These Photos Of Ashley Graham Show What A Damn Queen She Truly Is

@theashleygraham / Instagram

Ashley Graham is throwing body positivity around like freaking confetti, and we are here for it. The body activist has been influential to so many by showing off her beautiful curves and promoting healthy body image and acceptance.

She doesn’t just blaze trails for women — she kicks road blocks like photoshopping and fat shaming right in the balls. We all know these so-called tools used in the fashion industry give women unrealistic expectations of what their body should or shouldn’t look like. She takes no shit. She is proud of her un-retouched body and calls out her haters by posting some of their comments on her Instagram and reminding us all we are not responsible for making other people feel comfortable.

In 2016, Graham made history as the first plus-size woman to appear on the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. She took to Instagram with a powerful message reminding us all size should not be a factor in pursuing, and achieving, our goals.

And here she goes, nailing it yet again in this epic post writing — #sorrynotsorry — that says it all, folks.

She gives zero fucks as she struts around in lingerie, and the reason? Graham has always been the master at being herself. Since she took the fashion and modeling industry to a different level by showing us all that being and feeling beautiful doesn’t come at a certain size. At least, it shouldn’t.

It means you love yourself, every single piece, every flaw, every curve — all of it.

And that picture along with the hashtag is her whole attitude in a nutshell. And we love her for it. She speaks to so many women because she knows all too well the fuckery known as women feeling like they should be sorry, or feel less than, for not meeting certain societal standards of beauty.

Yeah, maybe we don’t apologize out loud, but we’ve all felt ashamed or insecure at some point because of our bodies. So we cover up, we hide certain parts of ourselves because we feel we aren’t “good enough.” We think, if only I was slimmer, had no cellulite, a smaller ass, or flatter stomach, I would be worthy of wearing this dress, chasing my dreams, or joining that gym.

Not Ashley.

She’s not sorry, not even a little bit, and the message she is sending so loud and clear that it is contagious. Women should never be sorry for being themselves whether they want to wear a full body cloak or a skimpy bikini regardless of their size.

Image Ashley Graham

The comments under her gorgeous picture applaud Graham for being her true self. It’s evident that Graham inspires women worldwide to feel worthy and beautiful just as they are. And we need to see more of this realness on social media, in movies, and in magazines. After all, it’s 2017 for fuck’s sake, and it’s about time to smash these unattainable beauty standards.