it was in the cards. :)

Triplezmom 3 months ago

I had a girl and then a boy. When I got pregnant with my third, I got a lot if disbelief. More than one person said, “But you already have one of each!” As if gender is the only reason anyone could possibly want more than two kids. People who make comments like this suck.

Aysha 3 months ago

I have 2 girls and when I had my third child, a boy, I got ‘third time lucky eh?’ A few times! Oh and ‘you’re husband must be pleased’.

Meg 3 months ago

I’m currently expecting our third baby, and we have two daughters, this time it is a boy. I told my husband I cannot believe the ignorant responses I get from people about “finally” having a boy. The most common one is, “Oh, I bet your husband is so excited!” To which I respond, “he is, he just hates ours daughters, now he can finally send one of his offspring to school to be a productive member of society.”

Keep in mind, this is me finally losing after hearing this comment for months. I’m due in 3 weeks and it’s 90 degrees. I’m over tact at this point!

Rebecca 3 months ago

Sooo get this. I have four amazing sons and started hearing these exact comments while pregnant with the second. My youngest is now 19 and I would not change a thing I love my granddaughters beyond belief and am just grateful that my children were healthy and strong.

Courtney 3 months ago

When we were pregnant with our third son, we found out but didn’t tell anyone. The comment that I got all the time was ” maybe you’ll be lucky and have a girl this time!” as if having another boy was like a curse…I love my three fellas and wouldn’t have it any other way! Blessings momma to that third baby in blue

Very Bloggy Beth 3 months ago

People said all of these to me! ALL OF THESE! One time at a checkup, and older woman in the waiting room went so far as to apologize to my older son that he wouldn’t be having a sister. I mean, really.

katie 3 months ago

I’m sonsorry that you have 3 children. That must be so rough for you considering all the people struggling to have children at all. I’m sure they would be upset by that 3rd child’s sex as well…..

Bex 3 months ago

i have two boys. I admit at first, for like 5 seconds, I was sad it wasn’t a girl but then I was thrilled!! We are only having two and when I tell people they always respond with “oh but don’t you want to try for a girl?” I have heard most of this list and I just laugh. Of course I would have loved a little girl but I wouldn’t trade my boys for anything. They are my little miracles:)

Lana 3 months ago

DH had a daughter before we met. I’m expecting our first son and can easily say I will be thrilled if we ONLY have boys. I feel zero need to buy in to the princess BS or try to raise a “mini me” – I’d love a house of rambunctious terrific little men.
Thanks, gender stereotyping and all people who think it’s acceptable to butt in on the sex life of others in such a creep way. Not every woman wabts a daughter or feels unfulfilled without one, period. If a daughter happened in my life, of course I would fee blessed to have the opportunity to bring another happy healthy and much loved human into this world.. But I sure as hell won’t have any amount of disappointment if that doesn’t happen.

AP 3 months ago

Mom of 3 boys right here!! Cried at every ultrasound when we found we were having yet another boy…forgot about it the next day. While I’ll always wonder what it would be like to habe a girl (no more kiddos for us), my boys rock!! They are the funniest, most entertaining people I know (adults included) and I wouldn’t change them or the experience of having a testosterone-driven house.

3boysmum 3 months ago

Mom of three self proclaimed”grown ass men”….loved it when people would ask if we were going to
“Try for a girl”…..are you kidding??? It was the best, enjoy <3

Ells 3 months ago

I actually got an “Ugh!” response from someone close to me.

Also, an acquaintance who is also pregnant found out about 1.5 months after we found out that she was going to have a girl actually, did a “I’m having a girl,” in a sing song nanny nanny boo boo melody Really? Was I supposed to be jealous? Good for her, but I’ll take my little prince any day over a girl!

Michelle Porter 3 months ago

I had to smile reading this.. 4 girls. Lol.

B 4 months ago

I’m pregnant with my second boy and I got a lot of ” that’s nice, you can use all the same stuff!” Other than some gear and toys…guess what, the clothes’ sizes are opposite seasons! It will probably cost the same to cloth this guy as if we had to buy girl stuff. Gah!

Daphne 4 months ago

WHahahahahahaha two boys here…I wonder what lot’s of sex means after reading this myth 😉

Daphne 4 months ago

OMG, never heard such a thing… I’m in tears now… I hope you’ll have a baby in the future.

MenEverywhere 4 months ago

My particular favourite is “are you trying for a football team?” Oh how I wish I had ten pounds for every time I’ve been treated to that bullshit comment! I’m pregnant with my sixth boy and I never want to go out in public ever again!

Amy 4 months ago

Wow. I guess you are perfect and never complain or lose your cool about anything. Oh wait… You just did. Apparently you are offended when mothers talk about the RUDE and UNCALLED FOR things that total freaking creepy strangers say to us. One woman in the isle at the grocery store asked me (I kid you not) what position I was in when I conceived. EXCUSE ME? What gives anyone the right to inquire about the sex I have?And as for the strangers touching my belly … Who in the hell goes up to a woman they have never met, and puts their hands on her stomach?? I threatened to slice a woman’s face off if she didn’t back the f’ck away from me. She looked at me like I was the rudest person she ever came in contact with. And this… “You already have one of each…so you must have gotten pregnant again for the boobs.” Again…EXCUSE ME???

So Julie… You can have all the inappropriate conversations you want to have with rude strangers. Personally I find it offensive. ?

Emma Thompson 4 months ago

Same here but 2 boys then a girl cant fit anymore in!!

Emma Thompson 4 months ago

When pregnant with my 3rd baby whose gender we decided to wait to find out, people would say with a sympathetic nod of the head ‘oh it’ll be another boy’ & ‘will you try again if its a boy?’ We weren’t actually ‘trying’ when I fell pregnant & I never once said I wouldn’t be happy if I had a 3rd boy, this used to wind me up but as it turns out they were all wrong & baby no3 was a girl :-) & no I wouldn’t have tried again had she been a boy!! 3 is plenty for me!

Rose 5 months ago

Yes!!!! Boys are easier. But there’s nothing wrong with having ALL Boys or ALL Girls. I’ve 2 Boys and 1 Girl & they fit perfectly in this crazy dramatic World. I couldn’t imagine having it any other way. I never got these questions. The taunts were more……..You are HUGE are you having TWINS?!!! Really?!!! That’s actually insulting. So what if I gained weight. So what if my kids are Big. T h ey are healthy and that’s all that matters. 😉 CONGRATULATIONS KIERA.

Feisty Irish Wench 5 months ago

All of my kids were unplanned. This concept of “Trying To Conceive” is inherently FOREIGN to us.
I had 2 boys and was glad of it. Growing up, girls were mean to me. I wanted to be the only girl in the house. Then God laughed at me and sent a clone and a red-headed version of me, and I blame my husband. Surprise #5, he wanted a 3rd girl, and I prayed for some balance to the estrogen-fest we were becoming up in here. Honestly, as much as I love my girls, and the opportunities to create strong independent women who can still be feminine, I would have been perfectly okay with having 5 boys. Speaking ONLY for my girls, they’re just as noisy and messy as the boys, with the bonus of PMS.
And then there is the issue of family size comments that bring the unsolicited advice all its own variety. I got so tired of hearing “Don’t you know what causes that?” so much in a single day, that I took to my blog about it. One of my best friends has lost 8 babies to get the 5 living she has. Nobody stops and thinks about how other people nearby would be affected by the jerkface comments we both get. She very pointedly tells people “Well, when you’ve had 8 losses, you take them as they come, and pray they make it to be born at all” and leers at them till they go away. Then she calls me to rant about it. That leaves me to help my friend pick up the shattered pieces of her heart over and over again by buttheaded comments.

Rose 5 months ago

I have all boys and have heard it all. My sister in law has 5 girls, and when the 5th was born, someone actually came to the hospital and said, “I’m sorry!” That’s just sick. By the way, all 7 cousins grew up in their respective families to be happy, productive, well adjusted adults with families of their own. And all of them are close, despite their sex.

August 5 months ago

What? Boys don’t get teenage mood swings? Nobody told my brothers that! Or my oldest who is a super-moody preteen boy. Actually, in the kids I’ve seen grow up, I think the moodiness of boys is harder to deal with. Girls at least usually tell you what’s going on while boys just silently brood. That kind of ticks me off, the silent broodiness. Anyway, I got all of these too with my first three. Then I did have a girl and everyone’s token question was, “Now that you’re having a girl, you must be done, right?” Nope, we had two more, another boy and another girl. God gave us what he gave us, for whatever reason, but I think He has a reason, nonetheless.

S&M 5 months ago

Umm…ok not true for us. have 3 boys and was not lacking in the bedroom dept…go figure!

Rheanna 5 months ago

LMAO made my day dear you really did! I’m the mom of one 4 year old boy but still thanks for those words of wisdom!

Becky 5 months ago

As a mom of one who had problems getting just that one, don’t let the Debbie downers get to you, be thankful for the beautiful children you have. Not everyone is as fortunate.

Lisa 5 months ago

When we found out our third was going to be a boy after having 2 girls, I had an acquaintance tell me that my family was finally complete! What? Like, it wouldn’t have been if it was another girl? We would have been happy either way. We weren’t trying for a gender, we were trying for a child! So many people thought we stopped when we had our son because we finally “got that boy”, but really, our home was full with our three…no matter their gender.

Rogue 5 months ago

I’m 4 1/2 months pregnant with my 3rd baby boy. I couldn’t be more proud! I get these comments on a daily basis! This article could NOT be more on point!

Elizabeth 5 months ago

Why do people says such stupid, thoughtless crap! My husband is one of 3 boys, all of whom grew into wonderful men, and are close friends today. When we started trying to get pregnant, I hoped to be as lucky as my MIL when we had children. (We have 2 girls; no complaints about that either!)

phantomm girl maker 5 months ago

I’ll just throw this in. I have three daughters. Did you know that over 80% of electricians only have girls? Yes I am an Electrician, I have friends in the electrical game and they all have girls. Its something to do with the sperm being exposed to electro-magnetic fields generated by electrical current in cables and transformers. It weakens the male sperm, I am told. Of course there is no proven double blind medical test completed yet, but anecdotal evidence suggests that I am correct. In the company I used to work for, our manager actually allowed to have a long lunch one Friday, to celebrate the first boy born to a staff member in 23 years. So those who wish for a girl, get your partners into an area where he is exposed to EMFs. Single girls, marry an electrician if you want a girl. I will close by saying that I couldn’t have given a toss whether I had girls or boys. Like everyone else, I wanted a healthy child. Oh!! And I’m circumcised, just for the record.

tori 5 months ago

I love love love this!!! I have 4 boys (1 is an angel baby) and just recently had a girl n every1 keeps asking if I’m done m now that I got my girl?!? That drives me nuts! Wasn’t trying to get pregnant in the first place and I actually like having all my boys!! I was in shock for Mos oat the fact that I was having a girl lol. I’ve always been a tom boy and have 6 younger brothers so its what I’m used to. Yes girls are neat but in a few yr she’ll be more of a pain than my boys. N idk if I’m done or not!! I know recently post baby I don’t wanna even think about it lol

Ivonne 5 months ago

Just found out I’m having another boy today, total of 3. This post made me feel ten times better. Thank you!

Roma 5 months ago

Pregnant with Boy number two couldn’t be happier, I personaly don’t like girls, due to well being one. Since I know the crap I put my parents throught no thank you, ill take boys any day.

Kristen 5 months ago

I’m a mom to 3 boys here. Everything you wrote is true. WTF is wrong with people? I gave birth to my third son 8 months ago adding another boy has been a blessing and I couldn’t be happier.

Melanie 5 months ago

I felt the same, exact way a year ago when I was expecting my third (after having two girls). We didn’t find out the sex (of any) until the birth and ended up with three girls. I couldn’t possibly feel more blessed.

Melanie 5 months ago

I have three girls and hear a lot of crap about that too. “Your husband must be so disappointed!” Why? We have three healthy girls. Ever think I, for one, might be happy that I just had girls?! I can imagine it goes the same way on the 3 boys side of the fence..

Yvonne 5 months ago

That is exactly what I was thinking! Of course, how could I not, since I did “bravely take all those (5) boys to the store” this afternoon!

Leigh-Ann 5 months ago

I have two girls and am currently pregnant. I will find out in 3 weeks the gender and can I tell you…for the FIRST TIME I don’t have a preference:) I really wanted my first child to be a boy, something about an older brother thing seemed perfect…I am so glad my baby was the girl she was supposed to be and that is perfect!!! Then with my second child I wanted a girl…I kept thinking SISTERS!! She was a girl and it is very nice:) Here we are with the third and I really don’t have a care either way. Sure a boy would be nice and a different experience…but I love, LOVE being a mom to girls and would happily welcome another:) Although, everyone I talk to assumes we are trying or tried for a boy…can’t someone just want 3 kids? Best of luck to you!!!

Megan 5 months ago

HA! Love that! Nice one! :)

Megan 5 months ago

I’m so sorry you went through this. I send good vibes/prayers your way for a healthy child. Hugs.

Christine 5 months ago

When I first found out I was having a boy, I cried. Then I cried 10 minutes later when I found out the ultrasound machine broke and I couldn’t get a picture. I was just a regular tear factory…..But besides that, I wouldn’t want a girl, to be honest, not now that I know how AWESOME it is raising a boy! When my friend found out she was having a girl, I said sorry, I hear the teenage years are rough with those….My boy is a preteen now and he is still awesome!

Laura G. 5 months ago

My Mom had 4 boys before she had me. Then she had another boy. But I can’t imagine my family any differently! Of course, I was a huge Daddy’s little girl!

Karen 5 months ago

While out shopping with Miss 3 1/2 and Miss 2 1/2 i often have strangers asking me about them as they are so close in age. When I mention I actually have 4 girls; I often get the rolled eyes and random strangers asking when am I going to have the boy. No this baby incubator is closed….

mommaof3 5 months ago

I have three beautiful daughters. I’ll admit I cried when I found out my first was a girl and also the second and by the third I just assumed it was inevitable. Four years now, and I’m excited to say that I will soon be able to tip the balance a little or perhaps just add to the female energy of the house. We did try all the tips and tricks to conceive a boy but given my husband’s family line it’s pretty clear the cosmos are probably just trying to extinguish the last name. Here’s for trying for name fake and for my own! All babies are blessings!

Jo Gabiel 5 months ago

I hear you. I lost my first child at full term. No pre-existing conditions, a textbook pregnancy, but the umbilical cord broke during the delivery while she was still in utero. Needless to say, the lack of oxygen to the brain killed her. So yes, when people say “Do you want a girl?” of course I do, but more than anything I want a baby that is alive.

Alet 6 months ago

I don’t understand the fuss re most of these remarks or questions to parents expecting yet another boy (or girl, for that matter). I used to make or ask many of them to expecting parents… (especially #2-6 and #10) and now that I’m on the receiving end… – um, why so sensitive – what’s the big deal? :)

ชุดคนอ้วน 6 months ago

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sara 6 months ago

I have 5 boys and I heard it all. We’re we hoping for a girl among them… well yeah but was happy anyway… we did end up with a girl, number 6 and I wanted to beat ppl. After she was born everyone kept saying “you finally got your girl!” I would just think , “no?!, Really?! I didn’t know that she was a girl, thank you for telling me!” But after having 6 kids the focus goes from having boys or girls to just the total amount of kiddos..

Amy Jo Schenewark 7 months ago

I have six boys, and heard all of those so many times except #9!

kittie 7 months ago

I have 4 boys….
I wouldn’t swap any of them. I get really annoyed when people ask me if I’m going to keep trying for a girl, I wasn’t trying for a girl in the first place!

CAL 7 months ago

I’ve gotten some of these comments which drive me nuts. I did want a girl but I have 2 beautiful boys. We found out in January that our 3rd is also another boy. I did have that crash and burn of the baby girl dream but I can’t wait to meet my new lil man. My boys are rambunctious and sweet and always loving on their mommy. People feel sorry for me and I’m not sure why. I have 3 blessings when there’s women who can’t have kids. My own mom was almost one of them. Me nor my brother should be here. I’ve had 3 healthy pregnancies. Thank goodness there are people out there that comment on how cute my blonde hair blue eyed boys are so I remember those comments and shoulder off the rest. Now I just look fwd to watching my boys become good men and hopefully way in the future they’ll bring home good daughter in laws that I can have a relationship with and maybe some day a granddaughter.

Sarah Keller 7 months ago

Congrats on three little boys! We are about to have our third boy too and all we could do was laugh when we saw what so obviously gave him away on the ultrasound (before the tech even announced it, LOL). Anyway, we are thrilled to have a trio of boys (I’m already scheming Three Muskateer Halloween costumes next year) not to mention excited about all the other great things about having three of the same gender. So YAY for us!

-Sarah / http://www.sarahkeller.com

Heather 7 months ago

My first was a boy and second a girl. I always get the whole “Now you’ve got the perfect family! Your not going to have any more are you?” Yes because one of each is everyone’s idea of the perfect family. Sorry to disappoint but we plan on at least one or two more.

Liv 7 months ago

I had two girls and then a boy. The comments were just as bad.
-I bet you hope you aren’t having another girl
-trying for a boy hey?
-are you going to be done having kids if it’s a boy?
-it’s a boy? Good. Now you are done.

