Expert Answering The Most Burning (Ha!) Vagina Questions – Madge The Vag

Answering Your Vag Questions

Whether you have one or not, myths around vaginas are pretty hairy. Thankfully, Madge the Vag is here to get to the facts straight. With the help of Dr. Lily Hanna OB-GYN, Madge answers your, um, burning questions for all things vaginal – be it health, hygiene or sex.

  • Don’t shave your pubic hair. The hair down there protects your vagina from infections that would otherwise track into it. The skin in that area is also super sensitive and prone to little nicks and tears, which can get infected. Clipping pubic hair is a much safer bet.
  • Don’t be alarmed by enlarged labia. The labia and vagina are stimulated by blood vessels that enlarge during arousal and orgasm. Similarly to an erect penis, the blood flow will eventually ease and the swelling will go down after a while.
  • Don’t use vaginal washes. Like Dr. Hanna says, all of them are off the table! If you’re concerned about vaginal hygiene, dilute a teaspoon of white vinegar in a squirt bottle of water. White vinegar has its own antiseptic properties, and when mixed with enough water, it’s not too harsh on the skin. Make sure you only wash externally though, as you don’t want to irritate the vaginal cavity.

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