From The Confessional: People In My Life Are Anti-Maskers

by Cassandra Stone
Medical face mask
Kseniya Ovchinnikova/Getty

If you’re related to an anti-masker, living with one, or are friends with people who don’t want to believe the pandemic is real — these confessions are for you

We all know someone who has come out against mask-wearing. Maybe they believe the pandemic is real, but not “a big deal.” Maybe they think it’s a hoax designed to oust Donald Trump as president (from their unmasked lips to God’s ears). Maybe they think their freedoms are being taken away. Regardless, it’s jarring as hell to realize you’ve known someone for a long time who ends up being an anti-masker, posting conspiracy theories and unsound, non-legit medical advice with fervor on Facebook.

These people have discovered the anti-maskers among them, and they’re ready to cut all ties — but not before sharing how appalled they are.

My kid's preschool teacher keeps posting pics of herself out and about, with different people, with no mask on. Ahh!

Confessional #25790582

HOO BOY. Nothing like seeing an educator not take this virus seriously, especially right before the beginning of the school year.

My online friend is always whining about how she and her husband are high risk, but they go joy-shopping, they eat out at restaurants, and they’re going to have a dinner with 10 family members with no social distancing and no masks. Wish she’d STFU.

Confessional #25788691

Ugh! Neighbor who is a nurse and should know better, is having an mlm party. Seriously must have 50 people in her house and yard, no masks or social distancing. Just want to spray them all with Lysol

Confessional #25788505

WHAT. IS. WITH. THE. PARTIES. Seriously people, don’t do large gatherings. At all. Especially indoors with zero masks, ffs!

My dumbass MIL is going out to eat in restaurants unmasked and is also going to stay with us during vacation. I am HIGHLY annoyed.

Confessional #25787504

I'm in Florida. I want to harass all the non-masked folks I see.

Confessional #25787066

Considering the European Union has 443 MILLION PEOPLE and they still have less daily cases than FLORIDA ALONE, yeah, harass away.

I have lupus. I'm only 35 and I have two kids under 5. I have an amazing husband and I'm working in my dream job. We finally bought our dream house last year. When I see ppl w/o masks, esp if they cough or sneeze, I want to kill them.

Confessional #25786044

H has decided to work from home as much as possible because someone in his office tested positive for Covid. He refuses to wear a mask when grocery shopping though. Now I have to see his idiotic face all day.

Confessional #25785122

Oh HELL no. Married to an anti-masker? Only one solution to that.

Maybe your mother-in-law believes Fox News and conspiracy theories about 5G and Bill Gates. Maybe your dad is a racist asshole who thinks the only lives that matter are those of Trump supporters. If they’re not wearing masks when they’re out, BYE.

Lady screamed at me for wearing a mask at the store. Am I bothering you by trying to keep my distance and wear my mask? No. Then shut up Karen. I'd break social distance to fight a bitch like that.

Confessional #25784835

I have lost so many “friends bc I choose to social distance and wear a mask during this pandemic. Looking forward to beginning a new life in 4 years when I can retire and move to another country. Americans suck”

Confessional #25791070

If your “friends” don’t wear masks and give you shit for wearing one, SEE YA.

My sister in law is an antimasker and I'm not sure I want to see her again until Covid is over.

Confessional #25790356

I become irrationally angry when my friend posts on social media about going out to eat ramen, Korean, etc. She posted she needed masks but "had to wait for" her "disability check." How did she afford two meals out for three people that day, then?

Confessional #25784553

This is why you won’t catch many of us in a restaurant until 2022 at this rate. BLECCHHH.

A friend who refuses to wear a mask and has been going out everywhere got mad at me because I wouldn't let her come over. Sad I lost a friend over this, but mostly sad that she wouldn't accept no and kept trying to change my mind, no respect for others.

Confessional #25789938

Welcome to 2020, where your list of “friends” shrinks as fast as the virus spreads. Listen, if you’re losing friends because you’re expressing your feelings about FACTUAL INFORMATION and being in support of mask-wearing, you needed new friends anyway.

MIL keeps posting conspiracy mask shit, Corona is a government plan, etc. I'll never let her watch DC again because she's clearly insane or one angry dumbass.

Confessional #25789104

Genuinely worried with so many people not social distancing or wearing masks. Parents letting their kids hang w/friends. Don’t feel comfortable being my colleagues because they are these people.

Confessional #25782785

I swear to God, if my grandchild gets covid because they keep letting friends and relatives come over without masks, I'll fucking kill them!

Confessional #25781389

If you won’t wear a mask, don’t go. And if someone you know and love refuses to wear one, THEY have to go. Period.