Ashley Graham Shares Photos Of Herself Breastfeeding In Public

by Valerie Williams
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Ashley Graham Breastfeeding
Ashley Graham/Instagram

Model mom Ashley Graham is doing her part to normalize breastfeeding in public

Another day, another reason to love Ashley Graham for her pregnancy, postpartum, and motherhood realness. After sharing tons of details of those nine months with the world, she’s now letting us in on her life as a momma, including a recent pair of photos she posted of herself breastfeeding baby boy Isaac.

Dropping only the photos and the emojis for coffee and milk, Graham handily got her point across. She’s at the coffee shop feeding her hungry baby. End of story.

This isn’t the first adorable nursing photo Graham has blessed fans with. One of the very first photos she shared of her son was while she was nursing him. And of course, it was stunning.

Graham even casually started breastfeeding during the video podcast episode where she and husband Justin Ervin debuted their little man to the world.

Considering how many idiots still take issue with a mom nursing her baby in public, Graham is truly doing all moms a solid by using her huge platform to show that breastfeeding your baby anywhere at all is totally normal. After all, it’s 2020 and moms are still being shamed and shunned for doing the most natural thing in the world — feeding their child (and that goes for whether it’s by bottle or breast, because we know people will shame moms for not nursing too). We literally can’t win.

That’s why it’s lucky for us that we have women like Graham doing their part to show people that a momma feeding her kiddo is never something to be legislated, policed, or criticized. She’s out having coffee and baby needs to eat too. Enough said.

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