Armie Hammer Accused Of Rape: 'I Thought He Was Going To Kill Me'

by Christina Marfice
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Armie Hammer has been anonymously accused of sexual misconduct online, and now, one of his accusers has come forward publicly

Armie Hammer, who has been accused by anonymous women online and two of his exes of sexual misconduct for weeks now, is being investigated by the LAPD following one woman coming forward and accusing him of rape.

“I thought that he was going to kill me,” the woman, who has asked that she be identified only as “Effie,” said during a press conference alongside her attorney, Gloria Allred. Effie alleges that she and Hammer were in an on-and-off relationship from 2016 to 2020, and that during that time, he physically abused and violently raped her.

“On April 24, 2017, Armie Hammer violently raped me for over four hours in Los Angeles, during which he repeatedly slapped my head against a wall, bruising my face,” Effie said at the press conference. “He also committed other acts of violence against me to which I did not consent.”

Effie, who was crying throughout most of the press conference, added, “He then left with no concern for my well being. I was completely in shock.”

She also accuses Hammer of beating her feet “so they would hurt” with every step. She says she did try to get away, “but he wouldn’t let me.”

During the press conference, Allred spoke to the fact that even though Effie had consensual sex with Hammer during their relationship, that “she still has a right at any point to withdraw her consent,” and she did so at times.

Through his attorney, Hammer has denied Effie’s allegations. But a spokesperson from the LAPD confirmed that he’s at the center of a sexual assault investigation.

“We can confirm that Armie Hammer is the main suspect in an alleged sexual assault investigation that was initiated Feb. 3 of this year,” the spokesperson told Variety.

“Often, famous men select vulnerable women, particularly some of their fans, to use and abuse. Celebrities often make that choice because they may feel that they can more easily use the power of their celebrity to seduce and manipulate fans who admire or idolize them,” Allred said. “They may also count on the fear that many women have of speaking out against a celebrity.”

It’s now assumed that Effie is the person behind the anonymous Instagram account House of Effie, which started sharing screenshots of conversations with Hammer earlier this year.

The screenshots were allegedly between the actor and multiple women, and the claims made by the account were that Hammer has victimized a number of women he has had sexual relationships with. The House of Effie account seemed to open the floodgates, and many anonymous women have come forward online to accuse him of various acts sexual misconduct, emotional abuse, manipulation, and coercion.

Hammer has since been dropped by his agency, and fired from three high-profile movie projects, including a romantic comedy where he was set to star alongside Jennifer Lopez. Effie is the first woman to come forward publicly with accusations against Hammer, but considering how many accusations have been posted online, we have to wonder if there will be more.

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