10 Reasons It's Awesome To Have Three Kids

by Myndee
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Back when I had one child, I strived for perfection. I wanted to be the perfect mom of the perfect daughter. I had superhuman ideals when it came to childrearing, and I was constantly let down. Having three kids has helped me in ways I cannot quantify. It has caused me to rise above insignificant details like “is my house clean enough for company?” or “are my kids well behaved enough?”

These days my parenting is as streamlined as my diaper bag. No more useless stuff I don’t need. No more stressing about perfection but instead focusing on the here and now. While three kids has pushed me to my limits, it has also set me free to enjoy these kids in their purest forms. Some of the things I love most…

1. It’s the most kids you can have without having to purchase a minivan.

2. There’s no such thing as “leftovers.”

3. The chances that one of them will let me live with them I’m old are decent.

4. You get your money’s worth out of all that expensive baby crap you didn’t really need, but had to have.

5. Everyone understands when you’re late to an event.

6. You have enough kids to start a rock band.

7. One of them always wants to cuddle.

8. If you’re lucky, you can hear three little laughs all at once.

9. There’s always a kid to hide behind in pictures.

10. Most times one kid isn’t on your shit list.

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