Tracey 7 months ago

When pregnant with the 3rd one I was totally okay at the prospect of having 3 boys. I have only brothers, I know how men work. Actually didn’t have any desire for a girl. I just wanted a baby, I love babies! I did have a girl and wouldn’t trade her for the world, but almost had a fourth just to have another boy!

Cassie 7 months ago

As a mommy of two boys (and our family complete), I was a tiny bit sad when I found out that there were no little girls in my future. However, the disappointment was short-lived and I am now the proud mama of my testosterone-filled home. It always drives me crazy, more so when I was still dealing with a bit of denial about my baby boy’s gender, when others give me that look of pity and ask/state the comments you listed above. What if I am sad?! Are you trying to rub it in?! What if I’m not?! Are you trying to make me feel like there is something wrong with me?! Either way, no thank you. Keep your thoughts to yourself.

sky 7 months ago

I love being a mom to my boys and I heard most of these. Big secret…I never wanted a girl. I was happy with my boys, I loved every minute playing with dinosaurs and hot wheels. I don’t do things like hair and nails, I’d be lost with a girl. Enjoy every moment with your new blessing, YOU were meant to be his mom. Girls, boys or a mix we all have blessings and challenges along the way. One is NOT easier than the other, there is no more love for or from one or the other.

Michelle Ranvek 7 months ago

Yes, goes same way with girls. But there was also an 8 year age difference between girl #2 and girl #3 so this was what I got ALL the time. “You’re pregnant!” (Obviously) “Were you trying?” (As in- it is an accident you are pregnant with that age difference but: Yes, we were) Do you know what it is? (Yes, it’s a girl.) “Were you trying for a boy?” (Yes.) Wouldn’t trade my princesses for anything else!!

Kristen Hassan 7 months ago

I have three boys and I’m now expecting a girl. We did not try for the girl as we figured it would be another boy. This is too funny and sooo true!

Sara Jo Hostetler 7 months ago

My two boys ( babies 3 & 4) are 14 mts apart. I’m not gonna lie, I cried tears of joy when baby # 5 was another girl! Who cares what other people say?

Tiffany Lynn 7 months ago

I have 2 boys and have been asked if I want a girl. My answer is yes, but I dont think its ever gonna happen.

Savanna Bullard 7 months ago

When I announced my third son my cousins wife commented on fb “lol nice positivity on having three boys”. Thought that was rude. How could I not be positive – I was blessed w three healthy kids.

Katherine Cook 7 months ago

I have 3 boys!! I love it!

Lisa Marie 7 months ago

This house is only big enough for one princess

Audree Anzaldua Halcomb 7 months ago

3 boys and 1 girl who is spoiled rotten

Rebecca Murray Wilson 7 months ago

Mother of three girls here. I’ve pretty much gotten the girl version of all of those. “you better have plenty of bathrooms”, “you going to try for a boy”, “i bet your husband is disappointed” “”were you trying for a boy” “better save now for the weddings”,or my fav is “you know that is your husbands fault right?” Good article. Nice to know the all boy mamas get the same slack as the all girl mamas.

Erin Webb Morris 7 months ago

Same for girls…we still get it after 3 girls! I kinda want to blurt that since only ONE was planned, I think we have it all figured out now! 😉

Hillary Melchiors 7 months ago

I loved my friend Amy’s reaction when she found out she was having her 4th boy. She said, “It’s good to be queen!” I say that to moms of multiple boys & it always makes them smile.

Jaime Linder 7 months ago

4 boys…my favorite is ” one more and you have a basketball team.” And each time, the person saying it is so proud as if I’ve never heard this before!

Sara Anderson Ellsworth 7 months ago

Currently pregnant with our third boy and I could not appreciate this more!

Amy Snipes Jennings 7 months ago

I’ve said it a million times. If we decide we want a third I am going to be hoping it’s a third boy. If we decide to adopt we are going to adopt a boy. I wouldn’t be disappointed with a girl but I just have always felt like I was meant to be a “boy mom”.

Francesca Gibbons 7 months ago

I have two boys and everyone tells me to go for a girl..but I’m.happy with my two boys..

Christina Holliday 7 months ago

Goes both ways! Haha I have 3 girls, and get so tired of people asking if im trying for a boy! Nope, baby factory’s closed thank you very much

Nicole Marie 7 months ago

4 boys 1 girl. here :)

Katie Chant 7 months ago

I think I had all of these – I’m a mother of 4 boys haha! Xx

Mary 7 months ago

Thank you for this post. I’m pregnant with boy#2 due in two weeks. I have also heard all of these things. Thanks for the chuckle and your thoughts :)

Gina Jones 7 months ago

Stick with what you know, i say. Love my three sons!

Gina Jones 7 months ago

i couldn’t be any happier with my third boy. He’s my favorite one lol.

Lisa Sharkey 7 months ago

I have five boys, my youngest is five and i still get the “are you going to try for a girl” question.

Courtney Biesik 7 months ago

We have 3 girls, my husband wanted a girl each time. It irritates the crap out of me every time someone basically says that he must not be happy because we don’t have a boy. And that we must try for a boy in a few years.

Brittani Medina 7 months ago

I have three girls people always ask me are you going to try for a boy , don’t you want a boy, etc

Nancy Marie Haley 7 months ago

This can be applied regardless of the gender. When people found out my second child was a boy, (the first was a girl) I was told “oh hooray! You can be done now! You have one of each!” And when I announced I was pregnant with my third I got pretty much entirely judgement about why in the world was I having another one? I already had one of each after all. People just want to apply their idea of what would make them happy in the same situation to you.

Rebeca Rojo 7 months ago

It never ends. I have two boys and a girl, who’s the youngest. Now they ask, “oh so you gonna try for the pair?” Two boys and two girls, no thanks! Lol

Sheila Rodriguez 7 months ago

Oh I love it. Well good for this lady she seemed thrilled to have 3 boys! I am still coping!! Lol

Stephanie King 7 months ago

Too funny !

Katie Shea 7 months ago

It definitely goes for both genders!!! I am pregnant with my third girl and I often feel like I disappointed some family…. I’d like to have another child in a few years but I feel like for those 9+ weeks w a gender blood test is going to be a very overwhelming time for me.

Lori Grimes Wheatley 7 months ago

When we said we were having another girl, we got asked if we were going to try for a boy. We still get that question. It never occurred to me to be offended. People are just trying to be nice and make conversation. I don’t really see this stuff as something to get upset about.

Whitney Clark Willard 7 months ago

Assholes. Seriously, I could even add to this lol

Rachel Carter 7 months ago

I have heard them all! I think I am going to just start telling everyone that we are in the process of adopting 6 girls so we have an even number.

Angela Genna Larimer 7 months ago

Cracks me up when I hear “You’ve got your hands full” when people see I have 3 boys. So if the baby was a girl I wouldn’t have my hands full?! My 3 boys are EVERYTHING!

Katena Russell-Hood Dyser 7 months ago

Me too I am tried of people asking were you trying for a girl from the mom of 6 boys who suffered infertility and miscarriages.

Sara Smith 7 months ago

I have 2 girls and a boy and. I wouldn’t have it any other way. If I would of had 3 girls or 3 boys I would be happy to have happy healthy children

Sara Smith 7 months ago

I’m sure people had negative things to say when I was pregnant but I didn’t let them bother me and moved on with my days. They went out of their way to try to piss me off and failed. Too bad they won’t get their wasted breath back, they might need it to insult someone who will actually listen to them .

Myken Auffhammer 7 months ago

I guess I’m guilty of a few… I’ve shared the “I cried the day the ultrasound tech told us the third was a boy.” But I usually save that for a mom expressing her own sadness or frustration over having multiple boys. I follow with, “he was the best surprise ever, and I’d never trade him for a girl.”

My three boys are awesome, and I DID “try” for a girl, and succeeded, but by the time she came I was just SO grateful to just have a healthy baby, as her birth followed a bout of multiple miscarriages, and multiple miscarriages also followed her birth. I would have been just as happy even if she had been born twin boys instead :)

I get wanting to vent… But these articles are rather pointless IF you think they’ll actually stop people from saying these things.

A healthy baby is such a sweet blessing from heaven.

Jennifer Willetts 7 months ago

The worst i had was “are these all yours?”
“What, ALL of them!!!!”

I now start the conversation with “i have 4 boys, i absolutely love it and wouldn’t change a thing “

Jeni Riano 7 months ago

I’m pregnant with my third child, who will be the third girl. I’m sick of the “Were you hoping for a girl?” or “That’s ok.” Those people need to be quiet- we’re thrilled even if others aren’t.

Molly Crocker 7 months ago

Lord knows, there are not enough men in the world to get all the work done.

Brittany Culli 7 months ago

I have a nice that is beautiful and I can spoil so I’m good lol

Brittany Culli 7 months ago

I have 2 boys and iv heard it non stop its really annoying as if someone is better then me because they have one of each please

barb 7 months ago

I had the same come at me with our 3rd boy, it was an exhausting few months honestly. I loved having boys. Its all I knew. When I was surprised with our 4th baby I was settled with only having 3 kids so I knew this was gonna be our wrench. And it was a girl. Then I got ” ohhhhhhh fiiiinallly you got your girl, you’re done right?” my favorite response to this was ” actually we are gonna have 3 more, hoping for all boys.”

Melissa Sunday 7 months ago

Ha I have heard them all. I laugh. I feel people don’t know what to say and instead of just saying congrats try say something silly :p

Mandy Taylor Jones 7 months ago

I am completely happy with the news of another boy! Especially after digging through 10 boxes of baby boy clothes stashed away that V has outgrown! #winning

Aubrey Nikki Wilson 7 months ago

I had two boys and then a girl and I got that question all the time. And then after I had my two boys and then a girl and was pregnant again, people always asked if I was trying for another girl to even it out. I had another boy lol. I personally don’t care if people ask. I think it’s an okay question. I did want a girl the second time around. Doesn’t mean I love my son any less, I adore him. I adore all my kids. Some people might not secretly be hoping for a certain gender, but I think the majority of people are. Its natural. Get over it.

Maria Cottone Capobianco 7 months ago

I have two girls and pregnant with our third girl.. HELL NO im not trying for a fourth child..unless you’re gonna come and take care of them for me..lmao..im good.. but thanks for your concern…lolol

Shelley Ann 7 months ago

Many people expressed disappointment when we announced that were expecting our fourth boy. :(

kim 7 months ago

I too am a mom to 3 handsome boys. I did unfortunately cry when I found or we were gonna have the third boy, but I was so hoping to have a girl. I now could not imagine my life without my third little guy. I hope to one day have a granddaughter to fill the girl shaped hole in my heart.. I wish you joy and wonderful blessings on your house full of little princes.

Jacqueline Joanne Browne 7 months ago

I’m a mother of a boy that is now 25, for years I have had people say “Don’t you wish you had another child? Wouldn’t you have liked to have tried for a little girl?’

Nicola Lennon 7 months ago

I have 5 girls and keep getting asked am I gonna ‘try’ for a boy, seriously annoying. Even wen I found out on my last pregnancy that it was another girl I had ppl giving me the disappointing ‘oh, maybe next time’..so annoying and rude

Tricia Kleinhardt Hartline 7 months ago

So true and annoying.

Goldie Klein 7 months ago

Four boys. Heard it all and then some.

Linda 7 months ago

Me at the grocery store with my THREE boys:
Random Stranger: Oh don’t you have your hands full!
Me: Yes, 4 boys keeps me busy.
R.S.: Four?
Me: Sure! One, two, three…. *looks around frantically* Now where did I leave him? Oh well, he’ll find his way home I guess. *walks away humming happily*

Ok I haven’t done this yet, but I do have fantasies of doing it just to mess with people’s heads.

Lynda Kurth 7 months ago

I had oopsy boy after three girls and everyone assumes I just kept trying lol.

Michelle Maskus-Daws 7 months ago

I have three little boys and it’s the best thing that has ever happened in my life! My mother in law though said to me when we found out that our third was a boy. ” oh, I’m a little disappointed but you can try again. ” wtf

Jovana Žunić 7 months ago

Hahaha i didn’t cry when they told me its a 2nd boy… i said two brothers that is great… as long they all are healthy and happy… does not matter boy or girl…

Christine Cappuccia 7 months ago

That goes both ways. Right after the birth of my second daughter, my stupid neighbor asked if I was going to try again for a boy. Seriously?

Naya 7 months ago

People say stupid stuff all the time, in reality they just trying to be nice with a little of small talk, this is definitely over sensitive pregnant mom reaction thoughts

Melissa Heywood 7 months ago

Ugh yes.. how dare I think about having a fourth because I might actually have yet ANOTHER DREADED BOY! Oh the horror..

Nonny Yayo 7 months ago

Try it when pregnancy #3 is twin boys after two singleton boys. Yeah….

Katie Armstead 7 months ago

I have 4 girls. The verbal diarrhea never ends.

Liz McAllister 7 months ago

Second boy on his way now. And then- I’m done. A girl would have been nice. But I have a niece and dogs. So I’m not gonna keep popping kids out for my own vanity, just bc I want a girl.

Scarlett China Lilly 7 months ago

Same goes for if you have two girls. When I was pregnant with my 2nd daughter I would get,”Well are going to try for a boy next?” Instead of any kind of congratulations. And people still ask if I’m going to try for a boy lol. The answer is no! I’m done having kids and couldn’t be happier.

Amber Wilson Dahle 7 months ago

Expecting my 3rd boy and I have had all of these things said to me!

Sara Parrish 7 months ago

I have a girl and a boy and I remember the first time someone said, “One of each! You’re done now, right?” I was confused and kind of speechless. Like, the whole point of having kids is just to get one of each sex?

Nicky O’Bryon 7 months ago

I have 2 boys. When I was pregnant with my third, I got the same comments. Once I found out I was having a girl, still got more comments! A baby is a baby! My biggest peeve was ‘were you trying for a girl?’ Seriously, mind your business. I wanted to say to them ‘yes, if it helps you sleep at night!’ Lol.

Danielle DeFrancisco 7 months ago

Am I the only one out there who WANTED a boy for all three pregnancies? (which I got). I love being an all boys mom.

Kami Speight Guyer 7 months ago

Same for girls we have 4 and are happy with what gid gave us

Ann Labbe 7 months ago

I have 4 boys – I can add about another 8 to this list! I love my boys. All 4

Erica Brownlee 7 months ago

One of the reasons my hubby and I decided not to find out the gender until our kids were born. After years of trying I was just happy to be blessed with the little ones I got. Who cares what the gender, all you can hope for is that your kids are healthy.

Amy Reinecke 7 months ago

#3… I want to slap people who say that. I’m pregnant with my 2nd boy and I’m ecstatic! Boys are awesome!

Sharon Bower Haver 7 months ago

Having 3 boys rocks!!

Lynne Tessier 7 months ago

I wish you another beautiful healthy baby, God bless

Michelle Martinez Lopez 7 months ago

Boys are Awesome..I have boy girl boy girl 4. I have both and boys are totally Awesome

Jessica Neville 7 months ago

I have 1 of each. And i am so sick of the comments i get. Ohhh you must be done having kids since you have both. The perfect pigeon pair. What gives anyone the right to assume.

Melanie Sheley 7 months ago

As a mother of 4 boys I can totally relate!

Sara Bechta 7 months ago

If god and my body see fit to grace me with another child I won’t care if the baby is a boy or girl… just healthy

Jocelyn Wojton 7 months ago

Expecting my third boy right now. Told my grandmother who then gripped my arm and said “oh honey I’m so sorry” and it was actually my husband who was hoping for a girl

Jennifer Shea Lord 7 months ago

Why do people think that having boys is a disappointment? I have two beautiful sons and I am treated like a queen! Moms of boys have it MADE!

Amy Gifford 7 months ago

I have four boys and was excited for all of them.

Cynthia Zupan 7 months ago

As a mum of 3 boys I did experience this ignorance from some, but I don’t miss having a girl, I have 3 amazing, loving healthy kids, my family is happy, that’s all that matters (although they have promised me a granddaughter one day) ☺

Judy Messenger-Delgado 7 months ago

Why are people such butt holes sometimes????

Nicole Cline 7 months ago

Lol. My 3rd was surprise. I only was thinking id have my 2 boys…now I get the ohhh at least you got your girl comments…ugh

Sarah Day 7 months ago

This is crazy! I would love to have a boy and a girl but if I got another girl I wouldn’t be upset. People just say weird things no matter who or what you are..

Brandi Sisney 7 months ago

#6..trying for a boy! Get asked that ALLLL the time. Love my 3 girls- happy with what we have

Kirby Dufour 7 months ago

#9. Really??! If anything, after your third baby, your certainly not losing your femininity…lol. Personally, I would be happy as can be if my second child were a boy :) Id be happy with a girl too. Babies are a gift, no matter the gender!

Alissa Leslie 7 months ago

Haha after 3 girls I constantly get ‘didn’t you want a boy’ ummmm yeah we prob did but we have no control over it! Are we unhappy with our girls NO WAY! I wouldn’t change any of them!

Trace O’Higgins 7 months ago

What I don’t get is the people who ask you IN THE DELIVERY ROOM, if you’re going to try again for the opposite gender.

If looks could kill, the nurse would’ve been a grease spot on the floor.

5 seconds after having another human being ripped violently from my body, after DAYS of torture, and you think I’m remotely contemplating doing this again, EVER?!?!

Thankfully, that sentiment faded somewhat, but seriously…who the hell asks that when the FIRST baby is still covered in blood and screaming?

