Ariana Tried To Fix Her Accidental 'BBQ Grill' Japanese Tattoo And It Didn't End Well

by Thea Glassman
Image via Jim Spellman/Getty/Ariana Grande/Instagram

Ariana Grande fixed her “BBQ Grill” hand tattoo and now it reads “Japanese BBQ finger”

So, in case you missed the adventures of Ariana Grande and her hand tattoo, let us give you a quick recap. The singer decided to get the words “7 Rings” inked in Japanese on her hand, in honor of her latest hit single. Unfortunately, she accidentally got the words “BBQ Grill” tattooed instead. Many, many people alerted Grande to her mistake and she got right back in the chair to fix it.

Well, kinda.

Grande consulted with her Japanese tutor Ayumi, who explained that the singer needed to add the symbol 指 (finger) between and above her original tattoo. That way it would read “seven finger circle,” which is the equivalent of “7 rings” in Japanese. Grande thanked Ayumi and then wrote on Instagram: “fuck…one more.”

Image via Ariana Grande

Grande good-naturedly got back into the tattoo chair again despite the fact that the whole inking process was incredibly painful. “Indeed, I left out ‘つの指’ which should have gone in between. It hurt like fuck n still looks tight,” she wrote in two deleted tweets. “I wouldn’t have lasted one more symbol lmao. But this spot also peels a ton and won’t last so if I miss it enough I’ll suffer thru the whole thing next time.”

She posted the results on Instagram and said that her tattoo was now “slightly better.” “Thanks to my tutor for helping me fix…and to my doctor for the lidocaine shots (no joke). rip tiny charcoal grill,” Grande wrote. “miss u man. i actually really liked u.”

Image via Ariana Grande/Instagram

Don’t cry for that tiny BBQ grill just yet, everybody. Turns out that Grande had gotten the symbol 指 inked directly underneath 七, which doesn’t make any sense in Japanese when read vertically, according to Buzzfeed. The tattoo would be read left to right and ends up being roughly translated to: “Japanese BBQ finger ♡”.

So, okay. It’s still not quite “7 Rings” but we gotta give it up to Grande for really, really trying. And ALSO for bringing the whole internet along on her journey. It’s miserably cold out, everything is exhausting, and the adventures of Ariana Grande and her Japanese hand tattoo are bringing some much-needed rays of sunshine.

People had some thoughts about Grande getting a Japanese tattoo in the first place and then some other thoughts about the fact that it kept being inked wrong, and Grande responded that she wasn’t trying to be hurtful.

“I’d like it to be respectful and more correct bruh what’s wrong w that

tryna learn heeere,” she tweeted. She also added: “Everything i do is out of love n appreciation. down for all the corrections and guidance. thank u.”

Here’s hoping Grande grows to love her “Japanese BBQ Finger” tattoo. And if she’s feeling weird about it, we’d like to direct her attention immediately to the chick who got Harry Styles’ face tattooed on her face. Things could always be worse.