That Adorable Babbling Baby And His Dad Are Now Chatting It Up In A Denny's Ad

by Christina Marfice

Watch that adorable babbling baby and his dad have a “booth chat” in a new Denny’s ad

Remember that viral video of the babbling baby and his dad having an incoherent yet still complete conversation together on the couch? Remember how it was easily the best viral video to happen so far this year, and how you bookmarked it to watch every time you had a bad day or needed a smile? Well, those two are back in an ad for Denny’s that’s going to make you smile just as hard, and also seriously crave some bacon and a short stack.

In the ad, which ran on Denny’s social media, the talkative pair is seen at Denny’s, with their breakfast spread on the table in front of them, having a “booth chat.” And yes, it’s just as cute as the full-on convo they had on their couch at home in the original video. See for yourself.

As baby waves a pair of straws around for emphasis and babbles in his adorably incoherent way, Dad is once again keeping up the convo with his responses. This time, they’re talking about TV again, but it’s baby’s favorite cartoon that apparently has been canceled, according to their conversation.

There’s also a truly heartwarming moment when baby feeds Dad a piece of bacon, and OMG, my heart. These two are genuinely a joy to watch hang out together.

In case you’re considering not watching to the end, here’s the reason you should: The moment at the end when Dad says to baby, “Thank you for bringing Daddy here, I appreciate you,” and the two share a sweet hug in their booth. Ugh, it’s too adorable for words. Denny’s, you nailed this ad. We’re smiling, and also craving a Grand Slam and some good conversation.

And allow us to refresh your memory on that amazing video that got them to Denny’s in the first place, because it’s always worth another watch or 27.

Like we pointed out before when the first video went viral, this duo has a good thing going not just because it’s so sweet and brings an instant smile to the face of whoever clicks play. Talking like this with a babbling baby or toddler, even when they aren’t speaking real words and can’t understand what you say in response, encourages kids to develop important language skills they’ll need throughout the rest of their lives, according to a Rutgers University study. And another study, published in Pediatrics, showed a strong correlation between this kind of behavior and higher IQs in older kids — kids who had back-and-forth conversations as toddlers tended to score 14-27 percent higher on IQ tests later in life, the study found. Not only is this sweet dad-son duo making us smile on the regular, but they’re setting that kiddo up for better language skills and increased smarts down the road.

So keep it up, and Denny’s, we’re coming in for that Grand Slam ASAP.