Angie Maragno 7 months ago

My aunt just a had to say “you got what you wanted” I thought: “a healthy baby; yes I did.”

Michelle Prinsen 7 months ago

I STILL get “you need a girl!” My boys are 11 and almost 9 years old. I only wanted boys. If I could have picked, I would have picked two boys. I didn’t want a girl.

David M. Smith 7 months ago

My sons’ mother was asked that question so many times, the boys started answering for her…”Does she have ‘stupid’ written on her forhead?!”

Betsey Van de Heijning 7 months ago

Haha, as a mom to all boys I have heard all of these and then some.

Melody Keebler 7 months ago

Yes!! These are so true.

Sarah KT M 7 months ago

2 boys in…I would love a 3rd…

Francesca Peeples 7 months ago

I’m on my 3rd boy as well!!!

Teresa Roberts 7 months ago

We have 4 boys and NO we’re not trying for a girl! Hell, we weren’t trying for the last 2 boys! Lol

Tracy McLeod Brennan 7 months ago

I have only one child and can’t have any more children. Not because we didn’t want another, but because it’s not possible. After four rounds of fertility treatments we have taken what we’ve been given. Although I don’t get those questions I do get asked when we’re having another or why we don’t have more than one. People usually get really tongue tied when you tell them you can’t have any more children. It’s actually quite funny to watch them try to change the subject.

It’s kind of shocking that people ask about your sex life. For some weird reason it’s okay to ask a pregnant mother about just that. Maybe when people are “trying” for a baby, they could sell tickets to the event and put that money towards baby expenses.

Some children’s people!!

Jessica Munzel Shepard 7 months ago

Too funny!

Katie Carr 7 months ago

I get this already and I’m pregnant with my second and it’s another girl. I’m stocked! F what people think about having one of each.

Dottie Akin 7 months ago

I had two girls then two boys, now people try and tell me I need a “tie breaker”. Ummm no, 4 is plenty, lol.

Jenny Grant 7 months ago

Haha sounds familiar alright

Sarah Iding 7 months ago

This is a small part of why I won’t be finding out the gender until birth :-) Hard to say anything short of “omg he/she is so beautiful/handsome/cute” when you are holding the little person you would be making the rude or weird comments about.

Tom N Mel Finigan 7 months ago

I’ve heard most of these a few times, Christina Hawkins. I’m going to start answering the whole “Are you going to try for a girl next time?” with “Nope. Next time I’m trying for a velociraptor.”

Abigail Mitchell 7 months ago

I will be getting again but not for a girl lol for either I don’t care

Karina Bech Sglavo 7 months ago

Also, LMAO @”walking baby vending machine”…

Heather Gochoel 7 months ago

Same can be said for those with multiple girls.

Esther Munguia 7 months ago

I have two boys and I love being a boys-mom. We are done and honestly, no one is asking if we are trying for a girl next. Might be my age LOL 😉

Samantha Heriot 7 months ago

I’m a Mumma of 3 boys (and a girl)
My daughter is the first born, when we had our first son people said ‘oh beautiful, a pigeon pair…..then the next boy, oh she’s outnumbered…when pregnant with #4 – are you hoping for another girl??
Guess what people, I’m lucky to have 4 amazing children, their gender was not a factor.
What’s with the ‘anti-boy’ comments.

Karina Bech Sglavo 7 months ago

The comments about the “million dollar family” are crap. We have one of each, and I still haven’t seen one penny of that million dollars….lol

Camille Parker Grow 7 months ago


Naomi Michelini 7 months ago

Copped all this when I was pregnant with my third. We had two girls and when we announced we were having another baby, we copped all sorts of stupid comments. He ended up being a boy, in the end, but that doesn’t make all those stupid things that were said okay.

Misty O’Connor Hannah 7 months ago

I have four girls. I get tired of “so you’re not going to try for a boy?” Or “your poor husband, no boys.” Nope, no boys. My husband loves his girls and wouldn’t change a thing.

Elizabeth Greene 7 months ago


Michelle Grimley 7 months ago

Ive had all of these phrases

Tina Anderson 7 months ago

I am nan to 3 gorgeous grandsons and wouldn’t have it any other way

Debbie Chaba-Smith 7 months ago

Ha ha .. I have three boys and I’m pretty sure I heard all of these!

Shari 7 months ago

3 boys here and even though the youngest is 16, people still ask me “Don’t you want to try for a girl?”! Uhhhhhh, that would be a no! “But, but……don’t you want a little girl?” Not as much as I don’t want either 4 children or to start over again!!!! Crazy ass people

Toni Iannuzzi Gallicchio 7 months ago

Heard all of them countless times from just about everyone I encountered!!!

Ellen Pederson 7 months ago

Love this! I’m due with boy #3 tomorrow.

Joyce Lampa Valdez 7 months ago

THANK YOU! And my life is complete and better with boys!

Lorraine Shaw 7 months ago

I’m having my first child, and it’s a boy, and I think this applies to my situation as well. I’m thrilled to be having a boy, so SHUT UP already! #amIright!!!

Rachel Brumbaugh 7 months ago

I have 4 boys, heard those words a lot!!!!

Rita Templeton 7 months ago

I got so many of these, but especially when I was pregnant with my FOURTH son. I was absolutely amazed at how outright RUDE people can be! Why is it so hard to fathom that someone might actually be thrilled to be having a baby regardless of the gender?!

Kimberly A. Phillips 7 months ago

I have two boys 4 yrs apart , one planned , one surprise , I just knew it was another boy , didn’t care either way. The worst thing a pregnant mother experiences from strangers is the grabbing of the mid section. Like hey gimmee the ball, oh do you mind , hands already there. I don’t see fake tits and reach out and say hey you don’t mind right ? I found it disturbing . Family members okay fine but others ?? No thanks !

Siouxqietk 7 months ago

We have two boys. With our second, we were told it was a girl… then later informed (correctly this time) that it was a boy. Truth is, I cried during the ultrasound… id been buying girl clothes and stuff, but I adore my boys.

The, “are you trying again” thing drives me insane. I developed pre-eclampsia during my second pregnancy. During labor, Our youngest son and I almost died. I can NOT safely carry anymore babies. When I get asked if we are going to try again, it feels so invasive. If I say no, people ask why not. If I say I can’t have anymore, they ask why dont I just get a surrogate. My medical history, and where my husband’s sperm goes is no one’s damn business.

Jess Rodriguez 7 months ago

I heard this 4 times with my girls before I got pregnant with my son. . Then it was, oh finally a boy!!! Like, okay…

Amy Quinn 7 months ago

We have three boys. #1 we had no preference, #2 we were just grateful to have, boy or girl, because he took eight months to conceive and we were starting to worry that it wasn’t going to happen without help, and #3 was kind of an oops, so we weren’t ‘trying’ for anything. Unless we win Tattslotto, there won’t be a #4. I still get the question, though, as though it’s assumed that feeding our children is less important than producing a female one. I’d love a fourth, because odd numbers irk me, but it isn’t going to happen so there’s no point in hoping it will, which is why I hate being asked – kinda rubs salt in the wound that we’re done because we have to be, not because we want to be.

Esther Groarke-Powell 7 months ago

So true!!

Crystal Andrews 7 months ago

We have 2 girls and we keep getting asked if we are going to try for a boy (which I did always want two Dennis the Menace boys originally but was blessed with my girls instead.) I started replying “It’ll be a God honest miracle!” And my husband got tired of people taking too long to figure that out so he just says “Yup, gonna keep on trying! *wink*”

Meghan Schaeffer 7 months ago

The obsession that people have of having one of each gender is so strange

Christina Hanes 7 months ago

Or when having another girl. I have 5 daughters lol

Erica Nance Unger 7 months ago

Especially after FOUR boys…

Debi Broniszewski Pucciarelli 7 months ago

I’ve heard all the negative comments about us having two boys. It’s really unbelievable how ignorant people can be. And no, we are not “trying” for a girl. We are just fine

Stephanie Boynton Couch 7 months ago

I have 2 boys and we decided to have one more we both wanted a girl but regardless of what we got its what we go and this would be the last. And it’s not just being pregnant. Before I got pregnant this time I’d be at the store or where ever with my 2 boys and/or my ss would be with me as well and they’d still say things like are they all yours or hopefully you’ll have a girl. I’m like really what if I was already done with having kids. I know people think they mean well but seriously inside I’m just like shut the hell up

Kaylie Jordan 7 months ago

When i got pregnant with boy #3 everybody was all “its a girl, i hope it’s a girl, don’t you want a girl, girl girl” even my family members. I wanted to slap them all. I’ve said since day 1 i hoped for all boys, Never wanted daughters, didn’t even want sisters but i got 2. Why can’t ppl shut up and let it just be.

Kristin Rogin Peters 7 months ago

So true! I have 3 boys and get at least 1 of these comments a week

Dana Baker 7 months ago

It can go the opposite way too. I have one of each and when I got pregnant with our third I had people say to me. “Why would you want to have another? You have the perfect family right now.” Excuse me? Why is the “perfect” family considered one boy and one girl? I think all families are pretty perfect. Regardless of male to female ratio lol.

Yvonne Cook Scholz 7 months ago

I feel you in reverse… 4 girls.. people were unbelievably crass.

Lei 7 months ago

I had no interest in finding out the gender when I was pregnant (both times boys) When people asked what I was hoping for, I said a puppy.

Debbie Wolfe Cooper 7 months ago

So true….this ranks right up there with looking at a pregnant woman & saying, ‘wow! You look like you’re about to pop!’

Melanie Lapensee 7 months ago

I’m glad we had a girl first and now expecting a boy but I HATE when people say “oh perfect you don’t need any more kids now stop having kids”

Zobeida Palomares 7 months ago

We had three boys back to back to back all within 3 years of each other. People, even family assumed we were disappointed and we even got a few “well you should stop trying”. We got pregnant a 4th time and we had a girl last year. Total surprise but we were ecstatic as we would have been had it been a 4th boy! Now we keep getting the “oh you kept trying till you had a girl” or the “oh you’re going to stop now?”. Guess what?!?!! It’s nobody’s business but ours! We like having babies and we obviously like making them. I’m so annoyed with this idea that we all need to have 1 of each gender and that’s it. Some people have all girls, all boys, or some combination of the two. There’s no wrong or right combination of gender so let’s leave it at that.

Tara Smith 7 months ago

Ha! 2 girls and I’m not sure if I actually hope for a boy or a girl! Everyone assumes we only tried for a 3rd to “get a boy”… what if we want all girls, so what!

Diane Rodriguez 7 months ago

So good! I have four boys (thought I was done with three). And got the ‘they’re all yours? There’re so many! But this is the girl right?’ ( touching my belly ) … Mmm, no. Oh well… Next time… Same goes for all girl families though.

Diane Arsenault 7 months ago

I was blessed with two healthy baby girls, for some reason ppl think
That we MUST try for a boy!! It’s drives me insane! They all make it seem
Like my second daughter doesn’t matter as much and that I have failed my husband and his family by not providing a boy.. Bullshit! We are beyond blessed and wouldn’t have it any other way… My girls are both daddy’s girls and I’m pretty sure he loves every moment! BTW… This baby shop is closed up 😉

Rachel Schiller 7 months ago

My response to #2- actually I was trying for an orgasm and got pregnant by accident. Better luck next time?

Lindsey Cagulangan 7 months ago

Yes. OMG yes. “You poor thing.” Oh yes poor me I have 3 amazing, healthy, handsome, hilarious, and sweet boys. POOR ME.

Christine Smith 7 months ago

I have 4 boys, by the third a friend suggested looking into natural ways to tip the odds in favor of a girl. After some research, I learned I was doing almost all the suggestions to favor boys!

Savanna Hartman 7 months ago

I have one boy BUT I would LOVE to have 2,3,4,5,6 boys all about two years apart!!! Keeping my fingers crossed!!

Kathryn Mink Gutierrez 7 months ago

I am expecting number 3 in early August. I have 2 boys, and my husband and I decided we would wait til this one was born to find out the sex. I don’t mind people asking if I am hoping for a girl, because I don’t think people mean any harm. For me intention goes a long way. BUT it is kinda weird that people seem disappointed if you don’t have at least one of each sex. I don’t know what’s up with that.

Martha Louise Shamp 7 months ago

Yup, it goes the other way too. “Don’t you want to try for a boy?”…when you have girls. Um, no, I don’t. I’m happy!

Kristine Barrett 7 months ago

Girl #3 due in April and most of these are the same. I’ve even had the privilege of being told (by a complete stranger) that my husband would love me more if I gave him a son. True story.

Katie Condy Cain 7 months ago

We are pregnant with our 4th boy and these ten comments are spot on!!! What’s even funnier is I wanted another boy and my husband wanted a girl!

Diane Gigantino Baltz 7 months ago

When I was pregnant w boy #2, I did get some sympathy “oh, that’s okay”–as if you are only allowed two, and I lost the gender lottery in not getting the “perfect ” boy + girl. Oh well. Now that I have 3 boys under 5, I just get the “you sure have your hands full!” Comments all the time. I figure if the next one is a boy, we’ll just buy team uniforms :)

Diane Gigantino Baltz 7 months ago

When I was pregnant w boy #2, I did get some sympathy “oh, that’s okay”–as if you are only allowed two, and I lost the gender lottery in not getting the “perfect ” boy + girl. Oh well. Now that I have 3 boys under 5, I just get the “you sure have your hands full!” Comments all the time. I figure if the next one is a boy, we’ll just buy team uniforms :)

Carmen Holmes 7 months ago

We have two boys and if we ever were to go again, I’d be praying for another boy! Screw what everyone else says/thinks

Jennifer Anne 7 months ago

This goes for expecting or having a third girl too

Caitlyn Conly 7 months ago

I just had my second boy and at one day old I had people asking me if I was going to have a third and if we did try that they hoped it was a little girl..

April Pearson 7 months ago

These articles are crazy. Yes people ask these questions. And yes people make those statements. But so do I. What else are people going to say? It just something that comes out. No one should have to tip toe around me because I have so many of one gender. It’s something to laugh about and lots of boys to love. Yes my husband would love a daughter. Yes I might have been sad for a minute when I found out it was a boy. But I love all 5 of my boys. I don’t love number 2-5 any less because they came as boys instead of girls. And it doesn’t bother me when someone makes a big deal of 5 boys. It makes for conversation. People if you’re going to get upset, be upset when someone mentions that your face is really starting to fill in.

Alixandria Ashbaugh 7 months ago

My worst thing was when my middle child was born everyone said ‘awesome! One of each. You are going to stop now, right?’ Because you know, I am able to decide whether or not I want more kids 30 seconds after delivering one…

Jaclin Acanfrio 7 months ago

I have 3 boys, and love them so much. Never found out prior to giving birth, loved the surprise and fell in love instantly upon seeing them. Even after struggling with secondary infertility people would ask when we were trying for a girl. Really?

Barbara Seufert 7 months ago

People are just weird, I always get: oh, you have your hands full, are they all yours, etc. I have 3 girls and 2 boys…people and their need to push their opinions on you….too much sometimes

Stephanie 7 months ago

I too just gave birth to my 3rd son (6 weeks ago). With my oldest being 15 and my now middle son being 12 you should hear some of the things people say to me!
“Since you’re practically starting all over again wouldn’t you have rather had a girl”?
That was probably the worst one – being that I was holding my absolutely perfect 4 day old son in my arms & completely in love.

People are asshats & boys teenage mood swings suck pretty bad too.

Rant over lol
Thanks for the opportunity to vent! :)

Kristen Knoble 7 months ago

We have 4 girls….I loathe the question of trying for a boy. Girls have been awesome. I’m sure having all boys is awesome too. Our dogs and cat are boys…should count for something:)

Stephanie 7 months ago

I just had my 4th boy in November. I always get the “that’s too bad” look when I tell someone I have 4 boys. I always want to say something like ” its OK I had a great time making them and they are all healthy so I am happy with what I have been given”. Did I secretly hope that my last son was a girl (knowing he would be my last regardless), sure. But as soon as the ultrasound tech told me his heart was good, his kidneys were good, and everything else looked great it didn’t matter if the baby had a penis or a vagina. I love my boys with all of my heart and I would not change a thing.

Tonya Lafferty 7 months ago

Ditto to what has been said by all the mommies of little girls on here! I have two adorable girls and couldn’t be happier! I get so annoyed by the constant “are you going to try for a boy?” and the “your poor husband” comments. For the record, my husband feels like the luckiest man alive to have 2 beautiful little girls!

Debbie Woodard 7 months ago

I get so tired of the “I’m so sorry- you poor thing! All 4 boys!” Right in front of my precious boys. As if they are somehow less bc they are boys. Idk maybe I look frazzled lol

Tania Carfa 7 months ago

Never understood the obsession with the sex of a baby. I have two girls and was thrilled both times. Would’ve been thrilled to have a boy, too! Who cares? Take what god gives you and be thankful for a healthy baby

Christy Epperson 7 months ago

We have 3 little boys & tried one more time for s girl. We had a perfect little princess on 12/18/14! I’m one blessed Mommy and know it was meant to be this way

Regan Shea 7 months ago

I got all of these when we found out my second was another boy.

Desiree Lamoureux 7 months ago

Why are people so obsessed with the idea of having one of each gender? Or more than just one for that matter? There’s no template for what makes a complete family. Get over it already.

