Ashley Graham Posts Epic Multitasking Mom Breast Pump Selfie

by Leah Groth
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Ashley Graham Gives A Shoutout To The 'Multitasking Mamas Club' In Latest Pump Selfie
Ashley Graham/Instagram and Theo Wargo/Getty

Ashley Graham checks emails and pumps simultaneously like the rest of us

Some Instagram influencers make early motherhood look like a piece of cake with their easy, breezy, effortlessly whimsical photos. However, for most of us, that first year juggling daily duties and taking care of an incredibly needy infant looks a lot messier. Our houses are strewn with baby gear, daily outfits consist of sweatpants and puke-covered shirts layered over nursing bras, and, if we’re working, our “offices” are makeshift spaces next to wherever the baby happens to be. Once again, supermodel Ashley Graham proves that she is one of us, sharing a beyond-relatable image on social media of what her life looks like as she nears the half-year mark of motherhood.

Graham, who has spent most of her career modeling expensive designer duds and sexy swimsuits, shared a selfie of what her super-glamorous life looks like today. In it, she’s wearing a pair of velvet sweat-shorts paired with a nursing bra — with those tiny jugs attached and ready for a milking session. Her almost 6-month-old son, still in his jammies, is secured in a jumper with a bunch of toys for distraction so Graham can work and pump at the same time.

“Breakfast of Champions,” Graham wrote. “Extra love to the multi-tasking mama’s club today as I check emails and pump.”

Since becoming a mother, the 32-year-old has quickly become one of the internet’s favorite supermoms, keeping us thoroughly entertained with her hilarious and very real take on what it means to raise children.

In February, pre-pandemic, Graham shared a snap of herself pumping in an Uber.

A few weeks later, the model wasn’t shy about sharing an image taken during an experience that is pretty much a right of passage for every new parent: the major diaper blowout in a public place. In the image, taken in one of the aisles of a Staples office supply store, Graham is squatted over her tiny baby, cleaning up the diarrhea wipe by wipe.

Graham also had no problem uploading a snap of herself breastfeeding in public as she sipped her coffee like it was the most normal thing in the world, because, well, it is.

Ashley, thank you for keeping it real by sharing your refreshingly honest and real adventures in motherhood with us. You are truly a goddess.

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