Katie Bingham-Smith

Katie Bingham-Smith has been a contributor to Scary Mommy in the lifestyle, health, relationship and parenting space for seven years.

She holds a BA in English Literature with a minor in creative writing from Green Mountain college. She’s a regular contributor to AARP The Girlfriend Letter and Grown & Flown. She’d been published in several anthologies as well as Woman’s World and Bangor Metro Magazine, and is currently finishing her first Romance novel.

She lives in Maine with her three kids, two ducks, and a Goldendoodle. When she’s not writing, she’d reading, at the gym, redecorating her home, or spending too much money online.

Burnt Out

I Stopped Posting My Entire Life On Social Media & I’m So Much Happier

ByKatie Bingham-Smith

I was experiencing my life again instead of curating it for my followers.

Let's go

50 Is Right Around The Corner And I Can’t Wait

ByKatie Bingham-Smith

Don’t use your age as a barrier or excuse.

must-see tv

No Reality Show Will Ever Compare To The First Season Of The Real World

ByKatie Bingham-Smith

Often imitated, never duplicated.


Forget A Romantic Valentine

ByKatie Bingham-Smith

It’s more fun celebrating the people you truly love forever and ever.

Not ready

This Is What No One Tells You About Having Older Kids

ByKatie Bingham-Smith

I didn’t know that I would miss my older kids while they’re sitting right in front of me.

It goes so quick

I Can’t Believe My Time As A Mom Of School-Aged Kids Is Over

ByKatie Bingham-Smith

I’m definitely not ready.

Home alone

I’ve Been Single For So Long, I Wonder If I’ve Forgotten How To Be A Partner

ByKatie Bingham-Smith

I think the desire might even be gone.

So sweet

My Kids Cut Me Out Of This Holiday Tradition & I Love It

ByKatie Bingham-Smith

As a mother, it just makes me so happy to watch.

It’s actually fun

‘Tis The Season For A Big Pre-Holiday Purge

ByKatie Bingham-Smith

Hand me that trash bag, because I’m going in.

old-school skill

I Don’t Track My Kids. My Method Is So Much Simpler.

ByKatie Bingham-Smith

Who needs an app? Not me.

get a move on

My 40s Totally Changed My Relationship With Exercise

ByKatie Bingham-Smith

Instead of dreading my workouts, I feel incredibly lucky I get to move my body.

Be Kind Please Rewind

Man, I Miss Blockbuster

ByKatie Bingham-Smith

It was a whole Friday night teen ritual, and I think we should bring it back.

Mom, stop

My Youngest Doesn’t Want To Be Treated Like The Baby Of The Family

ByKatie Bingham-Smith

I am guilty of trying to savor and extend his childhood. And he hates it.


I’m Completely Done With Dating Apps, For Real This Time

ByKatie Bingham-Smith

Things I would rather do: Send cute dog reels to my sister and trim my split ends with kitchen scissors.

sugar fix

I’m Not Giving Up My Diet Coke

ByKatie Bingham-Smith

No study, no information about its chemical contents will make me.

hang up

What Happened When I Realized I Was On My Phone More Often Than My Teens

ByKatie Bingham-Smith

How can I teach them to live in the moment if I’m constantly escaping into my screen?


Co-Parenting Gets A Lot Harder In the Summer

ByKatie Bingham-Smith

It’s not perfect, but here’s what works for us.


Why I Don’t Force My Kids To Attend Family Gatherings Anymore

ByKatie Bingham-Smith

I didn’t always give them this choice.

And just like that

I Can’t Freaking Wait For SATC’s New Season

ByKatie Bingham-Smith

What makes me sad is that the actresses are taking heat for EXACTLY what I love about this show.

Next Phase

I Was Not Prepared For The Loneliness Of Having Teens

ByKatie Bingham-Smith

Everything I do is quiet and I have a lot of time to be alone with my thoughts.