Crystal Starr Sovanski 7 months ago

I personally want all boys, I have one currently so let’s hope for 2 more (just not right away

Angela Newton 7 months ago

So true heard most those thing all too much and it’s so annoying

Rebecca Louise Herbunot 7 months ago

Got 3 boys never tried for a baby hoping for 1 sex over the other.

Becky Rhoades 7 months ago

3rd boy on the way here!!!! I’ve heard them all!

Lesley Hapanowicz-Van Linn 7 months ago

Thanks for sharing I got the same crap with my two boys!

Philippa Pip Spate 7 months ago

Yep and the answer was no!!

Mariana Mendez 7 months ago

I’ve heard just about all of them now that I’m expecting #3. Don’t know it’s a boy or a girl yet.

Robyn Peters 7 months ago

Seriously these are all so spot on! I have two boys, and I am thrilled with them. I want one more child, not because I am trying for a girl but because I have always wanted three kids. If it’s a girl, great and if it is a boy then that is great too. Either way our family will be complete and I will be one happy and proud mama. I would hate for one of my children to ever think I was disappointed to have them, or that they’re only here because I was “trying” for a girl.

Rosemary Joubert Petrynka 7 months ago

I also have three boys (all grown now). They are the joys of my life and have given me wonderful grand-daughters!

Jaime Williams-Messaros 7 months ago

As a mom of four boys I highly approve of this! I wanted a girl very badly but obviously it wasn’t meant to be. The constant having people tell me I should try for a girl makes me want to slap folks.

Katherine Zelko 7 months ago

As a mom of 3 boys I have heard just about all of these. Wouldn’t want it any other way, so happy to have my guys!

Robin Smith 7 months ago

I got 3 boys. I’m done

Marcelle Brown 7 months ago

Got that with my second boy. Are you going to try for a girl? I hope its a girl? I will be disappointed if its a boy!……errr seriously, its my child, not yours so shut up. I am so happy with my two boys and NO, I dont need a girl, my family is complete.

Amanda Benedict-Obenauer 7 months ago

What is wrong with people! I just want a healthy baby — boy or girl.

Dana Saler Obenauer 7 months ago

Oh my goodness. I have two beautiful daughters and I am constantly asked when we are going to try for a boy. Goes both ways, and I’m just fine with my two healthy, smart and beautiful daughters.

sarahbear 7 months ago

I had 2 boys then twin boys, the comments I’ve received are downright rude!!! I’m so happy with our family but some people…. honestly! The first thing out of a person’s mouth (a few people too by the way) was oh no I’m so sorry, I feel so sorry for you. So sad that people think 4 healthy boys is a disappointment to us :(

Julie Starr 7 months ago

I HATE articles like this.
Buck up, people.
Who tf cares?
I have three baby girls… I received all these questions… and you know how many times I was offended? or how many times ‘I wanted to punch someone in the throat’?
zero f*cking times.
People were making conversation… I was happy to express the love and joy of my family and situation. That was it.
I never want people to have to censor their curiosities. There’s SO MANY OTHER F*CKING THINGS TO F*CKING WORRY ABOUT… as a mom or as a member of this society who puts TOO MUCH PRESSURE ON GODDAMN CONVERSATION!!!!

Lisa Marshall Alvarez 7 months ago

I have two boys and am pregnant with a little girl. If that ultrasound would have said BOY again, I would have been elated. I’m daunted by the idea of a girl.

Heidi Ahlmann Greaves 7 months ago

Hahaha i have 6 sons and get asked alllll the time if im going to try for a girl. The answer is no. Just no.

Shailyn Volk 7 months ago

Can I just say that all most moms pray for is a happy and healthy child. The sex doesn’t matter!

Vanessa Nathan 7 months ago

I have 3 boys and get sick of being asked “awwwww no, 3 boys, poor you, will you try for a girl!”

Emily Lawrence 7 months ago

As soon as I announced I was having boy number two, I got one of two responses, “oh well that’s ok” and “are you gonna try for a girl next?” Umm, it’s more than ok- I’m thrilled. I wanted another boy. And no- I will not be trying for a girl. Pregnancy is particularly hard on me and I had to be mentally prepared just to get pregnant for the second time. There will be no third time.

Kim Wells 7 months ago

Hahahaha yep. I had a lady at the park say to me yesterday “oooh – I hope that baby in your belly is a girl!” – I really wanted to ask her why and give her a piece of her mind…. but opted for “nope! Boy #3 and we are so excited!”. I love that people assumed we were “trying for a girl” – and that they are already asking if we will “try for a girl” after this kiddo. Um…. first off, I’m still pregnant! Secondly – what makes you think I wouldn’t want a fourth boy?! And third…. this one isn’t even here yet…. so I have no clue if we could handle another, or will feel like our family is still growing or is complete…. so yah. 😉

Mandy McElhaney Anderson 7 months ago

Well we heard that all this last time. With our 4th girl.

Cindi Beffa Ripp 7 months ago

As a mom of only girls I am tired of hearing “when are you trying for a boy?” I know I have no control over it, but with my mom only having girls and my sisters and I only having girls…a boys chance in this family is very slim. I love my girls.

Christina Ferris 7 months ago

I frankly don’t care what people ask me. I don’t have to answer. People are way too sensitive these days.

Kristin Parteko Athy 7 months ago

That whole “after three of the same your body automatically resets” thing is BS. I have four boys. I never once told my husband “let’s ‘try’ for a girl” because that’s just silly. I’m perfectly happy with my boys. Do I wish I had a girl? Sure. But I’m not unhappy in the least that I have four happy, healthy boys.

Stephanie Falco Addona 7 months ago

I think I heard all of these when I was pregnant to my second son— but the worst is when someone heard my friend was having One and one she said “oh now her family is complete” as if families with only boys or only girls is not complete.

Kate Zitzka Tesmond 7 months ago

I couldn’t imagine not having my boys!

Stephanie 7 months ago

These questions don’t apply to just pregnancy. We adopted twin boys and I get asked very similar questions all the time.

I love having boys!

Miranda Warner Demonbreun 7 months ago

Yup. All of these.

Lauren Marie 7 months ago


Jennifer Becker Reinhold 7 months ago

And the same for a mom who has all girls. I get asked all the time. “You gonna try for a boy”

Gizel Schwartz 7 months ago

I dont mind. I just say having 3 boys is awesome because Im the Queen Bee of the house and last prenancy was hard and Im too old to have another!

Jo Francis 7 months ago

I have 3 boys and am so sick of being asked these questions…I’m super proud of my little men x

Ashley Walker 7 months ago

I’m usually not very sensitive, but I hate each and every one of these questions.

You’re not going to try for another ?

No! Eff off!!!

Michelle Capwell Kloske 7 months ago

Mom of three girls here. I wouldn’t trade it for the world! People say the craziest things!

Christy Spires 7 months ago

This is just about the same for having two girls but instead of the whole losing your femininity thing it’s “Your poor husband”.

Betty Samples 7 months ago

People need to stop. Say congratulations. Offer your help if you can/want. Then shut it.

Jaime-Lynne Patterson 7 months ago

Yup! 4 boys over here 😉

Fatima Anwar 7 months ago

I can relate to this. ..

Tanya Singh 7 months ago

I have 3 boys one of whom is s newborn and someone just asked me the girl question today. Ugh….

Arlz Quinn 7 months ago

I also have 3 little dudes, they melt my heart!

Andrea Wiegand 7 months ago

I think this goes for anyone with children all of the same gender. I have to girls, and we’re done. I’m so tired of the “are you going to try for a boy?” And crap. No, I’m happy with what I have thanks…

Cristina Gulacy-Worrel 7 months ago

As a mom of three amazing little dudes, I so feel this!

April 7 months ago

I have 5 sons and I heard this every time I was expecting. I think I’m truly blessed to have 5 sons and to be able to shape them to become good God fearing men who will honor themselves and hold family values as a high standard. I don’t miss out on having a daughter I love my sons and everything that entails. Even the not being able to have anything nice. My friend sent me your article on what it’s really like being the only female in a house of males and I can totally relate to it. Continue to rock being a mom of sons!

Nancy 7 months ago

How about the pedicure lady asking me at 8mos pregnant when I told her it was my third boy ..”who decided to keep it when you found out??” Who decided to keep it?!

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Curly Sue 7 months ago

My BFF has three boys. She desperately wanted a girl and cried when she cried when she found out the third was a boy. Now she’s pregnant with fourth; we don’t know yet what it is. I came here looking to be prepared for what I SHOULD say in case it’s another boy. Any tips??

lisa 8 months ago

I have twin boys and just found out we are having another boy. Thank you for writing this because it makes me feel much better knowing I’m not the only one going through these thoughts. Im happy about it but I cry because I feel like everyone thinks I failed somehow. I love my little munchkins now and can’t imagine them being girls. I was a tomboy growing up so boys are fitting for me. But ill never own a minivan and always put on my mascara when I leave my house :-)

Ali 8 months ago

I have two girls and completely agree! One of my friends told me that she saw the point of having a second baby shower if you are having a different gender than your first but not if it is two of the same. Because of her comments, I felt weird having a second shower, even though my girls were two different seasons as well. How sad! Every baby is a blessing and should be celebrated, regardless of the gender!

Ali 8 months ago

We have two little girls. I cannot count the number of times I have heard about “girl drama”, that I am going to have my hands full when they’re teenagers, how we get to pay for two weddings and how my husband is completely outnumbered. Since I grew up with a brother, I just assumed I would have a boy and girl as well and I was very unsure about having two girls. Hearing all of those comments made me feel like I had to defend having a second girl (like I had a choice in the matter) and made me even more unsure. The comments I appreciated hearing were “Sisters are so awesome”, “They will be best friends”, “I have a sister and can’t imagine my life without her”, “You will love watching their relationship”, “Girls are so much fun!”. Basically anything positive that helped me to see the pros of having two girls. I imagine it goes the same for moms of two or more boys. :)

Melissa 8 months ago

I received very few cards or gifts at the birth of my second boy, and certainly no offer for a baby shower. He was 3 lb. larger than my first at birth and born in a completely different season. I had to buy all new infant clothes myself which I thought was beyond ironic since I heard the old, “you won’t have to buy a thing!” crap a million times during my pregnancy. My friend who had a girl after her first was a boy is still receiving gifts almost a year later and had a huge pink baby shower. I feel like my baby was forgotten by many important people in my life because he was a subsequent boy. That said, his Dad and I think he’s magnificent!

Not Yours to Cut 8 months ago

“It’s rude, and it’s uncomfortable, for you to ask me about my son’s penis.”

Well, if you lived in a culture where parents routinely excised their daughter’s inner labia, wouldn’t you be concerned about it to the point where you would ask them if they were planning on doing this, in hopes that you might be able to change their minds?

Not Yours to Cut 8 months ago

“What someone chooses to do in the capacity of parent is between them and their partner (if there’s one), ESPECIALLY when it’s about their child’s genitalia.”

Shut up. Just shut up. Should parents have the right to have their daughter’s labia cut off as well? I mean, given the fact that most women who have undergone labiaplasty are happy with it, it’s pretty safe to say that labiaplasty “is neither especially beneficial or harmful,” so why not give parents the choice if you’re going to give them veto power over their son’s foreskin? To not would be SEXIST.

ER 8 months ago

*Rolls eyes* Thank you so much for adding your two cents about your perceived horrors of circumcision into this article that has NOTHING to do with it. Now tell me your opinions on co-sleeping, vaccinations,and breastfeeding, because I’m just dying for you to offer more opinions.

I am SO over people shoving their opinions out there under the pretence of being “concerned”. It’s rude, and it’s uncomfortable, for you to ask me about my son’s penis.

And I couldn’t agree more with keeping the hands of the belly. I don’t rub your body parts that stick out! Leave mine alone.

Karen 8 months ago

SONS are a blessing!

Lacey 8 months ago

I have two boys and two girls, I get the “well aren’t you lucky!” All the time. It’s confusing because I thought just having a baby was lucky, but what do I know? “WOW! Four kids!” (With those pitty eyes) Is the other side. Can’t win.

Mom of 5 Princes 8 months ago

I have 5 boys so I get lots of basketball team comments. We also have one adopted girl who was a teen when we were blessed with her so she is the oldest. My reply is that sure, and one of the boys can be a sub for his sister. People just don’t think sometimes. I try not to take it to heart so I can teach my boys and girl how to graciously deal with insensitivity. A little sarcasm of our own helps too 😉

aimee 8 months ago

We have 2 boys and our third is a girl. I get “Awww, you finally got your girl!” A LOT. In front of my 2 boys (6 and 8, who can hear you, you jerk). I used to polity agree, but then started thinking about how that looks to my boys. Now I respond, “She’s a girl, but we would have loved a third little boy just as much.” That genreally stops any further comments.

SolsticeJo 9 months ago

I have 3 boys, ages 1, 2, and 4. So I constantly get told how full my hands are on top of the typical comments implying I should want a girl. When people ask if I will try for a girl, I tell them, “Why would I do that when I’ve won the gender lottery? I’ve always said I’d sell girls on the black market! I know what I was like to my mother when I was a teenager and I don’t want to be on the receiving end of that, plus I wouldn’t have the first idea how to play with dolls or have a pretend tea party.” Let me tell you, telling people that you’d consider selling a child shuts them up pretty quickly!

Sam 9 months ago

I have 5 boys and am currently pregnant with our 6th child (we don’t like to find out). If one more person tells me that hey hope I get a girl this time, I am going to smack them! Surely pregnancy hormones would be a justifiable defence ?
I got asked the other day if I had figured out what was causing ithe pregnancies, and I replied that we’d figured it out, but were finding it too difficult to give up 😉

jo leeds 9 months ago

Got 3 beautiful sons lost a baby girl after my 2nd son which was truly heartbreaking but more upsetting was when I got pregnant with my 3rd child all people kept saying was hope its a girl when all i wanted was the joy of a healthy baby – nothing can prepare you for the loss of a child and having a healthy child after losing a baby whilst doe snot replace the loss fills your heart with joy and this should not depend on whether it is pink or blue – some people have to endure failed ivf attempts, severe disability and whilst I too would have loved my little girl to have made it my third son is a joy and a blessing and I would not change him for the world, besides ,being surrounded by 4 gorgeous men into my old age ain’t a bad thing so come on guys don’t put your shallow thoughts onto expectant mums keep your narrow minded views to yourself

Michelle 9 months ago

As a mom of two boys, I completely understand. I will never forget the look on my mother in law’s face when we told her that we were expecting “another” boy. As the years have passed, (my boys are 15 and 12) I have often remarked that God knew what he was doing giving me two boys. I’m not knocking girls, it’s just that I have bonded so completely with my boys that I don’t want or miss the daughter that I never had. I love and understand my boys and they love me. It’s pretty great!

StacyF 10 months ago

When I was pregnant with #4 we found out it was a girl, after 3 boys. I was disappointed and scared, because I really wanted a 4th boy. The things people would say IN FRONT OF MY BOYS were so rude. “Oh, thank God it’s a girl!”, “Aren’t you thrilled, no more boys!”, “You must be so relieved!” Like my boys were a blight on society.

Emma 10 months ago

Shut up. Just shut up.

Circumcision is neither especially beneficial or harmful, a fact that modern health organizations have always made clear. What someone chooses to do in the capacity of parent is between them and their partner (if there’s one), ESPECIALLY when it’s about their child’s genitalia.

Your attitude–that it’s somehow the business of others–is disgusting.

lrg 10 months ago

I have 3 chlidren the 3rd happens to be a girl, I had terrible things said also like so I guess you are done now you have a girl.

Jim Yanni 10 months ago

Possible alternate answers to the question “What are you having?”

1) Look baffled, stammer, and say “Ummm…a baby?” and then, if they persist in being clueless and ask, No, no, I mean, what gender”? Ask “Why? Does it matter?”

2) Look perky and gleeful, if a bit clueless, and say “A puppy!” And hope for an opening in the conversation to say “Well, we did do it doggy-style…” (Or, if the question is posed in a restaurant, calmly answer “The fish (or whatever you’re eating)” and don’t elaborate.

FurryCarlos 10 months ago

Number 8 — Seriously?!?!?! It scares me that a person with that caliber of idiocracy works in the health care field.

momto2boys 10 months ago

I love your comment, Mary. I have 2 boys and I find the “at least you won’t have a drama queen” comment silly and stereotypical since my 3 year old son is more of a drama-queen than any girl I have ever met.

Amanda 10 months ago

another old wives tales lie .more sex for us ended up boy .scientists have actually discovered some men make more x or y sperm than others and the ph of the womans vagina and cervix sometimes kill certain sperm off. so either way you’ll get what you get -unless its selected ivf

Anna 10 months ago

Wow, it’s so comforting to find out that this is a social phenomenon and not just directed at me and my three boys personally. Thanks!

Cake 10 months ago

“I don’t know what I’d do with a girl” is such an annoying comment, like you’re a women right, I think you’d figure it out. Always speaks of desperation that not a girl was had.

