Arielle Tschinkel

Arielle Tschinkel is a freelance writer who has written for multiple sites. She went to NYU because the Olsen twins went to NYU (really), and she's obsessed with her Mini Cooper, Sir Elton John. Read her published work at

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Could Your Teen Have Body Dysmorphic Disorder? How To Recognize The Signs

The onset of BDD typically develops in early adolescence.

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Why Some Doctors Are Turning To Ketamine, A "Psychedelic," To Treat PPD

Medical studies show ketamine can have a “significant positive effect” on postpartum depression.

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Is IVF Safe In Post-Roe U.S.? Why The Future Of Fertility Treatments Is At Risk

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The FDA Is Investigating Strawberries Linked To A Hepatitis A Outbreak

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Is It Even Possible To Have Not Gotten COVID At This Point? Yes, Actually

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Should I Delete My Period Tracking App?

Why reproductive surveillance is a bigger concern than ever.

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Why Does PMS Make You Sleepy? Period Fatigue Can Have Many Causes

Doctors say it’s normal... but it still sucks.

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How To *Actually* Have More Patience With Your Kids

A psychologist offers advice for keeping your cool.

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How To Wash Your Armpits The Right Way If You Want To Banish B.O.

If you’ve been feeling extra ripe lately, you may need to freshen up your armpit-washing routine.

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What Happens If You Get Pregnant With An IUD?

A reproductive endocrinologist explains.

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With the BA.5 Omicron Subvariant Spiking, Should You Be Double Masking?

Two infectious disease doctors weigh in on this “extra” safeguard.

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Do Gummy Vitamins Work As Well As The Real Deal?

Doctors break it down for us.

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What Is Womb Massage, & Does It Really Help With Fertility?

Massage therapists explain this ancient form of self-care.

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Her Son Died At 34 Days Old From Parechorivus. Here's What She Wants You To Know.

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How Do I Know If My Child Has Emotional Trauma? It’s Complex, Says An Expert

Not every child reacts to every event in the same way.


Ashley Graham’s Self-Love Affirmations Are #Goals

Here's what she says to remind herself to appreciate her postpartum body.

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What To Do — & Not Do — If You Discover Your Child Is Self-Harming

Psychologist Terri Bacow offers advice for navigating this sensitive situation.

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If The Tampon Shortage Has You Stressed, Here Are Some Safe Tampon Alternatives

The "emergency" tampon in your car is probably expired, so that's out.

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Are There Toxic Chemicals In Your Period Underwear? It’s A Definite Possibility

Several brands of “period panties” contain potentially harmful substances.