Katie Bingham-Smith

Katie Bingham-Smith is a full-time freelance writer living in Maine with her three teens and two ducks. When she’s not writing she’s probably spending too much money online and drinking Coke Zero.


My Kids Refuse To Let Me Post Pictures Of Them On My Social Media

They don’t want to pose for a picture if it means it’s going to go up on Instagram, and I have to be OK with that.

Great Dad

I’m Divorced. But I Still Celebrate My Ex-Husband On Father’s Day.

Regardless of how we feel about one another, he’s a great dad, and it’s important to me to recognize that.


I Steal “Me” Time In Tiny Moments And Yes, That Counts

Yes, even a run to Target counts.

Sex And The Single Mom

Dating Is Totally Different After Divorce

You’ve gotten better at spotting the bullsh*t you don’t want in your life.


It’s A Mixed Bag Of Emotions When Your Kids Go On Vacation With Your Ex

How not to dread this time and enjoy the silence.


My Kids’ Hobbies Are Totally Messy, And I Don’t Even Care

Duck turds the size of tennis balls and grease all over the garage.

Life Lessons

My Teens Are Getting Summer Jobs — No Excuses

To say teens are expensive is an understatement.

Too Much

A 'Promposal' Primer For Newbie Parents, Because Kids Today

It's the latest social media trend, and I'm so glad my kids don't care.


I Bribe My Kids And I’m Not Sorry

It works, and it makes my life easier.


Taking Away Your Teen’s Phone Isn’t A Magic Trick

Sure, sometimes it’s the right punishment — but sometimes it’s just pointless.

The Clock App

Watching TikTok With My Teens Has Been A Great Bonding Experience

I resisted downloading the app, but I’m glad I gave in.

Big Decisions

My Kid Didn’t Want To Go To College. Here's How I Got Over It.

Let go of your ego and fears.


I'm An ’80s Baby And I Quit Reminding My Gen Z Kids How Good They Have It

I realized how much I sounded like my parents, and it made me cringe.

Hard Lessons

Why I Let My Kids Fail

You don’t learn if somebody else is always swooping in to save you.

Actually relaxing

Screw Vacation, Give Me A Staycation

I don’t want to be a travel agent, trip planner, and cruise director. I want to sit on the couch.

insert eye roll here

5 Ways To Embarrass Your Teen By Simply Existing

Doesn’t matter how cool you are, they will find something to complain about.


I Wonder If My Marriage Could Have Been Saved With More ‘Us’ Time

Looking back, I might have done some things differently.


When Your Teen Wants to Dye Their Hair Pink, Just Let Them

And other things I’ve learned along the way.


Take It From Me: If You Are A Single Mother, Self-Care Will Save You


My Kids Will Always Have Chores Without Getting Paid To Do Them