Jenn 10 months ago

I have 2 biys and a 7 month old girl. I get the “aren’t you excited that you finally had your girl?” question constantly. Yes, I am happy that we had a daughter but I would have been equally happy to have another boy. We weren’t trying for a 3rd anything, so really we were just happy to have a healthy baby. No-one believes me when I say that though. I think these questions just show how little we value boys. We expect boys to be difficult to raise and wild and crazy. In my experience all kids have their moments. It has less to do with gender than temperament of the child I think.

krissy 10 months ago

first was a boy, i cried, second was a boy, i cried, third was a girl, i cried, fourth was a boy, i cried. i’ve been disappointed 4/4 times, but fortunately i already know i’ll love them with all my heart no matter gender :)

Oline Wright. 11 months ago

LOL at church when living in California we decided that a baby is what God gives you when praying for patience. He doesn’t just hand patience out he gives you something to teach it to you.
After the third boy I started praying for strength.

Lindsay 11 months ago

Oh wow, this is exactly what I needed today! Just found out that I’m pregnant with my third boy. My husband and I are thrilled! Some others- well, like you said, responses of sympathy. What ever happened to a good, old-fashioned “Congratulations!”?

Tricia 11 months ago

I have 3 boys, and have heard many of these comments. They get better I assure you. You may need to vent again. Thank you!

Ashley Kennedy 11 months ago

I’m the oldest of 6 kids. 5 girls 1 boy. I think people are more surprised at the number of us rather than gender…but I have heard the phrase “your poor brother!” Except that being the only boy always secured him his OWN room!!! I was raised around mostly girls but am myself a boy mommy!

Ashley Kennedy 11 months ago

I’m pregnant with my second and just found out yesterday that we are having another boy! We are thrilled!!! I’m a boy mommy!!!

Brenita 12 months ago

My mom had 5 girls (I’m the oldest and the only mom of the bunch so far). We got so many comments like these, especially as a homeschooling family that went just about everywhere together. Most often was the simple, incredulous cry, “FIVE girls?!” or the double take, “Wait, they’re ALL yours?” One of Mom’s favorite responses was, “Yes, we’re specializing.” :) I salute you, Boy Specialist, as I look forward to the adventure that will be my own family.

Rosana 12 months ago

As a mother of 3 wonderful sons I remember recently hearing a clerk at a store going on and on to another Mom about how “Boys are okay but bet you wanted a girl?”. And the two little boys who were with the other Mom looked hurt as they heard this conversation. I walked over to the boys and told them how cute they were and how boys are Ace #1. Honestly, the clerk wasn’t thinking: There were 2 sweet little boys LISTENING to her drivel about wanting girls. Wish people would think more before they open their mouths. All you can do is try to uphold the goodness of boys, one day at a time, and one situation at a time. Liked the blog. Excellent writing :)

anonymous 12 months ago

I’m an only girl with 2 brothers both younger than me but they made up for 20 boys all my life. I’ve played outside with boys I dont get along with girls never have never will their boring and only talk about silly stuff. I’d rather be hanging at my best friends house (a boy with four brothers!) And be me then try and act prim around girls :p

Carissa S. 12 months ago

Isn’t it fun?? (Sarcasm) I have three little boys and now #4 is on the way (gender unknown). Sometimes I feel like a walking freak show. I cannot go anywhere without at least a few people stopping me and making one of the above comments. I did have 1 pleasant experience that I will never forget, though. A gentleman stopped me and like all others asked “3 boys?” I confirmed and then he said “You are a very blessed Mama”. It is nice to hear the occasional positive comment.

Margaret 1 year ago

I had a set of 2 girls, followed 8 years later by a set of 2 boys. Loved that they were same-sex sets. If I’m talking to a lady who tells me that she has, or will have, 2 of the same sex I cheer her on and tell her how great it is.

amy 1 year ago

I am a very happy mom of 6 son’s and a step son, and I’d have another boy, if I had a say. In the words of my 6 yr old, you get what you get and you don’t get upset. He speaks more common sense than most adults I have to deal with. P.s. I really hate the sports team comments.

Tracey 1 year ago

Imagine my responses I’m known for my blatant truth! I have 4 girls 6 boys! Haha! I’ll take my boys any day! My girls are all out of the house yet daily in group texts along with my daughter in law I get to see I’m so fat blah blah, spray tanning, fake n bake, my vagina hurts, ugh I have shit 14 times in 3 days! Etc they love to sing n dance in videos and send them to me! My sons never such crazy stuff they come around to eat and sleep on my couch when their hormone enraged ladies have run them out! Lmao! I just delight in punishing them through my 12 grandkids 6 girls 6 boys! Noisy messy toys! Candy bags for the ride home( not at my house!) just wait paying them back and being the coolest gramma ever supplying them with silly string in the sly during karaoke Easter ranks me #1! I kno I rambled but had to share!

bec 1 year ago

I’m a mum of 3, 2 boys and 1 girl. Every time I find out some one is having a boy I get all misty eyed! Boys are just lovely! I love that I get to raise 2 beautiful little men. They are so affectionate and both big mumma boys! So I say to you, and all the mummas with several boys, congratulations! Boys are wonderful!
As for my wee girl, she’s a fierce little firecracker! She’s not a princess, she’s a queen lol abd she gives the boys a run for their money!

Julie 1 year ago

But it just goes to show you that most people, whether they say it or not, feel that the boy and girl combo is the “perfect” family. My own mother expressed disappointment that she didn’t get the 3 girls/3 boys (as her grandchildren) that she always wanted. Both my sisters have a boy and a girl. Imagine that when you find out you are having boy #2! And my MIL has 4 grandsons, and said she has given up “hope” that she will have a granddaughter. I guess I am different from most who post here because I still feel disappointed. If I wasn’t so overwhelmed with two “active” boys, I might have wanted to “try” for a girl but always knew I would probably have boy #3. I couldn’t deal with all that negativity. You are stronger women than I!

Caradon 1 year ago

My youngest, of three BOYS, is 6 months old, and I couldn’t be happier! I don’t care what people think I am a boy momma, and I love my precious boys more than anything! You will love it!

CJ 1 year ago

The one that still shocks me when I shared that my second was a boy — and with a big grin cause I already had one very bouncy boy and was thrilled —- “Guess you didn’t pray hard enough. I got down on my knees every night and prayed for a girl cause I already had a boy.” WOW, just wow. And she was so serious.

Larry Barnes 1 year ago

We had two boys who are now highly successful men of whom we we’ re overwhelmingly
proud, but we wanted a girl, so we went out and adopted one. The smartest thing we ever did. And, there is no difference between an adopted child and a “natural” one. She is as much our daughter.as our boys are our sons.

Jamie 1 year ago

Mom of three boys here and your article made me smile!!! I agree with you completely. Others may see the sport equipment stocked minivan and feel sympathy but, at this point I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m blessed with three crazy monsters who are all too quickly growing into respectful, responsible, capable young men. I couldn’t be happier or more proud. Congratulations and enjoy it thoroughly!

Chris 1 year ago

Oh and don’t forget, “you must have a lot of patients”.
Really if you don’t know what to say, you don’t have to comment that I’m running through the store with my 3 little ones.

Kristie 1 year ago

I can so relate! I’m the mom of three boys and then our daughter. Each and every pregnancy we chose to be surprised. To be honest my first time around I wanted a girl. That’s what I knew. Lots of nieces and sisters. Boys? Ew! Well, one look at our perfect first born son and I was hooked! The next pregnancies no one seemed to get or understand WHY we would actually want yet ANOTHER boy/son! It’s just crazy! Our fourth and final pregnancy we were surprised with our daughter, wonderful exclamation point to our family! However that excitement was met with, “you’re stopping now right?” Really? As if to say and discount all three of our sons. Our daughters biggest protectors. I was now given “permission” to “stop”. I had fulfilled my obligation of producing a mini-me. Just crazy! Hopefully those reading your blog will read, go forward and watch what the say. Words have so much power. Thanks for your insight!

Jenni 1 year ago

I am pregnant with my 2nd (and last) boy. I say last because we are not having any more kids.. but that hasn’t stopped people from telling me that I need to have another baby and try for a girl. Trying for a girl feels like a guaranteed way to get a 3rd boy. Not that there’s anything wrong with having 3 boys, but I have never wanted more than 2 kids, and did I mention I am 38 and my oldest will be 6 when this one is born? We are done.. 2 is enough. And yes, I’m excited about a second little man to join our family, even if I was really hoping for one of each. At this age, all I really want is another healthy, interesting, happy child.

mommy of 3 boys 3 and under 1 year ago

As a 41 year old mommy of 3 children 3 and under…. ALL BOYS… and I love it, if I am blessed with a 4th… I hope that baby too is a boy too.

But I can completely relate to everything you mentioned. .. I heard it all

Jodie 1 year ago

Lol that method could be true for my second and third child, but not my first

Diana 1 year ago

Haha! Yeah, that wasn’t true for us at all. We got a girl when he ‘got it’ less-after having three boys, I might add! 😉

Mrs. Piggy 1 year ago

My husband and I have a total of 6 children. Five boys and one girl. Our kids are all fairly close in age 23, 23(the only girl), 21, 20, 18, 16. My daughter is 4 inches taller than me and off of my boys are over 6′. I am 5 foot tall on a good day. We were all at one of those BIG name all in one stores one day, The cashier actually looked at all 6 of my children, my husband and then me and said “Please tell me that they’re not all yours” I simply smiled and said “Yes they are. Aren’t they amazing” She shook her head and said “Better you than me. Bless your heart” All I could say was “I have already been blessed!”

Mrs. Piggy 1 year ago

The one that always bothered me was “better you than me” *sigh*

Karen 1 year ago

I am expecting my fourth boy and I couldn’t b happier. We were “trying” for a girl but I realised as my date approached for a gender scan just how much upheaval it wud b with 3 boys already in a small(ish) house and a tight budget. I was surprised by my own relief lol. We announced the news of our pregnancy with a list of answers to FAQs including the fact we do own a telly, it was planned, we r aware of contraceptives blah blah blah lmao. That seemed to shut them up apart from one who claimed I just didn’t want to work (9mth maternity) which I replied to by saying when he was lucky enough to have a large family he wud realise work was like a holiday lmao. I love my (not so) wee family xxx good luck with ur boys xxx boys rock!!!!!!!

Sabrina 1 year ago

I have 5 boys and I have heard all of these. The worst is the one where the kids are all with you in the grocery store and people walk over, ask if they are all yours, and then say, “Oh poor you.”

What?!!!! My kids are standing right here!

People are crazy.

Here is one you didn’t mention, “Oh you poor thing! You are so out numbered.”

Whereupon I look at them, smile sweetly, and say, “Oh no. THEY are out numbered.”

Usually stops them in their tracks and they wander off.

Jen 1 year ago

I have three boys. Heard it all too! Wouldn’t change anything. It rocks! :)

boymomma 1 year ago

As mother of 8 boys in a VERY SATISFYING marriage, I’d like to debunk that myth.

Zoe 1 year ago

I am pregnant with my first child. I always imagined my first child as a girl and lo and behold it is a boy. Which initially I was freaked out by but I realized its for the best considering I have quit jobs because women can annoy me so much lol. But I do think people should back off a little bit with the gender negativity, my grandma had 6 boys and no girls. And every single one of her boys had girls. So she never missed out I don’t think. She has had handfuls of sweet baby girls to play with and take care of and then hand off to daddy when she got enough 😛 I hate that people look at having all of one gender as bad, no one is missing out on anything when they have a houseful of beautiful healthy children :)

Trish 1 year ago

If you want a girl baby, you need to have sex at least once a day, or have hubby relieve himself, BEFORE fertile days. If a boy is wanted, hubby needs to save it all month. As he saves it, the female sperm die off so (mostly) male sperm are left. So…less sex = boy more sex=girl …in theory. So hubby it is up to you.

Marya 1 year ago

SO true. As a mom to 4 boys, we get our share of comments. I just laugh them off and think about how blessed and happy we are!

Tiffany 1 year ago

I had 4 sons in 5 years and have been amazed by some of the comments I’ve gotten too! Theses are so funny and very true!

Eleanor Clemons 1 year ago

As a grandmother I am thankful for the grand children we have. Just sorry we can’t live closer to all our kids.But my youngest is the farthest away.We had his name picked out before the girls who came first. But we also chose our daughter’s as well. These comments about multiple pregnancies of one gender or another are interesting to me. The only one I heard that I rremember was the ‘What isle did you find her in, I told him something to the effect it wasn’t an Isle we had her personaly. He meant it in good humor. But she has always been, still is a friendly outgoing Christian daughter and I love her and her sister and brother. And the grand children and daughter in law and son in law.

Lyssa 1 year ago

I have to admit I was less than graceful when pregnant with my girl. After already having a boy who had gastric issues and was a nightmare to feed and to get to sleep being pregnant again so soon was not in the plan so I was grumpy to begin with due to lack of sleep, not to mention the violent morning sickness I endured.
Every time we went shopping or out I got asked what we were having and “my! So soooooon! ?”(they’re 16 months apart) From random people as if they had a reason to know about my life.
When I told them a little girl was on the way they’d perk up and say” OH good! One of each ! You can stop now! Or at least wait 5 years before having another. ” to which I’d grimace and reply “Excuse me? we will stop when we are done. What my husband and I have decided together is none of your business. And would your response have been so positive had it been another boy?” By this time they are just staring at me in shock or fear and if they try to respond I cut them off with a chewing out about how rude it is to come impress your thoughts on someone who, while pregnant, could be going through a lot of stuff. Don’t ever express your biased opinion. If you just HAVE to say something to a pregnant lady tell her she’s radiant, the baby will be beautiful no matter the gender and how happy you are/congratulations and leave it at that!
As a mother I don’t care for the general public…lol

Jonathon Conte 1 year ago

Unfortunately, many people are still unaware that infant circumcision is completely unnecessary (not a single medical organization in the world recommends it) and harmful (it removes a normal, protective, and errogenous body part). While I can understand why it might seem uncomfortable or rude if a stranger brings circumcision up, one might feel compelled to do so both out of concern for the welfare of the child as well as to ensure that parents don’t make an uninformed decision that they later come to regret.

For those who are open to learning more, check out this excellent video on the subject:

Hollie Perry 1 year ago

I have four sons and even though a girl would have been nice–I was never upset I was having another HEALTHY baby boy! I always told people that as long as the baby was healthy I didn’t care what gender the baby was!

Moose 1 year ago

I know right? We always planned to have 3, regardless of what they were. Well we got 2 girls and then a boy, and everyone assumes we had 3 to get the boy.

It’s annoying to have to keep defending my 3rd kid, like having more than 2 kids is only excusable if you were trying to get something else. And really annoying when they ask if we’re going to try for a 4th and another boy.

That’s when I reply with “nah, I got all the plumbing out. We’re just all about the wild monkey sex now” Nothing works like a little embarrassment in return.

Sarah 1 year ago

People can be so rude! When I was pregnant with my second boy I actually had one woman tell me she had only girls and thanked God for it every day. Another woman said, ‘I’m so glad I have only girls. You can just keep your boys.’ What the heck???? Could not believe they’d say those things – and to a perfect stranger!

Melissa H 1 year ago

I have 3 boys and a 4 month old girl. It is amazing how many comments I get! ” Aren’t you just so happy you have a girl!” Yes, I wanted a daughter, but that doesn’t mean I would have been some how disappointed in another boy. A healthy child is a miracle, no matter what the sex!

Earthmama Shelly 1 year ago

Being pregnant with my 4th boy, I can totally relate. Grocery shopping with three boys ALWAYS ends up in some random stranger asking if we’re gonna try for a girl.. And those sad looks they give you.. It’s insane!

Simone 1 year ago

I have 5 boys. 3&4 are identical twins and when I was pregnant with my last son my neighbor said “I’m psychic when it comes to this and you are having a girl”. When I told him it was a boy he told me that the u/s tech and doctor were wrong. When he came out I thought for sure I’d have issues with my neighbor because of him being so insistent on me having a girl, but no I didn’t. But he did tell my husband and I to try again. Lol

Hollis 1 year ago

THANK YOU! I am pregnant with my third. I already have two boys. My MIL asked me while still in the hospital with #2 when I would be “trying for a girl” (whatever that is supposed to mean). All I have heard this pregnancy is,”I hope it’s a girl!” “It’s a Girl!” “Do you hope it’s a girl?” No I don’t! TBH I’m petrified that it might be a girl! I am surprised that I am a girl! I know what to expect with boys. They are messy. They NEVER stop playing with their Penis (and have you seen what they can do with that thing? It is impressive. Is it made out of silly putty? Good God!) I know they turn in to hormonal messes around age 5, it’s weird but comical. I know given the chance they will pee anywhere and everywhere and in groups. They are gross. I get this. I can handle gross. I don’t know if I can handle prissy. I don’t know if I can handle all that pink. I know what to expect with boys. I am prepared for boys. Is it wrong of me to hope for more boys? Don’t get me wrong I will be thrilled either way I love a new challenge but don’t assume I want a girl just because I don’t have one!

Allison 1 year ago

I loved this article. I am a mom of 3 boys and I can’t believe the daily Comments. Just today someone said to me ‘are they all yours’? Seriously, why are people so rude? I am pregnant with a fourth babe and while we don’t know the gender and I don’t care what we have, I just dread the coments to come!!

