Anti-Mask Protestors Wreak Havoc In Videos From LA Mall & Grocery Store

by Madison Vanderberg
Samuel Braslow/Twitter

A group of anti-maskers terrorize shoppers at a Los Angeles mall and grocery store

In Los Angeles, California, one in five people getting tested for COVID-19 are positive and ambulances are basically being told not to transport people unlikely to survive to hospitals. It is not safe to be in Los Angeles right now and yet, that didn’t stop a group of erratic anti-mask protestors from storming a Ralph’s grocery store and a mall in the heart of LA while causing a scene and chanting MAGA and anti-mask rhetoric, and presumably, spewing COVID-19 in their wake.

The group of anti-maskers first marched through the aisles of the grocery store, yelling everything from “this isn’t communist China” to “take off your masks.”

In the above video, a woman alleges that a masked shopper hit her (though it wasn’t captured on camera) and she proceeded to chase him throughout the store, imploring her fellow “patriots” to beat him up outside the store.

In another video, an anti-masker said he didn’t need a mask because he tested negative for COVID-19 and called the masked shoppers “mask Nazis.”

Then, the protestors went to the Westfield Century City Mall, a giant indoor-outdoor shopping area and entered the Bloomingdales and other mall shops to continue their chanting of “no more masks.” At many points during the mall incident they would reportedly push or egg on store employees or masked shoppers and then shout that they were being attacked.

Footage shared online by local reporter Emily Holshouser shows mall store employees barricading their doors to prevent the protestors from coming in.

According to another local reporter Samuel Braslow, who documented most of the altercations on Twitter, LAPD — the same police force that tear gassed protestors earlier this year — stood by and did absolutely nothing as these lunatics chanted, provoked other shoppers, and marched unmasked through the mall.

And what exactly are these people mad about? Masks. That’s it. They don’t want to temporarily wear a piece of cloth over their mouth to protect themselves and their community.

Oh and in case you’re wondering… the biggest tell that these people were NOT actual citizens of Los Angeles was evidenced by the fact they performed a “MAGA dance” to the tune of YMCA, because actual Los Angeles Trump supporters are more into being shamed into silence while they unload millions into offshore bank accounts.

Frustratingly, there did not seem to be any sort of ability by the police or mall security to kick out, or at the very least enforce mask-wearing in this group. The only good news from this insane event is that this group of anti-mask protestors consisted of about 20 people. They really are the vocal minority, with emphasis on minority.