20 Tweets That Will Help You Laugh About Your Anxiety

by Joanna McClanahan
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As someone who’s had it for most of my adult life, I know the reality of living with anxiety firsthand.

Sometimes anxiety hits me like a wave when I’m talking to people. Suddenly, my chest feels tight and my breath is short. I start to panic and sweat, and I know that I need fresh air immediately or I might actually puke or pass out.

Sometimes anxiety whispers to me when I’m trying to sleep. It keeps my brain busy as I imagine every worst-case scenario for the week, or what would happen if my closest loved ones passed away. It will play back every embarrassing moment of my life or every time I said something stupid, just because.

Anxiety comes in all shapes and forms, but it also helps to find the humor in it. Here are some of the best tweets that will help you laugh (nervously) about your anxiety:

People with anxiety have a lot of self-awareness:

Maybe too much self-awareness:

We have a tendency to worry:

We worry about the past:

We worry about the future:

We worry about potential illnesses:

We worry about seemingly insignificant interactions:

We even worry about who our real friends are:

We will worry about literally anything:

We will even worry about not worrying:

But this isn’t how we thought things would turn out:

Sometimes anxiety can cloud our judgment:

And make it difficult to get over things:

Or make it tougher to keep up with current events:

It definitely makes talking to people a lot more exhausting:

And makes falling asleep a little more difficult:

But we don’t like to talk about it:

And we definitely don’t want to talk about it on the phone:

Because it can be scary how little control we have over it:

But at least it becomes a little more predictable over time:

Sometimes anxiety is increased sensitivity. Sometimes it’s a nervous tic. Sometimes it’s obsessive worrying. Sometimes it’s inescapable panic.

Some anxiety is more debilitating than others, but hopefully this helps some anxious people laugh and find some much-needed levity.

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