Mama H. 1 year ago

My boys at 29,27,20 and I’ve always told folks that “3’s a charm” and that “God must think we are doing a good job with boys and doesn’t think we need to learn any new tricks!” Shut ‘me up every time!
I do tell my men that I’ve been training them to being me three wonderful daughters to love – that we will get along famously because we share the bond of boundless love for each of my sons….still waiting for the girls but it’s lookin’ good with the friends who are girls (they have me my pen name).

julie 1 year ago

I just had my fourth child three weeks ago. I have all girls and every time I would tell someone what gender this last one was they would aleays laugh at me and tell me how sorry they were. Like seriously people first off that’s just f!@#ing rude second your not the one having her and third I don’t care what gender the baby was I just wanted another one .I just don’t understand people sometimes

Cathy Marshall 1 year ago

I have two amazing grown up sons and they have presented me with 3 amazing grandsons! I am the queen bee of the family and wouldn’t have it any other way!

SithRose 1 year ago

It doesn’t stop when you have four boys, either. I STILL get people asking me if we’re going to “try for a basketball team” or “try for a girl”. And the inevitable “Oh you poor dear.” and even “Who brought their daycare to the doctor’s office?”

These days I just tell them that we decided that a string quartet was sufficient and watch the bafflement on their faces. Or that I wouldn’t know what to do with a girl if I had one, since I was too busy catching frogs and bugs to do girly things when I was a kid.

(No, we aren’t going to have any more. I’m already -4 on my SAN checks as it is!)

Susan 1 year ago

The morning after our second son was born (4th pregnancy, 2nd that made it to delivery), someone said “oh, another boy…when will you try for a girl!” I politely said we were never trying for anything, we just wanted a baby. I then added that he was our caboose! What JOY has been ours to raise two men!! I am forever grateful!!!

Barbara 1 year ago

My s-i-l has 4 boys under the age of 5, and when she gets the “sorry no girls” comments, she comes back with “I’ll love these guys’ boyfriends and/or husbands just as well.” That pretty much shuts them up.

Jana 1 year ago

First of all, I love this post. Even though I only have one boy so far, I can imagine how annoying all of these comments would be. But I also think most of the time people say dumb things because they want to show their interest, but they don’t know what to say. Can you share some comments that people have made that you have appreciated? Other than the obvious “congratulations,” which I hope you do get a lot.

lisa 1 year ago

At least no one said “don’t know you know where babies come from? Haven’t you ever heard of birth control?” I was out with a friend who had 2 girls and was pregnant again when someone said this too her. I was shocked for her! I couldn’t possibly think of anything more rude to say! My friend was an angel and just smiled and laughed.

Michele 1 year ago

The strong women get to raise the boys into men 😉

Happy mom of five blessings 1 year ago

I have 5 children…3 girls and 2 boys…in that order. It started when I got pregnant with my second…people hoping (out loud) that it would be a boy. People telling me they could tell it was a boy. Told them I wanted another girl. Didn’t matter….still insisted it was a boy. Pregnant with my 3rd…still not trying for a boy…I really didn’t care, either way for this one. People assumed that the only possible reason I would be having another one was because I was trying, though…so now they are PRAYING that it is a boy. The other reason they may have cared so much was because they thought it would stop me from having more kids, already! I loved seeing the looks on their faces when I had to break it to them that it was a little late for that…it wasn’t changing it’s DNA at that point. Took a break after that one to catch my breath. Pregnant with my 4th…people assume I’m giving it one last ditch effort and start holding vigils. It’s a boy! Everyone breathes a huge sigh of relief and heartily congatulate me on my success. Pregnant with my 5th…blank stares and lots of “Oh’s!” all around. People are funny…you just have to shake your head and have a laugh at their expense. 😉

Tayler G 1 year ago

I hoped and prayed for a second boy! Not saying I am completely distraught about having a girl, but I would have loved to have another boy…

Patience 1 year ago

I have a little boy and he is amazing… I wish you the best with your boys and I hope you enjoy all of the fun times and enrichment that little boys bring.We cannot choose our children but I think even if we could I wouldn’t change a thing…

Cait 1 year ago

I have one boy and one girl and I’m expecting a little boy. I honestly wanted all boys. I ended up having a little tom boy in the mix. People should realize you are happy with what you are blessed with. People used to tell me I could be done having kids now since I had one of each.

Kay Kauffman 1 year ago

That is the best motto ever. And also mine. :)

Kay Kauffman 1 year ago

I wanted a girl in the worst way. I’d daydreamed for years of having girls; I had names picked out and everything. When I found out my first child was a boy, I tried not to be too disappointed, thinking I had plenty of time to have a girl. Then when he was born, I couldn’t have been happier (eventually – he made a heck of an entrance). When my second son was born, I was a little more upset; my second pregnancy had been more difficult and I had been convinced that Cricket was a girl (though not as convinced as my best friend, who went so far as to buy him a bunch of the cutest little sundresses you’ve ever seen, every one of which had to be returned).

When my third son was born, I became depressed. Of course I was happy that everything was okay (he made an even more spectacular entrance than his big brother, and not a good kind of spectacular, either), but at that point, we decided we were done having kids, and my chances for having a girl of my own had passed.

Now I’m unable to have more kids, and my stepdaughter is a preteen. I think now I’m glad we don’t have more girls. I still get all those comments about having hands full when I’m out and about with them all, but they don’t really bother me because I do have my hands full, and not necessarily because of the kids.

Probably the best comment came from a couple I was helping at work one day. The man had noticed the 2L bottle of Dr. Pepper on my desk and asked if I drank the whole thing in a day. I replied that I had four kids – I had to stay awake somehow! He said that was a lot of kids, and a lot of work. His wife turned to him and said, “What do you mean, a lot of kids? WE had four kids!” He looked at his wife and said, “Yeah, and it was a lot of work!” That made me smile the rest of the day. :)

Anita Kopko 1 year ago

Third boys are amazing! Funny and smart snd easy-going. Absolute joy! The fourth one, though . . . Just kidding. My husband and I have 4 sons now aged 27 to 18. As a feminist, I never dreamed that I would not have the privilege if raising a ” take no shit from anyone” girl, but Life had something else in mind. I have absolutely loved being a boy mom. In fact, I was actually relieved to know that #4 had a penis! Then I wouldn’t have to change my parenting motto: “If there ain’t bone showin or blood flowin, you ain’t hurt”!

Nonya 1 year ago

10 things not to say to someone who can’t get pregnant:

1. “That’s OFFENSIVE!” If you say anything about being pregnant. Seriously? YOU are going to get offended?
2. “I’m Pregnant! AGAIN!”
3. “Were you disappointed when you found out you couldn’t have a girl… or a boy?” Yeah, that feeling you feel when people talk about the gender of your baby? I CAN’T HAVE BABIES.
4. “At least you won’t have to (insert pretty much anything here.)” Yeah, and I don’t get to join the magical feminine super club that you get into when you have babies.
5. “Do you know WHY you can’t get pregnant?” Do you really want to hear about PCOS, endocrine, hormonal, and menstrual disorders. Yeah. I didn’t think so.
6. “When are we going to see grand babies?” Never. Oh. And Incidentally, i never want to see you again.
7. “When I found out I was having a boy, I cried.” Yeah. Me too. I cry a lot.
8. “They say if you do X, you will get pregnant immediately!” I want to kick your face in.
9. “Being a mom is the most amazing feeling!” Evil eyes.
10. “Better luck next time.” *kick*

Brittany 1 year ago

I absolutely love this! I have 3 boys and due with my fourth in September. Needless to say, I get a lot of these reactions from people. The comment regarding grocery shopping with all kids is SO true! I have people ask me if I’m a saint or tell me I must have the patience of an angel. Yes, I wanted a girl and I did cry at my ultrasound but either way, 4 perfect little boys is more than enough to make me happy! :)

Jean 1 year ago

I am pregnant with a girl after 2 boys and the comments are just as annoying!!! ( I would’ve been soooo happy for a third boy!!) here’s what I heard ” yay! Now you can be done!” Or “finally!” ( as if I had. 20 boys) “aren’t you so excited?” Or “you must be thrilled” these comments almost made me resent having a girl… Especially when announcing second boy I got ” oh it’s ok you can try again” like I failed a test…. Whatever happened to plain ol ” congratulations!”

D of 3 1 year ago

Or my personal favourite – “I had to listen to the answering machine message again and again – I couldn’t believe God would do that to you again”………nice!

Rebekah 1 year ago

I have three boys (3, 5 & 7). I didn’t find out the gender when I was pregnant so I had to deal with people telling me they were “so sorry” whilst I was actually holding my perfect little baby in my arms. I was totally shocked the first time it was said – I remember looking at my sons and wondering why on earth strangers thought I would be upset to have such an incredible family. I love my boys, I’m done with babies now so will only ever be ‘mum of boys’ and I love it! My sons are going to grow up to be incredible men and I’m so proud of them. Enjoy your sons, it’s such a privilege to watch the brotherly relationships grow.

Ginger 1 year ago

I too am the Mom of ALL boys. And like several others who’ve commented, I have 5 of them. At around the third, and then fourth I admit that I kinda wanted a little girl …but when I found out I was having another boy? I was THRILLED! By then, I ‘knew’ boys and well frankly once I realized that the actual difference is their genitalia, they have been so easy to raise. I was a tomboy and never considered a girly girl. On prom night I kicked off my heels and helped push our ride out of the mud and continued on to prom. There’s not a whole lot that freaks me out and Chaos ran supreme all over my home and I was in hog heaven for it.

When my 5th was coming I was constantly asked if I wanted another boy..my response was an overly animated , “Oh gawd YES!” And they would always look at me as if I’d grown a second head until I asked them, “What would you do if you had a burly husband and 4 sons that suddenly had a little girl …to protect constantly? I mean, I’d have to contribute to the delinquency of my own child in order for her to have a life! ” lol

And all of those misconceptions about how boys are simpler and cheaper than girls are just plain dumb…lol Boys are just as emotional and dramatic as I or my sister ever were. And I may not have spent much on them by way of clothing, hairstyles, and girly stuff…but I’ve had my fair share of boy toys that aren’t exactly cheap!

Mine are spread apart in age rather well as my oldest is 27 and my youngest is just now 13….. I have 2.5 grandchildren two of which are girls and this next one is supposed to be a boy….I’m in heaven with my sons who have grown and are growing into such wonderful young men. And they are all very protective of their mother. Healthy, happy, independent, self sufficient… what more could Momma ask for?

Krystal 1 year ago

I’m due with my third boy in less than two weeks. My oldest is a girl, then I have my two boys. One of the comments that drives me nuts is “Oh that poor girl!!” when they find out this baby is a boy. She loves her brothers and is excited to have another one. Not every girl needs a sister, that’s what friends are for. :)

K 1 year ago

While we didn’t find out the gender of our second we did get a lot of the same questions. “Are you hoping for a boy this time” “will you try for a boy if you have another girl?” Usually when the “trying for” questions come up I reply “I was really hoping for a puppy, the term doggy style is really misleading
FYI – I’m thrilled to have 2 of the same, it’s what I hoped for (though I imagined them boys when I thought about my future family)

ToddnJess 1 year ago

It is nice to know there are others out there. My wife and I had 5 boys, and are “trying” for another. My brother and his wife have SEVEN girls!! It seems that he get the girls and we got the boys.

Jennifer 1 year ago

Oh yes…I was looking for the “I’m so sorry” response in the list. I can’t even tell you how many times I heard that while pregnant with boy #3 and sometimes still hear it even now that he’s here and quite possibly the cutest little man I’ve ever seen!!

Misty 1 year ago

I am a mother to FOUR boys. During my last pregnancy, while I was getting my anatomy scan, I asked if the tech had printed an “It’s a boy” picture. She looked at me and said, “No, you seemed disappointed. I’m sorry.” Yes, I went through that moment of “awe shucks” but I was having a healthy baby! I STILL get the comments about having for boys when I tell people.
“Oh my goodness!” Yeah, get over it.
“Bless your heart!” Yes, my heart and life were blessed by for amazing children.
“You gonna try again?” No, thank you. Let me delve into my life story of a recent divorce, being a single mother, two extremely high risk pregnancies and getting a tubal ligation done TWICE and the fact that I want to foster some children someday.
“Well, boys are easier.” Screw you. Boys and girls ate equally difficult but pose their own set of challenges.
I could go on and on and on about the things people tell me when I tell them I have 4 boys. My favorite thing to tell people is that I was given four boys to make into better men than their fathers.

Wolf Paul 1 year ago

I pretty much agree with you, but since when do old wives have tails?

Hailey 1 year ago

I think you and I would be friends. I’m happily pregnant with Boy #3 and recently had a older neighbor regale me with how she “ensured” that her third would be a girl. With her husband standing there, she described the optimum ovulation period for producing a female (and how one could determine such based on all manner of disgusting physical symptoms), as well as how to secure the perfect womb pH which (charmingly) included the words “douche” and “vinegar” upon which her husband wittily replied that he “…still gets excited when they dye Easter Eggs.” Good LORD.

I started to reply that we didn’t even really want a third and were just happy we had decided not to abort.

Lacey 1 year ago

When I found out my first was a boy, I actually had people say to me “I am so sorry for you, I’m sure that must be awful.” One person acted like I had found out I had a miscarriage. And all I heard was “If you would have had a girl I would have thought your baby was awesome, but now that I know it’s a boy, I think your baby sucks.” Yeah, well I didn’t want any of your pink hand me down shit anyways. I love having a boy. Not going to lie, I would like to have a girl next so I have one of each but if I get a boy that is fine with me.

Lin 1 year ago

I feel like people in America are idiots… both the people mouthing these random sayings that they somehow think they should mouth when they hear of such news and the people who get angry with those mouthing them. Just realize that sometimes ppl regurgitate bs they think they should be regurgitating and it’s not an assault on you as a person. If anyone ever grabbed my belly without asking I would have them arrested for assault and battery. Charges wouldn’t stick but my point would…

Michelle 1 year ago

I was pregnant with twin boys and during the course of a conversation, the comment was made ” you must be so disappointed it’s not one of each”!!!!!! Errrrrrrr, no! I was not disappointed, you narrow minded nosey parker!

jackie 1 year ago

How odd! All I can think is how wonderful to have 3 boys..as they grow up 3 different men (or similiar) I would be excited!:)

Kacey Bane Hammer 1 year ago

My SIL has had three boys in less than three years. Having been pregnant at the same time, even I was at a loss for what to say. I think I said something stupid about having all the clothes you need already.

Ammah 1 year ago

Im 8mths with my 6th son in a row. I dont want anymore children…lol

Bethany 1 year ago

I like to very calmly tell people yes I have three sons, but I also have three children. three individuals. nothing is chalked up to gender. I see the real deep and lasting differences in each one and ill never have to mow, grill, shovel snow, or lift anything heavy a day in my life. lol

Bethany 1 year ago

I myself have three boys. ages 4 1/2, almost 3 and 6 mo.
“were you trying for a girl?” well, actually we were trying for a puppy.
or after my third was already born I was constantly asked by people what gender the baby was or “three boys?” and often loved to respond with “shoot! where are the other two…” followed by watching strangers’ jaws drop.
id walk away laughing.
I could go on for days but I find it most irritating when after having our first boy everyone told us how much easier boys are to raise than girls, but somehow when you have three they are all the sudden so sorry for you “you must be a saint” b.s.

PenelopeG 1 year ago

When people ask me if I’ll try for a girl, or if I’m disappointed I only have boys, I bluntly say “That’s what I wanted…I don’t want girls”. I actually never cared what their gender was, I love all little babies and just am happy if they are healthy and make it out ok, lol, but I figure acting like that would throw them off.

AMH 1 year ago

I also have two boys. My SIL has 4 boys. We get it. We apparently are good at making boys. (Some guy actually asked us if we liked it rough. Because apparently that’s what creates boys. I was horrified and she ripped him a new one.) I’ve been asked constantly when we are trying for a girl. For us it isn’t about trying to get a girl. It’s deciding if we as a family want three kids. Because if it is another boy it’s not like we can return him to the store and ask for something else. You get what you get. All I hope for is a happy and healthy baby. Gender isn’t something I or anyone else around me can control so why freak about it. It won’t change. ~ Sorry. You inspired me to vent.

MidAtlanticMom 1 year ago

I’m a mom to two boys and I love it! If we have a third baby, I’d love a third boy. I’m sure I’d love a girl, too. But, having only had experiences with boys, if strictly boy babes are in my cards, I’m not complaining. H has a coworker who just had her fifth boy. Five boys! I just think it’s wonderful. Some people would argue that I’m missing out on experiences with two children of the same gender, but I’m happy that they’ll have each other. I was the only girl growing up with only brothers and I wonder what it would have been like to have a bond with a same-sex sibling. Thanks for the article, loved it!

mom to 3 2 years ago

I’m a mom of 3 boys and whenever strangers make the comment that I’ve got my hands full, I just agree “Full of good things!”. I’m a mom and am blessed with a full life with lots of love and laughter, that’s certainly nothing to pity! Boys are so much fun, and am also aware I’m shaping future men. The one comment I really can’t stand is when people make the comment “Guess you wouldn’t know what to do with a girl.” Even though it always comes from strangers or even acquaintances, its especially hurtful because I have a stepdaughter from my first marriage that I cared for in her early years and will always care deeply about; she’s also my oldest son’s sister; so yes, dear stranger, I would know! Just wanted to throw in the divorced/blended family point of view too. 😉 Then there’s the “are you going to try again for a girl”, hah! I love the other comments on here about that!

