Your Archaic 'Rules For Dating My Daughter' Need To Stop

Your Archaic ‘Rules For Dating My Daughter’ Need To Stop

Scary Mommy, Cavan Images/Getty and _DubzyWubzy_/Twitter

Growing up, did you often hear the men in your life joke around about brandishing a shotgun when a boy was heading over to pick you up? Or worse, were they serious when they said it? Did you ever actually have to watch a teenage kid face your gun-toting dad and hear threats upon his life if he touched you?

If this sounds ludicrous to you, well, it is. But this is the reality for girls and women, still, in 2019. Just have a look at Twitter. And whether joking or not, threatening a teenager with gun violence is no laughing matter, and only harms the daughter these dads are apparently trying to “protect.” And it really pisses off the moms of those boys who aren’t about to tolerate that bullshit.

Awesome. What a great way to kick off prom, an exciting night teenagers dream about for years. Thumbs up, pops.