Katie Bingham-Smith

Katie Bingham-Smith is a full-time freelance writer living in Maine with her three teens and two ducks. When she’s not writing she’s probably spending too much money online and drinking Coke Zero.

Listen to yourself

I Wish I’d Switched To Bottle Feeding My Kids Sooner

I bonded with them just as much as I would have breastfeeding — and I wasn’t miserable anymore.

Tiktok Hack

I Tried TikTok's Food-Coloring LipStain Trick — And I’m Kind Of Obsessed

Who knew the perfect red lip was in my kitchen all along?


I Have Multiple Colors Of This $21 T-Shirt Dress Because It's So Comfortable & Stylish As Heck

This is *the* dress for summer vacation.


PSA: Do NOT Let Your Kids Decorate With LED Lights

Learn from my mistake!


My Favorite Thing To Do Is Absolutely Nothing

When my calendar is blank and having a day to do nothing feels like a gift.

Gen Z Style

Yup, Teens Wear Sweatpants Everywhere. Who Cares?

Let’s stop making comments about what teens wear.

Nope, not doing it

I Gave The Summer Work Packets The Middle Finger

I want my kids to have an actual break and, honestly, I want a break too.


My Teens Sleep Past 11 AM In The Summer — And I Honestly Love It

I used to be the mom who would bang on the door around 9 in the morning.

No Opinions Needed

Stop Asking Me When My Teen Is Going To Cut His Hair

It’s literally none of your business, so butt out.

reach out

Even Holidays Like The 4th Of July Can Be Hard On Your Divorced Friends

Check in with them — it means more than you know.

The List Never Stops

Sometimes, Home Ownership Just Feels Like Too Much

As a single mom, I'm trying to tackle it all on my own — and it's a lot.


My Kids Refuse To Let Me Post Pictures Of Them On My Social Media

They don’t want to pose for a picture if it means it’s going to go up on Instagram, and I have to be OK with that.

Great Dad

I’m Divorced. But I Still Celebrate My Ex-Husband On Father’s Day.

Regardless of how we feel about one another, he’s a great dad, and it’s important to me to recognize that.


I Steal “Me” Time In Tiny Moments And Yes, That Counts

Yes, even a run to Target counts.

Sex And The Single Mom

Dating Is Totally Different After Divorce

You’ve gotten better at spotting the bullsh*t you don’t want in your life.


It’s A Mixed Bag Of Emotions When Your Kids Go On Vacation With Your Ex

How not to dread this time and enjoy the silence.


My Kids’ Hobbies Are Totally Messy, And I Don’t Even Care

Duck turds the size of tennis balls and grease all over the garage.

Life Lessons

My Teens Are Getting Summer Jobs — No Excuses

To say teens are expensive is an understatement.

Too Much

A 'Promposal' Primer For Newbie Parents, Because Kids Today

It's the latest social media trend, and I'm so glad my kids don't care.


I Bribe My Kids And I’m Not Sorry

It works, and it makes my life easier.