AOC & Ayanna Give Cori Bush Tips On How To Afford A Professional Wardrobe

by Cassandra Stone
AOC & Ayanna Give Cori Bush Tips On How To Afford A Congresswoman's Wardrobe
Julia Meslener for Scary Mommy, CoriBush/Twitter, and Samantha Burkardt/Kimberly White/MediaNews Group/Boston Herald/Getty

The budding friendship between future colleagues AOC, Ayanna Pressley, and Cori Bush is so good for the soul

If you don’t come from a privileged family, entering the political arena is nothing short of daunting. Especially when it comes to looking the part of a member of Congress, because we all know a professional wardrobe sure isn’t cheap. So when Cori Bush reached out to the Twitter hive on how to accumulate sustainable, affordable clothes for her new position starting in January, who better than Congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ayanna Pressley to help her out?

Cori Bush, a progressive Democrat and prominent activist in the racial justice movement, officially won a House seat in Missouri last week, which makes her the state’s first Black congresswoman. And she’s about to become the newest member of “The Squad,” as all four OG members were re-elected last week, too.

On Tuesday, Bush wrote on Twitter: “The reality of being a regular person going to Congress is that it’s really expensive to get the business clothes I need for the Hill. So I’m going thrift shopping tomorrow.”

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez offered some wardrobe advice to Congresswoman-elect Cori Bush on how to afford clothes for her new job in Washington — thrifting, renting, and sustainability are key.

AOC has always been open about her wardrobe struggles and solutions. When she was first elected Congresswoman in 2018, she was still operating on a bartender’s salary and couldn’t afford the cushy labels of designer suits that other members of Congress (who are largely lifetime beneficiaries of inter-generational wealth) regularly donned.

And because she’s always been candid about her financial status, she’s had to take a lot of shit from lesser people who have tried, over and over again, to shame her for wearing quality clothing. Because in Capitalism-Obsessed Republican World, poor people can’t have nice things — they must be eternally punished for their economic status and prove they’re poor over and over again until they wither into a heap of dust trapped inside a potato sack.

Anyway, AOC and Cori Bush having a public exchange of support and friendship is precisely the kind of uplifting display we all need and want to see in politics.

Ayanna Pressley even chimed in to join the love fest with some tips us Regular Folk are very familiar with:

Raise your hand if you’d do absolutely anything to join this shopping sesh with each and every one of these wonderful women.

If AOC, Cori Bush, or Ayanna Pressley need my address for an invite, I’m happy to oblige!