Literal Supermodel Ashley Graham Was Concern-Trolled Over Stretch Marks

Ashley Graham/Instagram

Model Ashley Graham is pregnant with twins, but that didn’t stop one commenter from concern-trolling over her stretch marks

Among the most insidious ways that new parents and parents-to-be are shamed on the internet is through good old fashioned body-shaming, because it’s almost 2022 and apparently some of us are still doing that. Ashley Graham — you know, one of the most successful supermodels of the past decade — is currently pregnant with twins, and even though most of her fans and followers are delighted that she’s sharing so much of her pregnancy journey on social media, apparently one commenter feared for her career over some stretch marks on Graham’s belly.

Graham took to Instagram to share a gallery of recent photos and videos, captioning the post, “heart is full this fall 🍂🤎🍁 .” Among the adorable family photos of her husband, Justin Ervin, and the couple’s toddler, Isaac, enjoying fall festivities, a few gorgeous food and nature shots, and some equally gorgeous selfies, the 34-year-old shared a clip of herself posing for the cameras in a cropped cardigan, showing off her pregnant body in all its glory.

Aside from the fact that Graham literally could not look more radiant and beautiful if she tried, it seems some trolls simply can’t stop themselves from trolling when given any opportunity to do so. Graham shared a screenshot of a comment she received on the post to her Instagram Stories. Erasing the person’s username, she shared the horrendous response: “I had twins but I did not get any stretch marks. I hope that does not affect your career.”

Graham responded to the comment with three flawlessly placed eye-rolling emojis, writing, “Gosh — still hope I have a career with my stretch marks.”

Instagram/Ashley Graham

Of course, the one comment from a troll really shouldn’t matter among the dozens of other comments excited to see Graham looking so gorgeous and happy, along with the much-welcomed reassurance that every pregnant body is beautiful.

“I love seeing a celebrity with belly marks,” wrote one person. “I had them but all I ever saw were smooth, flawless bumps. Seeing this would’ve helped me so much.” Another responded, “Same!! It’s like I don’t wish stretch marks on people, but when I see beautiful celebrities and models that have similar to me it’s always reassuring that we are all the same.”

Ashley Graham/Instagram

For anyone genuinely concerned about Graham’s modeling career, it’s worth pointing out that Graham has cemented herself as one of the highest-paid models in the industry, doing so before pregnancy, during pregnancy, and after pregnancy, so there’s a good chance she’ll be just fine. But perhaps more importantly, it’s another reminder that there’s literally zero reason to ever comment on someone’s body — no matter how famous they are, how anonymous your username is, or however well-meaning you think you’re being. Someone else’s body is not ever your business.