All5boys 2 years ago

I have 3 boys and 2 step-sons. When pregnant with my third son (and an extremely difficult pregnancy with bedrest, pre-term labor and much more); anytime someone asked me if I was ‘trying’ for a girl. I would say, no I was trying for a healthy child. But I always wanted to respond, “No but do you mind that you’re ugly/overweight/stupid? Because I don’t have any control over what I’m having.”

Ashley 2 years ago

This article can go both ways…I’m pregnant with my second daughter and I feel like I’ve been on the defense ever since I found out! There have been a few that are gracious, but mostly people love to tell me how much drama I’ll be dealing with down the road. Or how much money they’ll cost me. It’s so annoying! Boys are a lot of work, girls are a lot of work. They each have their challenges and advantages. I didn’t choose what I would have, God chose for me. And he did well. I wanted a boy so badly in my first pregnancy (because of the aforementioned judgements), but when I had my daughter it made me so glad I had no control over the situation because having a daughter has been more incredible than I ever imagined. And having two seems like an even better blessing! Everyone gets the child or children, best suited for them. I’m not sure how any mom could say anything judgemental to another mom because we all know we love the children we have!

Karen Milton 2 years ago

My kids are ten years apart in age – I had my son when I was fairly young and eventually my daughter after I got married. I was once asked “Ten years, eh? Which one was the oopsie baby?”. I was so taken aback I could only stutter out “Um, neither”. Did she think I was going to announce “Oh lord, it was (child) for sure, I so didn’t want THAT kid.”? To a STRANGER?

pjb 2 years ago

I have several canned responses. Three of a kind is a jackpot in Vegas. At least I get the biggest clothing allowance in our household. I am the Queen and Princess of our house. Ours is the house that testosterone built. That way I don’t have to think about how rude the other person really is.

Marion 2 years ago

Just wait until you deliver your fourth…boy.

zlatiko 2 years ago

This is me! All of me. I am in the same situation and cannot find words for answer to similar comments. Now we have two more months till the end, so I will know for sure what to say. The last question from yesterday was – Maybe the testes have hidden?. I do not know and I do not care. I am just enjoying this last 2 months! I am certain – I wanted 3 kids, no matter the gender and I will have them and will do my best to have a great time together.

Jabe Washburn 2 years ago

You are awesome. In a weird coincidence, we just found out today we’re having our third boy. To be honest, I don’t think that had any bearing on our enjoyment of this post (which I read aloud to my wife while she laughed all the way through). And my wife is very happy to be having a third boy (although I’m pretty sure she was mildly disappointed that the Chinese gender calendar had finally failed her).

Shelly 2 years ago

I don’t remember ever getting annoyed with weird comments like “Another boy!?” Of course I have 8 boys and 1 girl, so perhaps I sometimes think the same question. I wouldn’t trade them for anything, though!

Laurie 2 years ago

Honestly, my “favorite” is the “you have to try again for a girl.” Seriously? Since when does anyone have the right to tell me what I “HAVE” to do with my uterus? (Mom of 3 boys here too and I LOVE it! And despite what so many tell me I “have” to do, thanks but our family is complete).

emma_lee20 2 years ago

“I never understood why people think for some weird reason that the perfect family has to include one of each gender. My family is perfect the way it is.”

If only more people could realize this! I couldn’t have said it better myself. No matter what everyone else’s hopes were for my children’s genders, I got exactly what I wanted. Happy, healthy, perfect little miracles!

Barb C 2 years ago

I have three boys, 7,5 and 3 years old. I was done and happy with my three boys! then when my baby M was 11 months old I found out I was expecting again. Total Shocker to me lol Now I have 4 kids, but the forth was a girl. I get comments all the time when out in public with all my kids…..”Oh you finally had your GIRL!!! you MUST be done now, Right?” I in turn reply……”Nope aiming to be the next Duggar family, just wait in like 5 years you’ll see us on TLC” and walk away. People are just “WOW” 😛

Twingle Mommy 2 years ago

I can’t believe someone told you that your body would reset and give you a girl next time. Not only is that scientifically incorrect but it just might be the dumbest thing ice ever heard. I hate the stereotype about men only wanting boys. My husband was a little disappointed when we found our third child was a boy. He wanted all girls-I’m pretty sure he’s nuts.

Lykaios 2 years ago

I have two boys and am pregnant with my third baby and will not be finding out what the sex is until birth. Thank you for this post. It’s exactly the reasons listed here that I’m choosing to wait until the birth to be told I’m having another boy.

Daiva 2 years ago

Hey there. I’m happy mum to 4 girls (2 from 1st marriage and 2 from 2nd)… Just like you I had loads of mixed reactions and most of the questions you’ve been asked. Here’s some of my answers ‘yes I wanted a boy so kept trying… even changed the husband, still didn’t help’ or when I’ve been told ‘you’re not doing it right’ to which I’d say ‘my husband seemed happy’ or ‘were you holding a candle when we were doing it?’. Some had a cheek to answer back with ‘yes’ to which I’d say… ‘so why the hell didn’t you tell me then?!’… Anyhow… I’m happy with what I have and I know you are too…

Cheers to happy mums 😉

Sarah Royse 2 years ago

My mother in law is still upset that our second was a girl! We are happy and done. She thinks we should try for a boy. Not sure west she’s imagining lol.

Awesomemom 2 years ago

My parents had 4 girls and got comments like that. My dad was very happy with his girls. He grew up with a mostly single mom and older sister so he knew women pretty well. He also was not afraid to teach us “boy” stuff like how to use power tools and change the oil in a car.

Awesomemom 2 years ago

Yeah it was rather frustrating to deal with all that when I was pregnant with my youngest son (who was my third son). Even worse has been all the assumptions about my daughter who was a surprise and not planned but people assume we were going for a girl because we have three older boys. I love my girl to bits and am happy she is in our family but I was equally happy being the mom of three boys. By the way my boys were a heck of a lot calmer than she is, she is not the calm sedate girl that I kept hearing about.

SusanneKY 2 years ago

My niece is having her fourth boy and I am thrilled for her! I hope after all her FB friends read this article, they quit saying all these stupid things to her. I had one boy, two miscarriages and wasn’t able to have any more, so to me any baby is a blessing!

Gerri 2 years ago

I have 2 boys, and my hubby refused to believe our 2nd was a boy till he was born, lol. I grew up with 3 sisters, so i’m very glad we have boys and not girls. It did seem like the world wanted my 2nd to be a girl though, but i’m not sure that I could do one of each!!!

3Dmommy 2 years ago

We have four children -girl, boy, girl, girl. With our fourth child, we had actually hoped that she would be a girl. You would not believe the looks of horror my poor husband would get when strangers found out that we were expecting our third daughter. One lady actually scolded him for not giving our one son a brother. My husband said that for a moment he felt the need to be apologetic and ashamed. People can be so rude.

RKG 2 years ago

If I could triple-like this I would, once for each of my boys! I had a very similar experience, especially when I was pregnant with my youngest. Get over it people, I am THRILLED that I have boys, even more so now that they are teenagers…!!!

C 2 years ago

Great list. Congratulations on your pregnancy and another beautiful baby. You are blessed!

Rachael 2 years ago

Having my third boy, and THIS made my morning! LOL I’m so excited to have 3 boys!!!

Aja Olander 2 years ago

It gets ridiculous how often I hear the same things over….and over ….and over…. I have 3 boys, ages 8, 6 and 5. The one I get the most, get stopped by complete strangers exclaiming, horrified and wide eyed, is “3 ~BOYS~?!?! I don’t know HOW you DO it!” I just look at them and tell them I do it on very little sleep, a sticky film on everything they touch, and a maddeningly abundant supply of urine sprinkled about the bathroom. And that I wouldn’t know what to do with myself without them. Yes, it’s a little like Lord of the Flies on occasion, but it’s also like the circus sometimes too… with more poop jokes. I split from my husband when my youngest was only 9 months old, so they have spent most of their lives raised solely by me,a fact that always seems to cause people to make a sad face and tell me how hard it must be for me. Well, yeah, being a single mom of -any- kids can be rough. But do any of them watch the three of them anytime they have a female playmate, and see how they treat her like a princess? I would rather raise them alone and struggle a little than have raised them in a home where they would have learned it’s ok to be hateful to women from watching daddy. And yes, when at my third ultrasound the tech cheerfully proclaimed “it’s a penis!” my response was “but I have so many of those already!” (she didn’t talk much after that…) but it didn’t take long for me to be thankful for all of them. Because as I keep hearing over and over and over again; I save soooooo much on clothes, they will never shriek “I HATE YOU MOM!!!” in a pms induced rage, and I will always have someone to lift heavy stuff and kill spiders for me.

www.absolutelyprabulous.com 2 years ago

Ok, so I’m kind of hanging my head in shame because I went out the other night for a ladies’ night and ended up sitting next to a woman who has four boys. And I have to admit my jaw nearly hit the ground but in my defense she WAS laughing when she said it! I do get you. People just don’t think. I have 3 kids and it went girl, boy, girl. Your hilarious post reminds me of when my son was born: everyone – and I mean EVERYONE – told me to my face/wrote in cards “ah, one of each…now your family is complete”. What the hell?! Don’t tell me when my family is complete. I’ll decide!

Kimberly Kjellberg 2 years ago

#8 Seems like some people need to brush up their biology knowledge. I don’t have kids, but my grandmother had 3 children all boys and that seemed work well for her!

cheesehead4ever 2 years ago

Our first baby was a girl. My husband didn’t care what we had, everyone kept telling me I was having a boy, I knew in my heart she was a girl. When she was born, I just wanted to say I told you so to everyone. We lost our second baby at 16 weeks. Our third baby, I didn’t care. I was leaning towards another girl but was open to a boy. Everyone kept saying that DH must be hoping for a boy. In fact, it was the opposite. He kept praying that the baby would be healthy. After that he was praying for another girl. He kept saying, “I know the parts, I know what to do, we have all the clothes, boys scare me”. He kept telling me it was even a waste of time to pick out a boy’s name or get an outfit for the hospital just in case. He was right and we have two beautiful girls, ages 9 and 13.

It’s amazing how many times we have been asked if we will try for a boy. But now it’s too late. I closed the factory down this summer. :)

Joanne 2 years ago

If that’s what you read from this you’re probably her secondary target audience LOL

yitzi 2 years ago

From a Dad’s perspective all I have to say is: Yes, having a boy is easier on a father (you don’t really have to stray outside your comfort zone at all–taking them to public bathrooms when they’re toilet trained is less awkward, etc), but having a daughter is a special treat. (I’ve actually mostly seen moms having more trouble raising girls than boys.)

Tracy 2 years ago

Ha love this, I have had my fair share of comments as well, when we found out my 3rd (husband’s 4th) was ANOTHER boy, people just don’t leave it alone. I ALREADY had my hands full with 3 boys under the age of 3 and a deployed husband, I definitely did snap few times out in public after receiving unwelcomed questions and remarks similiar to these.

JENNYT 2 years ago

My oldest friend was expecting her fifth, all boys. I told her that she had no reason for NOT trying for a sixth. If she gets a boy, she has a hockey team and if she gets a girl, she has a hockey team.

Victoria KP 2 years ago

Great response. I feel the same way about my 2 little guys!

Victoria KP 2 years ago

I have 2 boys and after the second people would often ask if we were going to “try” for a girl. Um? How do you do that exactly?

Hi 2 years ago

The woman who wrote that just jelous because she doesnt have girl haha

DeepGirl 2 years ago

I know a woman who had a boy. She wanted two kids and hoped for the second to be a girl. They were twins – two boys. After few years she decided to try for another child (“okay, when I have three, I can have even four”). She gave birth to triplets – two boys and one girl :) – p.s. She conceived all the children naturally, no medicine or assisted reproduction.

H 2 years ago

I’d agree with what you wrote.
As mom to three sons(9, 7 1/2, & 6) I have heard those comments a lot.
Mom to six daughters my sister heard it too. LOL

Sara 2 years ago

People just don’t have filters. I’m the mom of one of each and pregnant with my third. We never find out the gender early. When people ask if we know what we’re having, I’ll say “no, it’ll be a surprise.” I almost ALWAYS get back “well, it doesn’t matter, you already have one of each.” Really? Because I think it matters what gender the baby is – it mattered with the other 2, do I care less with each new baby because I already have one of each? I think I still want a baby with a gender.

mom of boys 2 years ago

Mom of 4 boys! Love my boys! I would love girls too, but I wouldn’t change a thing. Takes a special mommy to mommy multiple boys the dirt, the noise, the wildness! Of course, I a, sure it takes a special mommy to mommy all children. Good luck yo you! After you have the third you will hear , “bless your heart I don’t know how you do it!” Take it in stride, sister!

lauren 2 years ago

Ok so from the “other mother” I have a boy and a girl. We are done having kids. I am happy they are both healthy. BUT I am so very jealous of you all. There is something truly special about the relationship between sisters or brothers that my kids just wont have.

Tami Vernon Ehinger 2 years ago

Mother of 4 boys…. loved it …. wouldn’t change a thing… they are now 4 of the most handsome , most kind , most awesome men on the planet !

The Meditative Mom 2 years ago

Oh that’s a new one… lol And thank you! I’m loving this club!

rinkratmomma 2 years ago

I also have three boys here and a daughter in heaven. I get the old, guess you can’t have girls. Or why the huge span in ages?! This is never meant in a nice manner. I tell them I did have a daughter in between, hence the gap in ages, but she is in heaven and their own stupid remarks make them feel bad enough and they apologize. Sometimes I say nothing, thinking if you only knew.

Karlee_B 2 years ago

We are going through fertility treatment.. We would KILL to have 2 babies same gender!

Angel 2 years ago

After decades of infertility we were surprised with a pregnancy. First words out of peoples mouths were, “what are you hoping for, or bet it’s a girl.” I knew she as a girl. When Number two can along very shortly thereafter, we got, “are you hoping for a boy?” My response was, “her gender was chosen long before I knew i was pregnant. So it does no good to wish one way or another.” These two make a total of four girls for my husband with two wives. When people say, “wow i bet your husband is disappointed that he never got a boy,” because he is a super sports fan, he replies, “why? Girls can play and watch sports just like boys.” Really, we didn’t get a gender choice so we will be thankful for who we recieved.

rinkratmomma 2 years ago

Welcome to the my three sons club. I did not know the sex of my third son ahead of time, but he is exactly what I was wishing for! Two boys and one girl; who will she have fun with? I would have welcomed a girl, heck the baby could have been a golden retriever and I would love it. Boys can be ages apart and all enjoy the same things. My boys are separated by some years, now there’s a topic to hit if you really want to hear some rude comments!

Jessica Whitehouse 2 years ago

I remember being out with my 8 month old son and 8 year old daughter. Some (well-meaning) woman told me I got exactly what I wanted, one of each… What she didn’t know was that my son was conceived after I had surgery to remove my right ovary due to a malignant cyst. I did get exactly what I wanted- a healthy baby. I am now blessed to be a mother of 4 (2 boys, 1 girl, and 1 angel-baby.)

basementblogging 2 years ago

I have 3 girls, and let me tell you, the comments don’t stop even after you have the baby. Anytime anyone sees me with my 3 girls I get a sympathetic reaction, “3 girls? Oh wow” or “Were you trying for a boy” or, the worst thing my daughters have to had hear over and over again “Your poor husband” and “I bet your husband wants boy!” It makes me so mad! It’s bad enough to say it to my face, but to say it in front of my daughters!! What are people thinking? I just respond happily, b/c my kids are there and i can’t be rude, “Yes, 3 girls, it’s a party!!” while giving the person a death glare. They usually chuckle uncomfortably and then stop talking to me.

sarah 2 years ago

I have a good friend who two years ago delivered twin boys, making her boy total to seven boys, no girls. She is an awesome mom!!!

Michelle 2 years ago

Holy cow. I seriously could have written this. And have in my head a few times. The sympathetic head tilt on revealing boy #3 nearly drove me to murder.

Alicia Rae 2 years ago

OMG!!! Tinne, I’ve never heard that one, but you seriously just made my day!!!

Christie 2 years ago

I love this. I have FOUR boys!!! 😉

Leslie Grossi Roth 2 years ago

Thank-you! Now I feel as though I am not the only Mom of boys who has
experienced this. I have a 9 y/o, 3 y/o, and 6 month old. All are
boys. Much to the surprise of those around me, I very much wanted boys
(I was an evil teenager and every mother’s worst nightmare). Boys =
worrying about only 1 penis. Girls = worrying about every other boy’s
penis. I am 41 and I still get the ever present, “are you going to try
one more time for a girl”?

There is one thing that will make
Moms of boys here green with envy. We had our basement finished a month
ago. I had one request, and one request only; A urinal in the
bathroom. Everyone laughs at me, but other Moms of boys can understand
our bathroom woes.

Trina 2 years ago

I never thought of it in this context before and will be careful if I find myself saying that to others. I have to be honest and say I would be worried about raising three boys, but you seem extremely confident and I congratulate you!

crystal 2 years ago

I have three healthy little boys and I definitely could have written this, word for word! Lol I love my boys! We will be having one more baby and, of course, I could care less what gender he/she turns out to be, but we have actually thought of hiding it from everyone until after we find out babys sex so I don’t have to hear all of the annoying comments. Lol Boys are awesome, my jubby is dying for a girl, but we could care less what we get. (Health is our only concern) Thanks for writing this..everything I think but do not say :)

Heather 2 years ago

I face this issue a lot, but with a twist. I am a mom of 3 boys but also have 2 girls that are in Heaven(Makayla was born with some disabilities and passed when she was 2 1/2 and baby Grace passed in a mid term miscarriage). I am so sick of the comments about needing to try for a girl or that my boys need a little sister. Any ideas for a good comeback?

