Ashley Graham Shows Off Her Toddler's Amazing Water Skills

Ashley Graham/Instagram and Theo Wargo/Getty

Ashley Graham has got herself quite the water baby — her son isn’t even yet two, and he’s an amazing swimmer

As she enjoys plenty of summer fun with her family during her pregnancy with her second child, Ashley Graham seems like she’s having a blast soaking up the sun during her last weeks as a mom of one. Graham just showed off her 19-month-old son Isaac’s impressive swimming skills in the pool with his dad, Graham’s husband Justin Ervin, and it certainly seems like these two have a budding water baby on their hands.

On Sunday, Graham shared an overhead video she captured of her little one — seemingly without a drop of fear — jumping into the pool from its steps and swimming his way over to his dad along the opposite side of the pool. “Look at how good you are,” Ervin can be heard telling Isaac as he screams in delight. (SO CUTE.)

Of course, Graham seems understandably proud of her little one, captioning the clip, “Little boy’s a swimmer.” While it might seem super young for a toddler under two to jump right in without any flotation assistance, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recently changed its guidelines for swim lessons, now recommending them “as a layer of protection against drowning that can begin for many children starting at age one. The group had previously recommendation swim classes for most kids ages four and up, but they note that since children develop at different rates, some children might feel comfortable getting into the water before they hit their fourth birthday.

Isaac seems to be doing just fine, and it definitely seems like he’s loving being in the water with his dad. Ervin shared Graham’s clip to his own Instagram Stories, proudly commenting, “That’s my boy!!!” on his wife’s sweet post.

Though Graham hasn’t shared when she’s due with her second baby, it seems Isaac is already showering his forthcoming sibling with love. Earlier this month, she told People that while she doesn’t think he “understands the concept of being a ‘big brother,’ he knows that there’s a baby in the belly,” telling the magazine, “Because I say, ‘Where’s the baby?’ And then he points and then wants to kiss it.” (Ack, our hearts!)

Graham being so open about her pregnancy and motherhood experience has no doubt been helpful for her many fans around the globe — and getting to see so many of Isaac’s sweet moments is no doubt the cherry on top.