The Internet Can’t Stop Laughing At This Inexplicably Hilarious Autocorrect

by Valerie Williams
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Image via Twitter

No one can figure it out, and it’s amazing

Most of us experience an autocorrect error at least once a day, am I ducking right? Our phones and tablets think they know what we want to say and usually their “help” is merely an annoyance, but sometimes, the result is so totally puzzling it has to be shared with the world.

Like this crazy autocorrect that has the internet in tears of laughter.

Twitter user Sarah Sekaran tweeted a screenshot yesterday of a Facebook message exchange with an autocorrect no one can quite figure out. She asked for the internet’s help because she can’t stop laughing and now, neither can we.

“Big Dicks in his little brothers bum.”

That alone is a head-scratching and semi-disturbing message to receive, but the “cat*” correction puts it over the top. As the recipient says, “what.” Because seriously, what? Where in the world does the word “cat” fit into that sentence to make it any less weird and more coherent than what initially came through? Go ahead and try it. Anywhere you replace a word of that sentence with “cat” is funnier and more absurd than the previous version. My personal favorite is “Big Dicks in his little cat bum,” but the wonderful world of Twitter has thoughts too.

It had us at “what.”

It’s literally funny every which way.

OK, bro.

Cat dicks. Every time.

Some didn’t realize how badly they needed this.

They’re getting public stares, don’t care.

She’s doing the lord’s work, honestly.

And of course, people want to know the conclusion.

Sadly, we may never know the true intent behind that gloriously ridiculous phrase, but honestly, does it matter? We take our laughs where we can get them these days and if cat dicks united thousands of people the world over in fits of giggles, we’re all for it.

But seriously, what in the hell does it mean?

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