TONIA L. CLARK 2 years ago

I adore my boys just as much as my daughter (possibly even more so!) They are the snuggliest, cuddliest, little men I could ask for! If I had all girls or all boys it wouldn’t matter. They were sent to me for a reason and I’m grateful! All of these comments are completely unnecessary. Just smile and say “Congratulations!” and keep your thoughts to yourself if you have nothing nice to say…geesh!

Barbara Pendergast 2 years ago

I have 5 children.. yes 5. At one point I had 4 boys all under the age of 6. 7 yrs later I became pregnant with my 5th child.. and yes we were very clearly trying for a girl. Hoping for a girl. I was the oldest of 8.. with 1 brother.. He was there oldest of 4.. all boys. My 5th child was indeed another boy. Oh well… Now I have more than enough guys to watch football with..

Shaylene Leibl Smith 2 years ago

Thank you for writing! I am awaiting to learn what I am having for my 3rd…I have 2 boys. I am constantly surprised at the comments others make-shocked really. With a 6 year gap between my last, and turning 40 with this one; well, it appears I have a neon sign on my forehead:-) thanks for preparing for for the comments to follow!

Love to Wpg!

Amy C 2 years ago

I had twins the first time around, a boy and girl. Our third was another boy! Our little one on the way is, you guessed it…another boy. As my twins get older (they’re eight now) I find myself thankful I’m having another boy (this one was not planned but a miracle nonetheless) and not a girl lol. My daughter is a princess and I think that’s how it was always supposed go be! One princess to rule above my little princes:) My husband and I are excited about our baby boy and so are the twins. That’s what matters, not what friends and family or even strangers might say. Our family will be whole and our tiny little prince will be loved and taken care of:)

Tammy 2 years ago

I loved this. As a mom of FOUR boys, ages 20 years, 16 years, 13 years, and 3 years old, I can attest to the fact that boys are awesome. I have a 29 year old step daughter who I raised, and while she was all drama and angst as a teenager, don’t fret, you will have the almost exact same issues with teenage boys at some point. They just don’t want to talk about it the way that girls do. I am blessed with these wonderful young men who make me proud every day.

Lindsey 2 years ago

Three boys here and I’m ‘hoping’ the fourth is another! Not that a girl wouldn’t be great, too, but if I had to choose…I’d go with boy. :) I’ve heard many of these. :)

Bonnie 2 years ago

I had a boy for my first and a girl for my second. I was told that now I could “quit” because I had the perfect family. Try telling that to my two other sons who came after my daughter. I think they’re glad I didn’t “quit”. In fact, I’m glad I didn’t either. I love all 4 of them and wouldn’t have wanted to not have any of them in my life.

Theresa 2 years ago

When I had my 3rd girl, people told me how disappointed my husband must be!! REALLY?!! having all the same gender is fantastic. Don’t let anyone fool you. Having three small anythings is hard, but as they grow together the bond is an amazing thing to watch. Congratulations on your third miracle.

3 GORGEOUS GIRLS 2 years ago

I also have got soooooo many comments, only I have 3 girls. It never fails someone has to say “oh are you guys gonna try for a boy?” or “you guys should just try one more time for a boy” like seriously I would never just have a baby for a specific gender! or have a baby cause you want to see if Im gonna have a boy! I reply with just that and then I say, if we decide to have another baby it would be cause we want another baby it wouldn’t matter if it was a boy or girl as long as it is healthy, then what will really makes them look at me and not say anything else is when I say “and besides im sure my daughters will merry and when they do im gonna gain three son in laws and im sure ill gain some grandsons as well” just saying that with sure confidence hushs them up real quick. I love being a mom of three girls! God blessed me with not just three daughters but three beautiful healthy daughters and I wouldn’t change that ever.

The Meditative Mom 2 years ago

Yep, I’ve heard this one too…

Erika 2 years ago

I have four boys and I get a lot of responses, everything from, “Oh, Lord bless you!” and a lot of “Are you going to try again for a girl?” to “Wow, you must be so busy!” Most everything is positive, if a bit surprised. Yes, I am busy, so I don’t mind the comments about having my hands full. Yes, we would like to have had the experience of raising a girl; however, four is now my done-point. I love them incredibly much and have learned how to be a mom to boys. They are my everything and I would not trade any of them for a girl :)

Emily (OhBoyMom) 2 years ago

LOVED this post – you nailed it! As a mom to 3 boys, I can completely relate. I too have written about the pitying comments (which will continue for years and years). My personal “favorite” comment is the “there’s a special place in heaven for a mom to all boys.” HUH? As for you, welcome to the “3 boys club” — it’s awesome!

Andrea 2 years ago

I have 4 kids under 4 1/2. Our last one was a girl. NO, we did not try for the girl, I always wanted one of each but I also always said either no children or 4 children. I didn’t care what they were, they were all healthy and happy! I heard all these responses and its annoying, Why do people think that you’re unhappy with the gender you get just because you already have that gender? And then because the last was a girl they all think that we stopped because we got our girl, no, we stopped because we have 4 freaking kids!!!! It’s crazy, it’s busy, it’s loud, it’s fun, and I was tired! LOL! Plus they are now 10, 9, 7, 5.5 and we go through 8 4L of milk a week! Why can’t people just be happy that there’s a baby coming.

Karen 2 years ago

My family is the same. I was very sad when I found out that number 4 was a boy. Not because I don’t love my boys…they are awesome and I love the bond that they have with each other. I was sad because I really wanted my oldest, my daughter, to have a sister. I only had one brother and I had always wanted a sister. In my head I had hoped for two and two so everyone would have a sister and everyone would have a brother. Clearly I planned and G-d laughed and I am the mom to a teenage daughter and three boys. We never found out gender with my older 3, but did find out with number 4 to prepare ourselves and our daughter for what was to be. I did not share the information about my youngest son’s gender with anyone outside of immediate family. I did not want to hear the comments from well meaning strangers and friends. I had to deal with the news myself and help my daughter deal with the news. It was a sense of great joy over welcoming a new child into the family and a sense of loss over the sister that my daughter wouldn’t have. I think any parent of more than one kid knows that even if you have 3 of a kind, each of them are their own person with such different personalities. No matter what your family looks like, most people wouldn’t change it for the world.

Nina Cote 2 years ago

i have 4 boys 5 and under and when i’m in the grocery store i always get “what isle did you get them in” and i usually ignore them but if i’m irritated i will tell them you think it was that easy and walk off… i hate it when people say that.. and i hate it when they say stuff like i don’t know how you do it of course you don’t your mind is closed tighter than a nuns legs so obviously you couldn’t even imagine the joy of having 4 boys… i bet no one messes with me when my boys grow up lol

momof5boys 2 years ago

Ok. After 5 boys and yes we got twins at the end, I couldn’t be happier with my life. God blessed me and I know he gave these men to me for a reason. I have a job to do. I have been asked every one of those questions multiple times and know it will never end. I will never have a girl but that’s ok because I will always be Queen of the house. They are full of energy but also full of love. What more could any mom ask for?

HurricaneHeide 2 years ago

Next time anyone says any of these, just hiss like a vampiric cat and back away. See what happens then. lol

Patti S. 2 years ago

My oldest is a girl, followed by three boys. I love all of my children, but I felt disappointed when my last one was a boy. I really wanted another girl. My daughter and I are so close. We skipped all that teenage drama, and have just been really tight. She tells me about her day, and we talk about everything. My boys grunt when you ask them a question. And yes, I’m working on their conversational skills, etc., but when people said, “oh, another boy, huh?” – I totally understood what they were saying, because I felt that way too. My little guy is my heart, and I love him with all of mine, and I wouldn’t trade him for anyone or anything, but still, all that awesome could have been in a little girl too! Guess I’ll have to wait for a granddaughter!

Brandy 2 years ago

I have 3 boys as well, a 13 year old and twin 4 year olds. I never wanted a girl and am glad I did not have one. Granted if I did have one I would have loved her as much as I love my boys, but it was not my preference. I find it funny how everyone should want a boy and a girl in that order. If we all wanted the same thing how boring would life be.

CheriG 2 years ago

As the mother of 10 boys ….. I feel your pain……

Melissa 2 years ago

I had 2 very active boys when I got pregnant for the 3rd time. People asked if I was ready for a girl and I eagerly said YES! When I found out it was a girl, I was scared out of my mind and not so sure about the girl thing. lol. All is perfect now though! My husband was worried about having a girl, he said with another boy there would only be one more penis to worry about, but with a girl we need to worry about thousands. Hehe.

Julie 2 years ago

Thanks for the education. Damn. I have done this, truly not realizing what an ass I’ve been

jillybean 2 years ago

I have two boys. As a little girl, I never imagined my husband or wedding, I imagined my two boys! We had the U/S for #2 and the tech announced that my DS#1 was getting his wish to have a little brother! A single tear fell down my cheek because I felt like all was right with the world… it was meant to be. From that moment on, when asked anything about trying to have another one and having a girl, I always told them that two boys is what I always dreamed of. It shut most people up. During my pregnancy with him, I knew we were done having kids. So, after a few months, my hubby got the big V. Funny thing was we were both relieved! And now if anyone asks anything….I tell them my hubby is fixed, so we are done!

Seriously… I never understood why people think for some weird reason that the perfect family has to include one of each gender. My family is perfect the way it is.

SK 2 years ago

LOVED This post. As a mom of 3 boys the comments continue once all 3 are here. When my third was a few weeks old I had 2 older women ask me while I was out to lunch if “he was supposed to be the girl”. I was rendered speechless by their idiotic banter. Also, I had a fellow mom tell me “Girls are the best!” While I was holding my 6 week-old baby and I told her that I have 3 boys.-Fucking crazy right?

Rachel 2 years ago

I invited my mother in law to our gender ultrasound at one of those commercial type ultrasound places. She has been pining for another granddaughter for ages, she had only one then and 4 grandsons. We saw we were having our third boy. She couldn’t even smile and gave me the most stained congratulations I have ever heard then a fake, yay another boy. Then probably went home and cried. When my widget in law found out she war then having a boy also she wouldn’t accept it and kept saying she was still holding hope the ultrasound was wrong. It wasn’t wrong. I’m still a little upset about this obviously. Grrr… Yes I really want a little girl but I love my sweet boys more than anything. While I would be sad if I never have a daughter I would also be happy with all boys.

The Meditative Mom 2 years ago

LMAO!! This is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard!

Jen Harmon Moody 2 years ago

Omg I’d pay to see someone reply with that! LMAO!!!

Ceilidh Way 2 years ago

Hehehe I love this. I’m pregnant with my third boy and THRILLED!!! Although, like you, everyone else around me assumes I’m disappointed and was desperately hoping for a girl. The shallow penetration thing really had me laughing. I swear I laugh in my own head every time one of my “friends” who has multiple girls, says sorry to ME. What I really want to say would be horribly inappropriate though and I probably wouldn’t have a friend at the end of it. 😉

Jess 2 years ago

I also have three boys. I was scared to death that my last”surprise” was going to be a girl! As for the people who want to delve into the ins and outs of your sex life (pun intended) lol, I used to tell people that doctors told me that to get a girl was for me to not have an orgasm, and my husband was too amazing in bed for that to happen. It tended to close nosy people’s mouths pretty quickly! 😉 Enjoy being the Queen of your Castle! I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Sheila 2 years ago

I love it! I have 7 boys (and 1 girl) and I’ve heard them all. My favorite is “better you than me”, and yep, I’d have to agree.

Alex Painter 2 years ago

I get this ALL the time, I have three beautiful boys. I really did feel that my last would be a girl but I couldn’t be happier to raise three perfect gentlemen’s. I get all of the above and also “I’m so sorry” or “I’m glad I’m not you” people really have no tact!!!

Steph 2 years ago

Pretty much sums it up. As a mom of three boys, I have heard it all! Thanks for the laugh!

K.W. 2 years ago

Right!!! I’ve got 2 preteen boys, holy moly! Gotta love the stereotypes;)

K.W. 2 years ago

As a mother of five (yes,5) boys ages 12-1 I’ve spent many years hearing the “oh, all boys” comments. At first I would just smile and nod, now I get downright annoyed by them. My personal favorite comment is “oh, well you wouldn’t know what to do with a girl anyway”- last time I checked I am a girl!;) Our last son, was said to be a girl, but when we got the new news, you would not believe the rude and downright mean comments from strangers. I love this article, from one all boy mom to another, thank you!

Crys 2 years ago

I wanted a girl sooooooooo bad. I only had girl names picked and was just sure it was my destiny. Destiny had other plans. I have 2 amazingly, well mannered, compassionate, hilarious, boys and honestly I don’t know what I would do with a girl if I had her. I heard all of this and more when I was pregnant. I wasn’t able to have anymore children so who knows what my 3rd would have been but I am thankful and elated that I was blessed with my boys.

SusanSusan 2 years ago

I tell people that “God gives you only what you can handle and clearly, I can only handle boys.” That shuts up everyone in a hot second. Meanwhile, I am over the moon for my two boys.

Crys 2 years ago

I agree! For a different reason. I had the opposite. Three girls. I got all those annoying comments.

Then I had a fourth, & he is a boy. We just so happened to stop having kids after him, so everyone assumes we just kept going to get that boy. Nope.

Robin 2 years ago

I have three girls, and I experienced the SAME thing you’re going through. My 2nd and 3rd were twins, so I also got a lot of “I’m sorry” or “I’m glad I wasn’t cursed with twins.”

amanda doss 2 years ago

LOL I loved reading this. My husband and I have 3 boys, and I am pregnant with our 4th child, we don’t know what were having yet, I do want a girl, but as long as the baby is healthy I will be happy. When I found out our third was a boy I did look at the ultrasound tech and said “you got to be f*****g kidding me, another boy” but I was happy a few min. later LOL

Amanda 2 years ago

I have 3 boys all under age 5 and I get that “don’t you have your hands
full” etc etc all the time! Yes I have my hands full but who doesn’t
when you have kids? And the ” are you trying for a girl ” comment drives me nuts I don’t care what the gender of the kid is as long as they are healthy

Laura 2 years ago

I have two boys, and I found it hard to navigate that “don’t you want a girl?” rhetoric spewed at me during my second pregnancy. To be honest, I actually wanted a second boy and it makes my heart break that someone would consider him less of a blessing because he isn’t a girl. Even if no one would say that, that is how those comments made me feel.

mama to 3 boys! 2 years ago

I always thought I wanted a girl but after having 3 boys under the age of 4 I am thrilled with having 3 boys!! They are SO much fun!!! Yes it is busy, and yes it is hard work (and everyone in the grocery store thinks they need to comment on how “full” my hands are, and “wow, are they all yours?”) but I just smile and nod. I am happy I will not be dealing with teenage girl drama, and no we will not be “trying” for a girl because the Lord gave us 3 perfectly healthy energetic bouncy boys to enjoy!!

Stina 2 years ago

Yes ive heard em.all…I have three boys and my 4th was a girl….and my fifth was another boy…I got a “too bad” on that one lol

lanolinlady 2 years ago

All true. I have 4 boys and people still ask us if we’re going to try for a girl!

Mommy of the team 2 years ago

I have 5 sons YES 5 Sons!! I did want a girl at one point or another but now, what was I thinking! I love having all sons, and yes people are crazy with the comments. I have even got I am so sorry. What!?!

Kate Wille Murray 2 years ago

I have three girls. I get what you are saying… except everyone feels so sorry for my husband and grin at me like this is all part of my master plan. What!?

Glumbumble 2 years ago

It’s not the women who make the boys, it’s the men. We just make the babies and provide the ‘X’ chromosome. The sperm is either a boy or girl. I think people should just keep their comments to themselves. And their hands. Just because you have a pregnant belly does not mean it’s a free for all for strangers. I hate when people ask anything to do with ‘trying’ or if you’re getting a circumcision for the boy. it’s honestly none of their business. I felt awkward enough when my husband announced we were trying to have kids to his family. Because somehow the normally very private act becomes everyone’s common knowledge.

Buffster 2 years ago

There are a few reasons why two is enough for me, but the thought of potentially having three girls? No thanks. I’ll have enough drama for a lifetime with the two I have.

Kelly 2 years ago

I have only 1 child at this time and he is a beautiful, amazing fun little boy. I would be thrilled if the rest of my childeren were boys! Enjoy every minute of your houseful of bouncing boys!

Christy Bryson 2 years ago

Just wait until you go grocery shopping with all three of them.
The looks of pity.
“Don’t you have your hands full?”
“Are they all yours?”
“Are you done trying for a girl?”

Mary 2 years ago

OMG best response ever!!! LOL

Mary 2 years ago

Won’t have to deal with teenage mood swings, REALLY???? Someone should notify my “drama king” of that… lol
Good luck, mama, and congrats!

Tinne from T&T 2 years ago

I got a lot of the same when I announced I was pregnant with a second girl. Except of course somebody told my husband he would lose his masculine side…
Oh and if people ask if you where ‘trying for a girl’ please consider this respons: ‘well yes, but my we clearly squeezed the wrong ballsack.’ An old wives tale says you need to squeeze the left ball sack if you want a girl.