Ariel Winter Claps Back At Body Shamers In Epic Instagram Post

by Valerie Williams
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Winter hits back at those who shame her for dressing as she pleases

Ariel Winter has long spoken out against body-shaming, as she often finds herself on the other end of comments from terrible people who see no issue with calling a teen girl vile names for the outfits she wears and what she posts to social media.

And it’s not just internet strangers — the paparazzi also plague Winter, and she decided to publicly speak out about it in an Instagram post.

In response to an interview with The Hollywood Reporter where Winter bravely shared how her mom sexualized her as a child, the star decided to set the record straight when she felt people had reduced everything she said about body shaming in the article down to a few lines.

“Something I wish people would realize… I am not trying to be featured on Snapchat, I am not trying to be pap’d everywhere I go, I am literally just living and unfortunately, I can’t do that without paparazzi following me around everyday,” she writes.

“I’m not trying to show you my ass in shorts when I go to the grocery store. I’m trying to live my life. People wear shorts. People have wardrobe malfunctions. No one is perfect,” she says, referring to the numerous articles written about her with accompanying paparazzi shots insisting she’s “flaunting” her body.

“I’m not a stylist! I don’t know what to wear everyday so I look ‘appropriate’ or ‘fashionable’. Also, screw having to always look appropriate or fashionable. For what? Society? Who gets to decide what is appropriate or fashionable? I wear what I like and no-one should fault me for that.”

And the choir said Amen.

Winter explains that she doesn’t want people to see her in the news for simply going about her daily life, be it heading to the grocery store or out to dinner. “I want to be in the news when I ask for it by going to a publicized event, or even better, when I have work out/coming out!”

Preach it. No one would want photos of themselves running errands in crappy yoga pants and a messy bun blasted all over the internet. Famous people are no different.

She feels that the media is “obsessed” with daily things that people do. “Just because I’m on a show doesn’t make me special,” she says.

In her post, Winter also mentions tweets she’s received from those criticizing her for speaking out about the way her mother sexualized her as a child, and then dressing however she likes as an adult. “I’d also like to address the tweets I get saying, ‘You accused your mother of sexualizing you yet you’re a whore.’ I was a child being dressed like I was 24. I was 8-13 years old. I wasn’t an adult as I am now. As you mature at 16, 17, 18, you further develop your own identity and can make decisions for yourself. As a child, you do as you’re told regardless of what is good for you.”

And as far as those adult wardrobe choices go, Winter nails why it’s wrong to judge her based on what she wears. “And just because I decide to show my body occasionally doesn’t mean I’m unintelligent or that I’m talentless or that I have no self respect.”

“I have extreme respect for myself, I have talent, and I am intelligent. We need to move on from this stigma that women who are comfortable with their bodies and their sexuality are just ‘dumb sluts.'”

She ends her post with a mic drop. “Do whatever you want people, just strive to please yourself and no one else.”

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